Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Make Up Your Mind...I'm Tired of Waiting : Paradise or Oblivion

Clearly this 'System' of ours was never rationally planned or designed, but rather 'Grew' like a cancerous carbuncle all over the face of the Globe.

It evolved, mutated and clung on tenaciously, becoming more rigid and inflexible as it aged, spreading it's arteries through out our entire so-called civilization until it had complete control of our Body-Politic.

These abstract carbuncles of establishment and tradition have grown and festered on the face of the Earth and are in actuality dinosaurs and fossils from the Old World, and are incompatible with the speed of Change in the New World.

Whereas they are hierarchical and bureaucratic, incredibly inefficient and mind-numbingly slow to Change, the New Age is becoming by contrast far less top-down...more horizontal , more decentralized, (open-sourced naturally) and vastly more powerful and efficient...the work of many hands makes light work.

This situation of incompatibility is creating obvious tensions within the corporatocracy, they are becoming increasingly nervous, and they are clamping down, a situation which cries out for our immune system to react against the increasing tide of Corporate fascism and tyranny.

That's US ~ Calling all Zeitgeist members, Occupy Wall St, Anonymous and Venus Project.

We are the Immune System.

When we talk about a Transition to a more Sane society, we need to accept that this begins with the subconscious mind in all of us.

Essentially what we are referring to is a Shift in values...

A Value Shift in the manner of the Counter-Cultural revolution which began in the 60's and 70's and never completely went away, still lying dormant in many that were forced to make compromises back then, with a System which they knew was corrupt and was leading us all, like a midnight ghost-train careening downhill into the fog of our own hellish apocalypse.

We need to establish a new value system upon which to base our attitudes and lives, one which places our Survival on this speck of stardust ahead of our worship of material assets and money.

Our problems lie deep...

This is not about temporary band-aid solutions.

It's about Social evolution/revolution and Not political solutions.

And it must be based on our best scientific understanding, not on primitive traditional, organized belief systems.

Banks and the Corporatocracy transcend National, regional borders...
So must WE!

We must think globally in order to affect change locally.

Stand in solidarity with our Brothers and Sisters across the Globe.

It's our world...i.e 99% at least...let's reclaim it.

Let Us all Unite...let us strengthen and coalesce and shape ourselves through knowledge and education and science.

For we are the vanguard of the New-Age to come, we are the Avante-Guard and by our every thought and deed, we help shape the transition.

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

False Flags and the USA

"Through deception you will wage war." ~ MOSSAD

This is the motto and the mid-set which Mossad
the infamous Israeli secret intelligence organisation has proudly embraced, and perhaps gives us an early clue as to what we are dealing with in the current Geo-Political climate in the Middle-East.

I have noticed that many of my friends, decent people who wish to do no harm to anyone, have an inherent difficulty accepting the proposition of deception regarding the Syrian Chemical Weapons attack and that it was quite possibly a staged incident.

Whilst there has not been any definitive proof from either camp, nonetheless, by looking back at the behavior of previous US Administrations and their use of the False-Flag, we can receive clues as to their thinking and strategies.

The US has been very notorious for false flag attacks going back to the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which justified the Vietnam War, and indeed much further back.

In the case of Vietnam and based on the assumption that two incidents occurred, the US Congress granted permission for military action to attack Vietnam, which resulted in air strikes on North Vietnam and ongoing intervention in South East Asia.

However, in 2005 the NSA released hundreds of de-classified documents from the Vietnam War period which included research that assessed that the attacks were a complete fabrication i.e they never happened.

Another series of “false-flag” attacks, known as “Operation Northwoods” was proposed within the US government in 1962, with the goal of justifying military intervention in Cuba.

It went on to specify potential tactics that included: “start rumours (many)”, “land friendly Cubans in uniform ‘over the fence’ to stage attack on base” , “burn aircraft on air base (sabotage)” and “conduct funerals for mock-victims.”

The proposals which were finally rejected by President John F. Kennedy, included carrying out “terror” attacks on US cities and planting fake evidence to implicate the communist Cuban government.

In 2003 UK newspaper The Guardian published an article that presented recently unearthed documents that revealed candid discussions about “false flag” operations in Syria.

In 1957 UK Prime Minister Harold Macmillan and US President Dwight Eisenhower approved a plan to organise fake border incidents as justification for an invasion of Syria by its pro-Western neighbours.

Concern had been growing about the increasingly pro-Soviet and anti Western attitudes in the country since the Ba’ath and Communist parties had overthrown the military regime.

The documents are quoted as saying: “a necessary degree of fear .. frontier incidents and (staged) border clashes, would provide a pretext for intervention… the CIA and SIS [MI6 should use … capabilities in both psychological and action fields to augment tension.”

The Cuban fiasco at the Bay of Pigs was the last straw for John Kennedy, and in private, we now know that he would rail against the CIA : "...shatter the C.I.A into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the wind..."

This is I believe what ultimately killed him.
He had powerful enemies in his midst and these enemies have Not been removed from the American Administration to this day.

They are still with us.

Who killed Bobbie Kennedy and why?

We know who killed John or at least we are fairly certain.

Who had surveillance on Dr Martin Luther King his entire active life?

That's like spying on Jesus, don't you think?

Who killed Malcolm X?

And who killed Dr King?

It's the same mentality, same mind-set, same solutions.

The point is that this Military Imperialist mindset is really a left over anachronism from the McCarthy era and from Edgar Hoover's FBI and is still resident and can still be seen on rare occasions, even now, in-between the lines of newsprint in the daily papers.

Black-Ops is deception, is 'Dirty Tricks", just another of innumerable modern euphemisms coming out of the American propaganda machine i.e the 'Corporate Media' and those 6 jackals of Untruth.

And False Flag attacks are probably the most notorious examples of Black Ops in action.

There is a final false flag attack, which may have occurred, which currently produces more cognitive dissonance in my friends than just about anything else I can think of, and yet there is clearly documented evidence from many scientists around the World which states that the official explanation of what happened on the 9/11 attacks, is yet another lie...

I think the nature of events can sometimes be so wicked, that 'decent people', my friends, occasionally have great difficulty accepting horrific truths, and find it extremely uncomfortable to entertain the idea that on that fateful day of 9/11, quite possibly the most heinous Black Ops in history was perpetrated against it's own citizens, the American people.

Two words: Building Seven...

Some final breadcrumbs.

A question : Which body sits at the top of every Embassy around the World?

Answer : It's Secret Service, or, it's particular version of the C.I.A.

Where did all those Hijackers and Osama Bin Laden get their Visas to travel to the United States?
Why were their Visa applications removed from the hands of the usual Embassy official, who had originally processed and denied their applications for entry to the United States as suspect, and on what grounds were these applications then sent 'Upstairs' in that particular US Embassy, to receive approval?

There is only one Department above "Passports and Visas" ~ Foreign Affairs...otherwise known as your Classic Intelligence Agency.

This is only one out of innumerable questions, regarding 9/11, based on video evidence from an interview with the official involved, which has gnawed at me about this particular Tragic event to this day, and with the scenario which has unfolded since 9/11 and is being played out up to this moment, it now appears as if my worst suspicions were right all along.
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