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Eventually a generation will arrive which cannot survive in the earth’s altered environment, but by then it will be too late for them to do anything to prevent their own extinction.
Each generation makes good capitalist decisions, yet the net effect is collective social suicide. 
~ Lester Thurow

Imagine a world where Automation and the best advances in Science and Technology were driven not by a need for Profit, but were driven by a new Agenda...where Life on this Planet became sacrosanct.

Where Human ingenuity, knowledge and Technology were applied to the pursuit of Human Happiness rather than a statistical increase in the profit margin.

This is a new direction for the People which has never been attempted before, and as all of our other 'systems of Government' up to this moment have failed us, it makes the work of Zeitgeist and The Venus Project absolutely vital, and it makes their mutual Agenda one which is most consummately to be desired.

After all, what is the purpose of Government if not to create and facilitate the building of a better, happier life for Humanity in general?

A better life than that which is lived alone and in the wild.

I think we can all agree that the times have changed remarkably since Reagan first took office, and that the austerity waves, the Quantitative Easing, the Bankster Bail-outs and the ever-increasing signs of corruption in our Judicial and regulatory bodies spells out the writing in large block letters on the Walls of the West, which says that our System is no longer viable and is no longer working in our best interests.

The System no longer works for Us anymore...

It works exclusively for those who have the most money to spend.

Considering the ever increasing pace of change, and the garish, pathological direction into which we are all now visibly plummeting, we are forced to ask ourselves a pertinent question :

Have we reached that point on the Timeline of history where, in order to survive our present predicament, and it's looming hockey stick shifts of exponential growth, we must either bring down our Governments, or escape them, and pursue our lives outside of the Gates, and without the benefits of our established old-world System?

Lets face facts we are Addicts...Addicted to our saccharine glossy world.

We are addicted to the convenience of our fast lives, fueled by Oil and the fast food of Hamburger meat which is cooking us slowly in our own juices...

Once upon a Time...

We are a civilization addicted to Oil...and we Need to get Off!

The only way....the Only Way that we are going to save ourselves and our so-called civilization is a complete break from the present order.

Literally a collapse of modern Industrial Capitalism, or even more pertinently ; It's Fossil-Fueled Engine!

As nothing else short of a complete reversal or collapse will stop this giddy machine from spiraling towards the inevitable complete destruction of our ecology, our environment, our animals, their habitats and ultimately our own habitat.

We have lost 50% of all wild-life on the Planet in the last approx 50 years or so...Mega-droughts is a word now in common parlance.

Surely we can all see the writing on the Wall?

And that we depend on our environment in order to exist?

Despite the illusion of Powerlessness which is delivered to us by the mass media like a poison pill in our daily intake, we are actually incredibly Powerful!

Each of us holds within his or her hands the means by which to overcome this present malaise.

But there is a riddle involved...without your individual participation, there can be no Collective progress, just as without progress in areas such as social justice and civil rights, we will be left with no individual choice i.e

Today, these are our Democratic choices : Which Puppet do you prefer?  The Goat Gods or the Duck Gods?

The Red Team or the Blue Team?

Learn to thiNk outside the box and Join us! ...

~Occupy! Anonymous! Venus Project! The Zeitgeist Movement!
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Friday, October 14, 2016

The Case against Cannabis

“The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.” 

Carl Sagan

I felt that this topic could do with some clarification and some historical perspective, and even so, despite the fact that this is actually my third article on the subject of Drugs, I have still barely touched the surface.

As to the question of the War on Drugs, a review of our official attitudes towards Cannabis is well and truly overdue, as Doctor's in the West have continued to play their part in a giant conspiracy which has kept Cannabis, a relatively harmless and benign plant classified as a listed poison, in the same category as Heroin.
The medical fraternity's mute complicity with giant Pharmaceutical companies that are collectively known as 'Big Pharma', over the agenda-driven classification of Cannabis as a heavy-duty schedule No.1 poison, and an addictive drug, is a scandal and should be an embarrassment to Medicos everywhere, and it has been this way ever since the La Guardia Report on Marijuana, which came out from memory around 1940...over 75 YEARS AGO! AND COUNTING
Fiorello LaGuardia was a fascinating man with clearly modern views, a New York politician (LaGuardia Airport, NY) who was a personal friend of Howard Zinn the famed American activist and author.

La Guardia’s Report on Marijuana was as modern in its attitude and outlook, as La Guardia the man was himself, and his report turned out to be as enlightened in a progressive sense and direction, as his arch nemesis Harry Anslinger, the racist ‘Drug Cop’ was ignorant and unenlightened.
Whereas Anslinger promoted his toxic memes such as:
“REEFER MADNESS” to any within the government willing to listen, thereby neatly justifying his job, and the creation of the first ever ‘Federal Bureau of Narcotics’, naturally establishing himself in the position of its first Tsar.
La Guardia by contrast had become the Major of New York, and in this capacity he was the very antithesis of the prejudiced and racist Anslinger, stating after his report on Marijuana had been released:

“My own interest in marijuana goes back many years,” LaGuardia wrote in a foreword
to the report, “to the time when I was a member of the House of Representatives and, in that capacity, I heard of the use of marijuana by soldiers stationed in Panama.
I was impressed at that time with the report of an Army Board of Inquiry which
emphasized the relative harmlessness of the drug and the fact that it played a very little role, if any, in problems of delinquency and crime in the Canal Zone.”

It soon became obvious to his critics that La Guardia was an unconventional, different kind of New York Major, as he continued to display a native intelligence, explaining to the Press on the Report’s release; ‘that the harm-reduction potential of marijuana looked extremely promising as a substitute for hard drugs.’
Despite such an illustrious beginning for the Age of Cannabis, La Guardia’s Report was actually widely criticized for its unconventional assessment, and it was completely ignored on the Federal level, as the government of the day was preoccupied with quite a different business, an agenda of regime change which spear-headed the way for US Corporations, that greedily followed in a scramble of Neo-Colonial exploitation, rapaciously stripping the resources of the Sth American continent for example.
This had all been detailed by the great Gen. Smedley Butler in his famous book, and it has been going on ever since;
“WAR IS A RACKET” old one at that!
It was an agenda which General Butler had personally played a significant role in, on 3 continents, and it was an agenda which La Guardia, like all true progressives, had more than once spoken out against...
General Butler for example had once boasted that :
"I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics
for the benefit of Wall Street.
I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers
in 1902-1912.
I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916.
I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903.
In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested.
Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints.
The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts.
I operated on three continents.”

With the truth about Cannabis, along with the La Guardia Report itself, safely dispatched to the dusty bottom-drawer of an abandoned, lonely office somewhere on the lower-east side, so began the crazy era of Anslinger (which only finally ended in 1962), and Edgar Hoover and Joe McCarthy, with their feverish insanity of ‘Reds under the Beds’ as the anti-pot propaganda became widespread, disseminated with the help of William Randolph Hearst and his gargantuan media organization into theaters across America.
Today, in our modern world of Big Pharma and their 'legal' highs we can see that their behavior is merely that of an unscrupulous drug-dealer.
The high cost of pursuing these punitive policies for Western societies in terms of the hidden psychological damage has been astronomical in the US and far more than any other country.
The acid attack on social cohesion caused by an ever-widening inequality, and the enormously disproportionate Prison Population that has mushroomed beyond reason is automatically created by Obama's misguided policy of zero tolerance.
The damage to the individual is, in many cases irreparable.
Which is, especially shameful considering how long now we have known of Marijuana's relatively benign and beneficial properties.
Our human concerns regarding the damage to the individual, the Family and society at large, harm which is carried out by the State through it's vilification, victimization and unlawful harassment and persecution of the Cannabis smoker, is especially infuriating when we know that Former Pres. Jimmy Carter had already officially made preparations to decriminalize pot as early as 1976.
Nixon had also been familiar with the La Guardia report, but suppressing
the burgeoning Anti-Vietnam War movement had become a major head-ache and a distraction for him, as they had erupted right across the country from coast to coast, and producing results like the La Guardia report would have been like handing the enemy a cause for celebration...
A Party among the long-hairs!
Viva La Revolution!
That would have produced exactly the opposite outcome, as Nixon wanted their complete suppression and control, and not their once again, the scientific truth was sacrificed for the sake of political expediency
They KNEW pot was harmless then, and did nothing about it? Well...the question is not quite accurate, as the American government did do a great deal about it, they went after these left-wing consumers of cannabis by brutalizing them back to the stone-age with heavy-handed tactics and equally heavy prison sentences.
Similar repressive behavior against the Left has always gone hand in hand with a rise in government fascism. This is a shameful indictment of the State today as it's increasing trend towards a reduction of civil liberties is driving us alarmingly close to the realization of the true definition of fascist totalitarian control.
Our human concerns are no longer relevant as they no longer exist according to today's Economic lexicon, they are considered merely as externalities which no longer factor into the equation.
The only consideration in today's world of extreme Capitalism is the concerns of the corporations and the potential return on an investment.
Privatized Prisons, have finally exposed the ugly, brutal nature of today's Capitalist ethos, with a thriving industry that is essentially based on human slavery.
Not only does it bring into sharp relief, the hollow morality and questionable validity of Obama's continued counter-intuitive policy of harsh criminalization, but it also provides us with a classic example of the short-shortsightedness of our Western governments, as they appear to be ‘following the leader’, and with the exception of certain European and Scandinavian countries, and of course Portugal, they appear individually to have absolutely no ideas or solutions, just more of the same incompetence of punitive jail sentences.
This effectively demonstrates how entrenched attitudes can literally blind us to the Science of the day when Corporations are involved, even in the face of indisputable evidence by scientists through out the World, it seems that truth or evidence count for naught when a Corporate profit margin is at stake.

Have these government entities and so-called experts learned nothing as in zero? Zilch? about human psychology from the roaring twenties and the wicked era of Prohibition?
Have they learned nothing from the countless scientific reports which have been released, echoing the results of the La Guardia report? Or have they been Co-opted by money to remain quiet on this issue?
Unfortunately, their brutal, heavy-handed treatment has always been justified by outdated, antique reports and archaic attitudes that claim still to this day, despite all evidence to the contrary, that marijuana is a harmful drug requiring classification as a narcotic poison.
Toxic memes that were intentionally spread...tape-loops which still to this day fester somewhere within the halls of government, and they have long since congealed, and become like a solid mass of prejudice and misinformation within the minds of those who would enthusiastically ban Cannabis for the good of one and all.

How often society suffers it seems at the hands of an elite but powerful few usually Religious men, doing so-called ‘Good'.
So often apparently that I hear the Road to Perdition is paved with their Good Intentions.
These men are the Dinosaurs of Conservatism, who yearn ever more to return to the good ole Apple-Pie days of the 50's, just take a look at these timid, fearful creatures... They are so indoctrinated by their governments that they happily sacrifice their own security and privacy for the sake of an illusion of safety from the Government.

"TRUST US... "

These paranoid men who mistakenly attributed their own problems, and society's ills to what they saw as a deliberate campaign of cultural decadence, which in their paranoid mindset was the secret weapon of the Cubans, or the Muslims or the Russians to intentionally corrode the morals of America's Youth, to poison the minds of America with the toxic memes of Socialism, which always loudly supported Trade Unions and other social justice issues...but they never marched with the Corporations.

The official goal to break the backs of The Unions and root out the left-wing red influence was a policy that worked hand in glove with Anslinger's cliched vision of a racially 'pure', clinically sterile America.

At this point I should note that this article was not meant to be history, but rather a brief look at the history of Cannabis and it's suppression by governments over many decades, but I need to connect the pieces in order to explain how the innocent Cannabis smoker has been caught up in a far larger Corporate battle, which began way back in 1886 with the 14th Amendment and the establishment of the synthetic person...

The Corporate Citizen, who was granted his rights back in 1886 as a citizen to sue anyone in society, the same rights which were granted to all corporeal, flesh and blood equal voice in a court of Law.

This arrangement turned out to be so popular among 'corporate citizens', that an entire industry of 'Corporate Lawyers' has grown up around them, flooding our law courts with their corporate grievances.

The only problem with this covenant between corporations and society-at-large was that when, or if it ever came to your turn or society's turn to sue this corporate citizen, whereas you could potentially go to jail for 'life', he or she, this corporate entity was, to all intents and purposes immortal...

And when it came to your turn to knock on his door and throw him in jail for breaking the law...this 'corporate citizen would vanish into a puff of cigar smoke leaving just 20 or 30 empty chairs and pieces of paper.
From that seemingly innocuous beginning we have seen the Rise and the Rise and the Rise of the Corporate entity until, in our modern era we have all experienced the birth of the semi-divine, transcendent Corporate entity, the Mega-Trans-Global Corp...

These are Corporate super-giants...which far outstrip the meagre assets of most nations on the planet, and in a world where the ultimate arbiter of everything is money, the corporate super-giants have therefore, an inordinately large influence on our world as they largely own it.

In order to achieve such a momentous accomplishment as the complete and utter Take-Over of America and it's government, a massive, co-ordinated campaign of manipulation and brain-washing has always been an essential component.

Goebbels'and his Dep.of Propaganda were as vital to Hitler and his mad designs for World conquest as Foxnews...CNN...CBS and the remaining members of America's media cartel are to America's War designs.

The Neo-Cons of the Corporatocracy and the Military/Industrial war-hawks have committed serious mass atrocities in the Middle-East, and indeed, all over the world, yet if you listened and watched the war reporting which came out of the illegal Iraq invasion for example, you would have sworn you were watching a B-Grade Hollywood War movie...

 And if you listened to some of the livestream telecasts which were beamed into our homes from places like Iraq 24 hours a day, oh gosh, how they gushed...those embedded journalists could not have been more excited to be there...

If you closed your eyes you would have sworn that it was a Grand Final football match we were attending, not the criminal invasion of another sovereign Middle-Eastern country.

Get out the Popcorn and Beer quick!

The massive investment in an American 'cartel of propaganda' gave impetus to the ushering in of Industries such as 'Public Relations' and Advertising, both of which are Industries whose only reason for being is to persuade you...influence you...manipulate your subconscious.

These Harpies that call to us...these succubi that know just how to entice us...these serpents that whisper in our ears are polluting our minds 24 hours a day with their toxic, commercial abstractions.

Which is why the famed comedian Bill Hicks once said live on a recorded concert of his...:

"Oh, and by the way...if you are in Advertising?
Or Public Relations? ~ Kill yourselves...

Hah hah, you think that I'm joking don't you?...

 but I'm not!

 There is no joke here.

I'm serious.

 Seriously, Kill Yourselves!"

 A Musical Interlude.....:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"This program to control the World,

if it existed in any informal, intuitive capacity,

and if it were constantly being reinforced by the whispering

memes of the System itself,

 and if it had buried copies of itself, which chattered and

whispered from within the System's trumpeting mouthpieces

such as Newspapers, and out of the mouths,

of the other heads of this hydra-headed beast ?

and if it was constructed out of tasty memes which caressed

your brain, tantalyzing sound-bites which made you laugh

and captivating eye-candy..?.

What if this System was everything?...

 all at once...

 all encompassing and all that you knew?

 or would ever know,

 or ever could possibly know,

 from the moment of your excruciating birth to the

endlessness of your final kiss...

 your last goodbye...?

 And what if it felt, and tasted,

 as real as the hot tears sliding down your face,

 on the day that your sister died?

 so that you could never possibly tell whether this...this

moment shared, right Now, between us...

 if it Was real, or just a dream,

 and if so, if that was all there is?

and how would you know, with any degree of certainty,

 or clarity whether this particular American dream,

 was not just one giant hoax constructed out of Holograms...?

Would you know for instance,

that you were not exactly like that Fish...

swimming in a Fish-bowl,

and never becoming aware of the medium through which it swam?

How? First, you need to become aware of the bowl...


This unspoken program of creeping indoctrination was close to the hearts of the true Neo-Liberal Capitalists, and it turned out to be a serendipitous state of affairs for Edward Bernays, as it was from his first office of Public Relations in Madison Avenue that dear old Uncle Sigmund Freud's original insights into the subconscious mind were first used in an agenda to fashion public opinion and manipulate the behavior of the masses.

Corporations required the mute and implicit consent of the people, the great unloved, unwashed masses in order to be able to usher in policies that would gain them greater Profits, but this was always at the expense of the average American citizen's standard of living for example, along with the steady erosion of the American middle-classes, as someone had to lose in a game of monopoly and musical chairs and the smoking of Marijuana was seen as anathema to the corporation's social aims of compliance and conformity, as the effect seemed to liberate smokers rather than create obedient, unquestioning box shifters.

A steady, slow-motion Corporate Coup D'etat was occurring...

Meanwhile, a large segment of the American population continued to sit glued in place as they had been trained to do,
ready for the next thrilling instalment of :

'Celebrity Chef of Death' on their plasma boxes,

while they were slowly basted to a fine caramel glaze and then simmered alive...

Relax America...

Go back to Sleep America...

Thats just the flames of exstasy which burn so brightly in your eyes...

An operation on the scope and magnitude described, one that spanned the decades required a two-pronged attack for the hearts and minds of America...

Simultaneous with the battle for America's minds came the attack on the judicial arm of government.

Laws were placed on the statute books which only ever ran in one direction i.e favoring the Corporations and titans of Industry.

Wicked Republican laws that for example, pilfered 8 Billion dollars in Food Stamps from the poor,
equally unjust laws against women have again been recently passed by SCOTUS,

laws that leave me speechless with the blatant nature of their corruption, or by the obvious structural violence contained therein,as it is usually hidden within reams of legalese language, purposely designed to obfuscate the real, wicked intent behind the enormous reams of needless paper-work.

This should remind us that America's Corporate agenda continues to this day,as it continues to transgress the core principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, thus grievously betraying the citizens of the US by shredding the rights and liberties which Americans have always assumed were sacrosanct...unassailable, and impervious to being overturned or rescinded.

The real powers which gathered behind the American government, behind the velvet curtain have cleverly played the only constitutional card in their possession which would enable them to override the protections that were put in place by their wise forefathers i.e the WAR card, a threat of War which came from outside their borders.

For example 'innocent until proven guilty' was a concept which had a lineage that stretched all the way back to ancient Roman times and yet Bush and OBAMA, the former Legislative Analyst managed to have this torn up.

It is these judicial and legislative manoeuvres, which I have pointed out and discussed on previous posts, that are chilling in their design and remind me ominously of the ancient Chinese method : Death By A Thousand Cuts

Due to the creation of emergency War-time powers which occurred after the 'catalyzing, Pearl Harbor event' of 9/11, powers such as Homeland Security and a hundred other agencies concerning security were waved into existence.

Almost overnight a giant security industry took over Washington.

The mushrooming of cops and security into a vast industry which is centred around Washington is symptomatic of the rise in FEAR and paranoia in the American psyche, as the US has become the indisputable champion, in the history of empires or indeed civilizations, of War...war as a business model, and the security state which has built up around it's capital city confirms this.

Designed to fight Wars against heavily-armed Terrorists, the increasingly excessive militarization of today's Police in our streets is quite ridiculous.

Just the colossal amount of military equipment required by these 'attack dogs' simply to knock on a door in some cases or to deliver a summons is absurdly, mindlessly out of proportion.

All dressed-up in their bullet-headed best Kevlar gear, the thermometer of fear begins to rise in a vicious feed-back loop as soon as those sirens go off...echoing down the granite canyons of America's big cities like wounded animals.

Fear is contagious for animals as it harks back to an ancient instinct for survival, and as the police raise the fear level of the public, it catches the mirror neurons like a flame and raises their own anxiety, and ultimately it feeds back to the public infecting the entire nation, and it is in this theatre of War atmosphere that they are sent out to raid harmless, passive Cannabis user's homes unannounced, and without even so much as a "how do you do?"

The noticeable lapse in dignity and civility that was occurring in this docile little town was undoubtedly because there was a swarm of hostile-looking Cops threateningly approaching a tiny cottage of a house, with a lovely rose garden in the front and a white-picket fence, a child's swing was down the side and the officer in charge, who looked as if he had been blown up like a balloon on steroids, and as if he would not have a terribly good bedside manner, was menacingly holding in his hands , not a card or papers, but a weapon which apparently had stopping power like you wouldn't believe...

So efficient at killing humans was the technology he held in his hands that the best grade-A Terrorists wouldn't be caught dead seen with anything else!

Of course, here I'm talking about the Good 'moderate' terrorists...

The hush-hush, multi-million dollar research project had eventually, after innumerable lemons and failed attempts, and in a magnificent demonstration of how to be inefficient and waste a lot of tax-payer's money, at last produced a one-size-fits-all weapon, as they couldn't think of anything else to build and it boasted of the latest and greatest in modern technology.

Purpose-designed for the slaughtering of large herds of soft, fleshy organic beings, yet designed with all the comforts of high-velocity, laser-precision, ram-jet action, a mega-capacity magazine, the handy-dandy Swiss-design with the one-click action, plus the American designed triple-locking mechanism, enhanced by an on-board computer, and a high-powered targeting system, all of which was rounded off with a smoothly machined, walnut finish.

This was an assault rifle that loudly exclaimed to everyone within a 2 mile radius that you meant business.

Why wouldn't you want one?

"Take it anywhere at all!" Jake read from the side of the case.

"The perfect dinner companion...!"

" And nobody ever complains!" said the packing case as if it were the greatest of mysteries.

Jake the Cop looked down at the dog and read the words on the box out loud, pausing for dramatic effect before the last line...

He checked himself nervously in the mirror for the umpteenth time, pulling a fantasy magnum out of his fantasy holster on a phantom evil-doer, gotta keep those reflexes sharp he thought sternly, and he gave the wall beside his mirror a quick 'one, two' to the wall's was about looking the part, and being ready for action at a moments notice he reminded himself.

He pointed at the packaging case for Butch, the dog, making sure that the dog payed attention, reading the words out loud with careful deliberation:

"CAUTION: Lethal Action Guaranteed in 49 States"

This morning, the fact that Jake, and his overly zealous group of Kevlar-Flacked mates had swarmed threateningly like an invasion from Mars into the tiny streets of "Howdyville" USA was a type of council or social issue that was permanently out of reach for Jake.

He was deaf to such matters.

It wasn't anything to do with him he shrugged metaphorically, after all he was just following orders.

Often heard in Jake's vicinity was the phrase 'a bit backward in coming forward'

People, 'were just not his thing'he would say as if he were boasting, as if this lack of ability in communicating with others was 'Cool' in a police officer, as if he were proud of his general illiteracy and general inability to engage with, or feel any empathy for...others.

As if this lack or hole in his chest, which sometimes ached in a way he couldn't describe, as if this was a good thing something to be proud of.

"HOWDYVILLE", USA said a rusted sign that swayed wanly over the dusty road, informing motorists who passed by, just in case they were lost, and had mistaken the lonely road which ran through the center of town for the bright lights of New York say or Chicago...

"The Friendliest Place Ever!" yelled a billboard by the side of the road encouragingly.

"Drop in and say : "HOWDY" added another sign innocently, and clearly not knowing what else to say.

However, socialising was not something which ever occurred to the police much at all, besides, their outfits and heavily-weaponized vehicles would have appeared just a tad obvious to any sane passerby as monstrous "Overkill".

With cannons drawn and 'Born to Run' blazing away at impossibly high decibel levels from a collection of mounted speakers on their camouflaged tank, Jake sat on-top, displaying all the native charm of a skunk-rat trapped in a picket-fence.

Jake the Cop had often been described by many who had the misfortune to meet him personally as;

"a real piece of work..."

Jake didn't mind, altho he always pretended not to hear, because in his mind 'they were all just jealous of his motor-bikes and amazing tatoos' and anyway...he had always felt that 'a real piece of work' was a nice compliment.

Hadn't his poor mother always said that about his father?

Fortunately for the Boys, their brand-spanking new military-grade tank which had only been delivered in the last month, came covered in camouflage, and so clearly, nobody saw a thing as not a word was uttered...even the birds were silent as they rumbled into town...this was just another typical day in the American Dream.

Unhappily for the little town, which could have been ANYTOWN, USA with a laconic Jimmy Stewart as Major, the fact that this town had it's early-morning serenity shattered with noises that much of the townsfolk, had only ever heard in movies, haunting them particularly the young girls, for years after, mattered about as much to Jake as the loss of another bugs life in the crackling sparks of blue light which emanated from Jake's 'Zapper'.
Jake's sensitive side was rarely seen when he was on patrol, on account of the fact that he and his mates no longer really cared what anyone else thought...
They had the LAW on their side. A law which had been co-opted by an agenda of War... We are at War! America is at war, infact it seems like the whole Western world is at war...and for what? That is why there is so much violence happening in America. And Black Lives Matter more than they ever have.
All in the name of Corporate business such as the War on Terror which has usurped government control and granted itself free reign it seems, to harass, intimidate and interrogate it's own citizens as if it were a War-zone, thanks to America's increasing military mania and the shredded remains of it's Constitution.
Homeland Security, the Defence Department and 26 or so other government Security and Intelligence agencies, along with the CIA which uses Hollywood to pump out messages about good guys with toys that go boom, these have all contributed to this increasingly rabid military madness which came in the wake of the invented "War on Terror".
Honestly? When I see this, I am clearly reminded of the initial, armed take-over of Germany and then Europe by Hitler, and seriously America...
It is Not your best look!
I mustn't forget a big Shout Out and Thank you to America's system of lobbying, which could best be described as basically just bribery dressed up in a suit.
The Corporations began to throw so much money at Senators and politicians that something had to give, the emergence of something like Citizen's United was inevitable, and with it's advent, we have witnessed the Flood-Gates open to the final, complete and utter unhinging and corruption of the political process!
Corruption is rife!
Here is some news which might be of interest; According to 'Election Justice USA', Bernie Sanders literally had the election stolen from him...
But that's alright...don't get excited...go back to sleep America...Here, try some more S.S.R.I's.
It is everywhere alright, and I see no salvation for America without entering down that fabled pathway to REVOLUTION.
Marijuana as a mood-altering substance was commonly regarded as a relaxant rather than a stimulant.
It was a 'Hang-Loose' kind of drug, and it's use engendered a laid-back lifestyle more suited to a beachcomber than a Wall-Street executive.
Apart from which it grew everywhere, you could find it like Walt Whitman had, in a dream of mine, by the side of the road, and for governments or capitalists, this was not at all an encouraging sign if you were preparing to tax it or make money from it for example...

This, was something that the Corporations simply could not tolerate!

They required complete control of the product, and obedient robotic workers, and it appeared that neither of these attributes could be reliably produced in a population that indulged in such uncooperative chemicals as Mary Jane.

We have at last arrived full circle, with just a single example of where the motivation was coming from to vilify and oppress the harmless Pot-smoker so vehemently.

Thus we see that the hilarious propaganda posters of the 40's were not so hilarious after-all, they were insidious and came as just part of a giant collective campaign, with unspoken objectives and yet a clearly defined philosophy which was forming on the horizon towards the complete Take-Over of the American government, total control, this is why Americans needed to be made pliable, submissive and amenable, so that Wars could be profited from...

and World Wars could turn a profit that not even a King's ransom could match.

The omni-present propaganda machine continued for decades to arrest and brutalize Socialists, Union members and Smokers in the streets for eg. even women, in their efforts to convince Americans that Socialism, was evil.

In the new climate of Fear, anything which was deemed 'too liberal' or for the benefit of 'the people' was to be shunned, ostracized in no uncertain terms as a fiendish, Communist plot.

he simplistic, Lone-Ranger view of politics with its primitive cartoon-like obsession with the Red Menace, namely : Russia was ironically Hitler's old foil of 'US' against 'THEM' i.e the ages old strategy of 'uniting against a common enemy', and Sen. Joe McCarthy's patriotic hysteria was perfectly suited and his voice had the ideal penetrating urgency for a manufactured climate of Fear.

Posters and short movies began to saturate America's popular culture with paranoid messages such as :



This has all graphically provided us with a clear frame of reference, and an indication of just how much hysteria has been generated over the decades surrounding this topic.

And some of us, I believe, are still unfortunately held captive to their indoctrinations, still caught mentally somewhere in the 50's, the 60's or 70's, and they are still deeply afflicted by this corrosive hype.

Remember the secret weapon of all Advertisers...:

'Repetition will get you there, when an eloquent, persuasive argument won't...'

In conclusion, because otherwise this article will continue to run for another 10 pages or so, I will say simply this :

The fact that this ubiquitous weed has been in use by mankind for 2 and a half thousand years or so, is to my way of thinking more than sufficient time for any deleterious effects to have manifested themselves...

and it is surely large enough as a test group, China and India, for even the most jaundiced and cautious of Cannabis skeptics.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Theatre of the ABSURD


It is obvious that we have arrived at that point which Jefferson often discussed, where a REVOLUTION is needed in America, and its realization is really the only way out, the only solution as far as I can see, in order to unchain ourselves and escape from our Fascist governments which everyday encroach further on our liberties and our lives.

Bernie Sanders was that Revolution, however as has been proven recently by Election Justice USA, this was stolen from him by the Clinton/Obama army, an alliance of underlings who literally shaped election results with rigged ballots and other under-handed machinations.

And the truly astonishing silence which has accompanied this revelation of electoral fraud speaks volumes for how desensitized people have become to the existence of corruption and Lies...

Corruption appears to be universal is ubiquitous in our everyday is in our Politics, it is in our commerce and business affairs, and above is in our Mass Media.

Our minds are literally under siege everyday from a barrage of propaganda coming in all forms and sizes.

It is an Information War for our minds, and it accompanies America's almighty push for World dominance which is rapidly becoming a danger not only to America, but to the entire World.

Recently we saw another fine example of how the Truth is being shaped and distorted for an agenda of War with the Dutch release of their findings into the Malaysian airliner tragedy MH-117, which fell apart in the air and came crashing down in the UKRAINE.

What sort of a Topsy-Turvy World do we live in today where Lies are officially framed as 'reality' in ALL of our Western newspapers, and where the Truth is universally scorned and dismissed as Conspiracy theorizing?


"We don't turn any sanction screw just for the sake of turning,"

 German Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman, Steffen Seibert, told reporters Monday.

"The sanctions are responses to concrete situations from the Russian side and concrete situations in eastern Ukraine."

Well I would like to know what exactly is the 'concrete situation' in the Ukraine?

What actions did Russia take specifically, to bring about such punitive discrimination?

What did the evil empire do this time to deserve such actions?

Can anyone here give me an answer?

No Western leader can seriously answer this question.

They usually trot out glib answers about annexing Crimea, which is clearly a joke, and the second arrow in their quiver is the now infamous MH-117 Malaysian airline disaster.

The fact that the definitive 'Official' report concerning this incident has only finally surfaced after more than a year and a half, speaks volumes...and loudly at that!

And what kind of Investigating Committee invites the Kiev, Ukraine side onto the Investigating Panel to help with the findings and analysis, and yet excludes, bars the Russians?

When it is the Kiev, Ukraine side that is the very Nation, along with Russia, which is supposedly under investigation for the Malaysian Airlines crash?

LOL...Sounds as if it's a bit like a case of the Foxes guarding the Hen-house, don't you think?

Had the investigative evidence pointed in America's favor I can assure you that an Official report would have been released within the first month, nay the first week or even days!

So what happened to America's own investigation?

Were their own results somehow unsuitable or unsatisfactory with the story that they wanted to spin?

Reports of Osama Bin Laden's complicity in the 9/11 tragedy were released within hours...

What happened? Did OBAMA lose his NASA and military satellite photographs?

How inconvenient for Obama, whose administration continues to repeatedly assure us that Russia is the guilty party!

As it stands presently, America have still not released their own findings over the downing of MH-117 and yet sanctions over this incident are already well entrenched.

As of today, these sanctions have been strengthened and they have now been extended to include further, new sanctions against Crimean companies and others.

Judging by the covert and overt actions of the American Administration in masterminding a Coup d'etat in the Ukraine, with Black Ops from the CIA, and imported mercenary armies to beat up and intimidate any who would oppose the American plan for regime change in Kiev, I would say that the Shoe should really be clearly on the other foot.

Russia appears to be a model of restraint under the circumstances, especially beside the rabid face of US War mongers.

In other words, if you look at the history of the Ukraine, it's culture, language and so forth, and it's geographical position, and then look analytically at what occurred during the Maidan massacre in Kiev, we see that Russia should be the one who is outraged, and it is Russia who should be imposing sanctions on the United States, not the other way round...

And we see that Uncle Sam had no business being there in the first place, despite what Victoria Nuland, the US Assistant Sec.of State for European affairs had to say on a leaked phone call with a local Kiev co-conspirator, where she was heard plainly and recorded planning the make-up of the new Kiev government cabinet BEFORE the Coup D'etat had even happened!

Knowing this is what makes any sanctions against Russia for acts perpetrated in the Ukraine all the more cynical and blatantly exacerbating....

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Friday, September 23, 2016

America, Your Restraints need tightening PART THREE

Oh we go again...more hypocrisy;
A headline I just saw...: "Barack Obama condemns Bashar Assad for shattering Syria" either Obama has a serious critical analysis deficit, his perception of reality is grossly flawed, or, and this is the more likely alternative, he is lying. So often in the last decade when it has involved the middle-east, there have often been spurious headlines where 2 versions of reality clash. When this occurs, it is often a worthwhile exercise in uncovering the real culprit to ask ourselves : Cui Bono? i.e who profits from the tale or the telling of it? Now the above headline from Barack Obama is just so wickedly misinformed and egregious, in fact it is such a preposterous statement, that I felt I had no other option but to point out the obvious, which is that it is the bombing campaigns from America and its stooges which has caused the real suffering in Syria... Until America decided to just swan in to Syria, like they owned the place..."..and while you're at it, get me a peeled olive would you Omar?" until they just sauntered in and commenced bombing runs on a sovereign country, which by the way is a criminal act, and an act of war, Syria had been, for centuries, a stable and prosperous Country... Apologies if this story is sounding familiar or repetitious. Just like Libya had been a superbly stable and prosperous society, before America decided to economically, and in every other way destroy that country, by breaking International UN Charters, the Geneva Convention and any other laws which stood in the way of its aggressive, criminal bombing campaigns. Have you seen these countries lately? They are a human quagmire of suffering and tragedy. They are like a running sore, a wound on the face of the Earth...the smoke from burning Oil, burning lives, burning towns, burning cities cannot help but inflame us with tears of compassion for the misery we have caused to literally millions of innocent lives. I feel embarrassed and ashamed to be a part of a species which could commit acts like these...:
Tragedy in Aleppo
By our Governments corrupt munitions deals, outright invasions and other covert and overt misdeeds, our Governments in the West which are naturally led by the US, have caused collective human misery for the innocent civilians of the middle-east, of monstrous, criminal proportions. Their misdeeds are so grossly wicked and openly evil, they can be seen burning the skies from Space, and the barbaric crimes committed by these brutal puppet Western Governments will go down in history I believe, as one of the most violent, barbaric and primitive episodes in Man’s long descent back into darkness and oblivion. With America's role as CHIEF of Black Ops, and the world’s Numero uno ‘Regime Changer’, its history of toppling governments that are inconveniently in the way, such as Iran, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Yemen, the Ukraine, most of Sth America etc., it leaves me speechless, and I have to wonder in amazement at the blatant audacity and the sheer level of bald-faced denial that Obama is capable of in the international press. Considering America's past record, it would be rather naive to think that the CIA did not play their part in fomenting the unrest in Syria in the first place, as they have always done in every country which opposes their Imperial hegemony. Why is this such an improbable notion?

If anyone still finds this unlikely, then I would politely suggest that they study their history. After all, we have had the official documents, with declared intentions to do precisely that i.e 1) Be the Policeman to the World, 2) more specifically to overthrow Governments in the Middle-east ever since the Wolfowitz Doctrine, otherwise known as the Cheney doctrine, which was published in Feb. of 1992.
According to General Wesley Clark in a filmed interview with Amy Goodman, America wants regime change not only in Syria, "ASSAD Must Go!" but in fact toppling 7 countries in total in the middle East.
What would stop them from using their usual bag of Black Ops, Psyops and dirty tricks when they have used them so diligently, and to such great effect in toppling governments in the past?
And please don’t repeat the propaganda nonsense coming from the American Media whores. Apologies as I do a disservice to whores, by placing them among such unscrupulous types for company.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

America, Your Restraints Need Tightening PART TWO

Hypocrisy and the West it seems, are never far apart from each other in the obsessive lovers they feed off each other.
For example, in its deliberate conscious state it is a debauched perversion which thrives in the flammable environment of the West regarding Syria.
Hypocrisy flourishes in these unnatural airs and on our Media, which is saturated in the pyrotechnics of hyperbole and sensationalism. Meanwhile the West staggers about drunkenly. High on its own 'Exceptionalism' as it violently imposes its cultural vision on the rest of Mankind. Swaggering forwards onto a horizon of endless explosions. Dropping bombs indiscriminately and almost by accident in its wake. Whilst we psychologically join the fray... Soldiering on virtually, and hand-in-hand with our nightly Media puppets, Bristling with the most lethal technology that science can provide. Dressed up in our virtual Kevlar from head to toe, We are ready for any eventuality in our never-ending War, The West’s War, Against the intangible semantics of Fear and Terror...
Note the following conversation with a symbolic head of State meant to represent the West, although I recommend holding the note at some distance as it drips with Hypocrisy on the subject of ASSAD and the West's insistence on his removal.
Saad Hariri...the former Prime Minister to Lebanon.
Remind me to look into how one human being can juggle in his head, so many morally-depraved, ethically torturous, self-contradictory views, be simultaneously a mouthpiece for the most egregious crimes against humanity, and yet still be a pin-up poster-boy for the West?

"Don't these fellows understand that we are only trying to help?"
"Accidents will happen you know...besides, you can't make a good omelette without breaking a few egg-shells, but is that any reason for them to despise us so vehemently?
I mean whats wrong with these people?
Why don't they see that we are only spreading Democracy and our Love of Freedom?"
"Yes...precisely so my good man, how dare they not like our cancerous, spiritually bankrupt Kulture!!!"...
"The sheer audacity of the little blighters!"
"How dare they not like 'us' and our morally righteous violence!!!"
"Never mind the slaughter of innocent lives going on in Yemen".
"Allow the Western press to look the other way, turn a blind eye to the headless corpses dripping blood onto the streets of Saudi Arabia on a monthly basis..."
"Look, umm, Assad was just such a Monster..." “...and it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he was about to royally screw America by building the largest Gas pipeline in the Middle-East, in collaboration with IRAN and RUSSIA, a venture which would have excluded Saudi Arabia and the United States” “You see Assad just had to go...we couldn’t just stand idly by and allow a monster like that to govern Syria...” Yeh? How was that?
" er, well you should have seen how he brutally suppressed protests right in the heart of the city of Damascus!"
"Without exaggeration it was every bit as violent as Occupy Wall Street had been around the World!!!
Although perhaps not as bad as Erdogan treats his lowly subjects."
"Nonetheless we felt we no longer had any choice in the matter, and altho he had been a good friend, we felt that in the interests of Democracy and our love of Freedom, and so forth, that we had better invade Syria and start bombing..."
"We had quite a substantial amount of...umm, spare hardware and munitions just laying around at the time anyway...besides, we had some new innovations in our technology which we wanted to er, roll out as it were"
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

America, Your Restraints Need Tightening

Murica by MKGRAPHICS from Deviant Art.
Said in reply to someone inside a thread on Facebook, I find this totally apropos to our present situation...:

'How innocently we as children gazed into the mercurial, snowy silver eye of the Cathode tube...sitting hunched up in our pajamas on the threadbare Turkish carpet in front of the Box, with a hot Coco in hand, how fondly, how eagerly we gave ourselves up to the Wizard and his Tales on the Television Screen.
Transported to distant lands, little did we know that incrementally, yet in an insidious steady drip, with every musical chase, with every loud, hilarious splash into the waters of our unconscious, formative minds, we were simultaneously being infused with a toxic message.'

Over these last decades we have witnessed the complete take-over of the American media...and by association, the West's media in general.

Which means we have literally been told what to believe by the CIA and our governments for quite some time now.

For what? And by whom?
For an agenda of War in order to enrich the pockets of the Corporate/Military/Industrial Complex.

For that giant Behemoth, that Hydra-headed Monster, that real live Imperialistic Hegemony which is the US Admin today.

A blood-thirsty rapacious monster which squats over the Earth like a bloated spider...

A Hegemony which rules geopolitically subordinate states through the implied means of power, the threat of force, hence the significance of Nato and the latest skulduggery of Imperialist, totalitarian over-reach from Obama in the Ukraine and his threats with Nato, an organization which has largely been equipped thanks to US Taxpayers...the bleating Sheep in this age old game.

Some here appear to be concerned with Putin and those evil Russkies!

I think your enemy lies much closer than you think...

The Russkies?...Al Qaeda?...

Are THEY truly the Enemy?

Or have they been manufactured...birthed in our own Psyches?

Actually Sir, you reveal the view of those responsible for this Cold-War of the 50's mentality, which those Neo-Mccarthite War-Hawks of your country are trying to resurrect.

Their mentality where Russia is concerned is so indicative of another bad case of indoctrination.

I have not heard of such a simplistic view of the World since the days of The Lone Ranger!

Have you ever asked yourself sir, where this needless, pointless, transparent vilification of Russia as some kind of Bogey-man, where this is all leading?
Are you looking forward, as those at the Pentagon most assuredly do, to the likely outcome of a Nuclear War?
And if you want to criticize Russia for it's lack of Democracy, well, I suggest sir, that you first of all look in your own back yard before pointing the finger at others.
You are certainly in No position to be a crusader for the moral highground!
America has been responsible for smashing i.e breaking up 1 regime after another, either through the Economic Hitman detailed in John Perkins' famous book, or just through blatant invasion as they have done all over the Middle-East, Sth America and Africa...

And if it wasn't America directly, then it was their barbaric, blood-thirsty partners in crime namely, Saudi Arabia.

Have you ever asked yourself : How is it that we only ever seem to go to war in countries with large Oil Deposits?

There has been no evangelizing Democracy yet, which has occurred in a country whose Gross Domestic Product was based on turnips or avocados for example., Discovered Oil have they???

What, in that tiny country?

Hmmm...looks like they could use some Democracy about now....!

How naive of us all to accept that the reason we are bombing in Syria, is because that ASSAD fellow is just such a Monster to his people!!!

In fact, the displeasure of the American regime is not based on Assad's moral arc whatsoever...

The Pentagon could care less about such matters.

After all, their favorite partner in War-Crimes is only Saudi Arabia...

It is in Syria as it has always been i.e that War is a Racket...

in this case involving Russia and Iran in what would have been the largest Gas Pipeline in the Middle-East proposed by ASSAD...a pipeline which would have kept America and Saudi Arabia out of the Petro-Dollar loop!


If I wasn't shedding tears for the innocent children of Aleppo, I would be in tears of laughter over our partnership once again, and the blistering hypocrisy which it represents, with our good buddies, those who have achieved the pinnacle, the apex of Man's Inhumanity to Man i.e who are No #001 with a Bullet in the game of be-headings in the streets;


And so I am forced to ask myself ;

Could it be that there is an even more insidious Evil hiding within the Empire, whose global supremacist ambitions and Machiavellian behavior have been exposed once more, thanks to the heroic work of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange and whistle-blowers like them?

With the increasingly menacing tone of the Obama administration, and their recent threats against Journalists and other advocates of a Free Press, the Tyranny of the Corporatocracy appears complete.

We can now see the hand which is being played...

A dirty hand involving a scramble for Resources.

Make up your mind i.e HUMAN or CORPORATE.
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