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The Case of the CIA Man and the Girls Who Knew too Little

How long? How long is this horrendous, flagrant abuse of an Australian Citizen going to continue?
Julian fought as a Publisher, and ultimately a Whistle-blower, for our Right to know the TRUTH about America and in particular; the CIA's ongoing litany of Crimes in the Middle East, and across the globe.
And what do we hear from our Western Political Puppets, (and quite noticeably AUSTRALIA which roars by it's Silence) who are kept on a leash like lap-dogs? CRICKETS CHIRPING...Nothing but CRICKETS...

In 2010, a European Arrest Warrant was issued for Julian Assange in response to a Swedish police request for questioning in relation to a sexual assault investigation involving 2 Swedish ladies.
The charge eventually became something termed by Swedish prosecutors as : ‘Sex by surprise’ referring to misadventure with a condom, which involves a fine of 5,000 Kronor or about $715 American dollars.

The following is a purely hypothetical account of how it may have gone down when a CIA …

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