Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Peculiar Origins of Donald Trump's Brain.

I can't even take this man seriously...he is as transparent as fly-wire.
What exacerbates his outlandish pronouncements is the fact that he has a sub-par intelligence...
and so we wind up in a situation where we have a moron, who is trying with all his might to hoodwink us...
One with a narcissistic over-inflated ego, who was brought up in rather special circumstances where money cushioned and cocooned him from ever having to learn to face responsibility for the consequences of his actions.

In addition to which he was brought up in a Chicago Mob family type of environment, in which crime was absolutely the norm, and ethics or morality were firstly, terms you would need to look up in a dictionary, additionally they were concepts which were viewed as something for little old Ladies on Sundays, or bleeding-heart liberals, in other words, they were terms for SCHMUCKS...

And someone like this, is going to become the Leader of The Free World??? 


That's one thing that Donald rarely encounters on the barren prairie of his mind... Doubts!

Tumbleweeds maybe, but never Doubts!!!

As is common to all of the mentally-challenged, and in that category I include the entire cabinet of buffoons which make up the Republican contenders, they rarely have a doubt in the dilapidated mansions and echoing slaughter-houses of their minds.

They know their own minds, these pugnacious, boldly strutting, hubristic, self-important Men, they know the vast deserts of their own subterranean topography intimately.

After all...its not hard to do, it's just a quick stroll through a deserted shopping center, with empty shelves endlessly replicated; a monotonous linoleum checkerboard pattern stretches out like a sea to infinity, merging with bland, fluorescent-lit corridors filled with the sleep-walking, spiritually half-dead clones, victims of the 1 percent, as the Republican contenders swan about on ubiquitous shopping trollies, gliding by with megaphones, emphatically telling us all how little it is, they really know.

You know the type, these are basically shoot from the hip kinda guys...who couldn't articulate a sensible, coherent policy for school-time lunches...let alone a lemonade stand, without months of marketing research, a stage-manager and a speaking coach.

Then I noticed that it was as if there were no 'conscious membrane of machinery' or thought processes occurring between the moment of external stimuli and Donald's response.

Somewhat reminiscent of a lizard in an industrial quagmire.

And much like crocodiles I guess in temperament as well.

In fact I began to notice all sorts of odd coincidences and similarities, which would ordinarily be considered alarming, were it anyone else other than the exceptional, larger-than-life Mister Trump.

Quoth he quietly, and with the ease of someone used to giving instructions from the side of his mouth, in quick staccato bursts of whispered words like machine gun bullets coated in grease and being spat from the mouth of Florida’s Chief Surgeon-General muttering to a colleague, while in the midst of a high-stakes round of Golf, inebriated and high on the finest snow money can buy in Florida, and therefore blissfully unaware of the clutch of paparazzi, who, with microphones raised and bated breath are hanging on his every word...

'He had an exceptionally thin cerebral cortex'...he whispered with a concerned look on his sun-burnt, bloated face.

The doctor hunched over slightly and glanced nervously at the wall of trees to the left of the fairway, then he peered quizzically down at his phone as if she, the character inside his handheld device, would know whether this was a good idea or not.

Finally, the good doctor seared his English-challenged, oxygen-deprived Mexican golf caddy with a look that could kill, except his caddy wasn't looking, instead he was staring fixedly at the green beneath his feet, choking on a mixture of self-loathing for his ineptitude at winding up here, which was where exactly? and heat-struck paranoia...

As if it had suddenly dawned on him, that he had been attending a cleverly disguised ritual sacrifice the whole time, the bloody sacrament for some dark, insane cult, and that unless he could articulate his confusion to someone in authority, in English, he was about to be the 'special guest'...

Abruptly the good doctor continued, abandoning any pretext about Golfing on the cliff-top least on this remote, wind-swept artificial plateau, with its darkly azure coastal waters leaping 
chaotically high into the air all around him like tongues of flame, as the ocean clashed and coalesced on giant, igneous boulders dripping with foam directly beneath him, at least here he could speak his mind, wrapped up in the elitist, international winds, held aloft from the frenetic hubble and bubble of his office, cocooned and momentarily cloistered from the downpour of media slings and arrows that awaited his return.

'It was uncanny' the surgeon continued, shouting hoarsely now into the wind, and in a body language that expressed a slightly conspiratorial tone...he was about to reveal a secret!

It was as if a cosmetic, plastic surgeon, emerging from an especially decadent evening had momentarily experienced an epiphany, tucked away inside one of his acid-flashbacks from the old days, and suddenly, entirely out-of-character for this plastic professional had decided to share his secret with his dazed, octogenarian patients, who all glared back in disbelief as he matter-of-factly lectured them, explaining that: having a breast implant, or a nose job or a butt-augment didn't actually make one a better person...

"The bloody cheek...the Nerve of some people"...

‘There were certain similarities to the autopsy of a crocodile's brain...there it was! It was finally out!

I had been performing for some students that morning...

And, and the brain's outer membrane was covered...

covered I say, in a myriad of familiar, tiny striations...

it almost looked like patterns had rippled themselves into the sand of a shallow pool...

except it was not your normal pattern at all...

then I remembered...

why they were so familiar!' he was almost stuttering now, and spitting with excitement.

'Yep, you guessed it...Reptile DNA!' exclaimed the corpulent good doctor breathlessly and finally sighing in relief, he could let go now...

as if he had just delivered an enormous Hippo of a baby.

'I had to call a colleague for confirmation, and she too was initially dumb-struck by the similarities!'

"Gentlemen, we are traversing new ground here!"

"New frontiers of Genetics and Science are being uncovered!"

Donald Trump's brain it appears, has turned out to be a minor cornucopia of new discoveries for science...

A truly remarkable individual !

When asked about her son's truly remarkable genetic aberrations outside the opening of another of her franchised 'Aristokats' Bar and Sauna establishments;

‘The Place to be Seen for the PETS of the 1%’ says the neon slogan bleeding in hot pinks,

Mrs Trump replied irritably:

"Oh Yeah? Look Mr Wise-guy where do you think they got that piddley, baby-rat, lobster face of Yours?"

"In a Dumpster behind Coney Island you little Creep!"

"The 3-Mile Island Atomic Energy Board settled with my husband years ago...besides, you ugly little twat, random mutations do occur you know?"

Then, in a manner completely filled-up with malice, as if suddenly realising what she had said ;

"Listen to me you piece of stain under my shoe, I swear I will Sue Your Ass, the minute..."

Her rantings were abruptly stymied, and the last we saw of the vociferous Mrs Trump was the back of her hot-pink fairy-floss hairdo as she was forcibly carried off, indignantly posturing on a chaise-lounge stretcher made out of pure Leopard skin whilst sucking painfully on an extra-long cigarette and holding aloft unsuccessfully, an extra dry martini which beaded down her scrawny, blotchy arms as she was unceremoniously carried away by a grim-faced team of steroid-enhanced fitness instructors and personal trainers wearing nothing but hot-pink bow-ties and hot-pink G-strings...

Note* ~ The above was written using fiction and/or fictitious elements...
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Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Oh Dear!...I made the mistake of watching an hour of commercial news and suchlike...7.30 Report, SBS News, Current Affair on local Aussie television, which is merely a distorted echo of the American perspective.

I watched for example a segment on Christmas gifts and about coloring-in books for when we were 5 years old...seriously, it's all the rage!

Apparently these 'books' can help with that cool new buzzword : 'Meditation'.

According to the gushing Television reporter, it is just so-o Hip!

Would you like to know the best and most effective way to meditate, I mean apart from coloring-in books?

It is by Meditating....

Do it regularly, like for so many minutes everyday and then you won't need to buy over-priced, gold-leaf coloring-in books for Adults!

Gradually the sickening lack of awareness of our plight in the western material world, a complete lack of realization of the 'wrongheadedness' (terrible word but nothing else fits) of our Culture and that we are heading for calamitous times began to overwhelm me...

Hey! I've got an idea...why don't we ALL go out and buy ourselves an Apocalypse?

Or better yet, a Revolution...

And then I watched a long, obsequious report on Ted Cruz which didn't help my depression one iota...

It was a frothy, almost fawning report which questioned absolutely nothing about his policies except his quote about Carpet-bombing Isis.

This was just a tad too much for the Australian reporter, a quote which Cruz then qualified for the assembled press by saying, 'but he wouldn't bomb cities', which is absurd!

Show me one Western-occupied middle-eastern country which doesn't have bombed out cities, the result of Western bombs?

What was he thinking of doing then? Carpet-bombing the desert?

The report made good mention of the fact that Ted Cruz starts every meeting with a prayer and a tribute or offering to his mate, Christ our Lord.

Apparently Presidential Republican contender Ted Cruz has a hot-line to heaven.

Christ is apparently with him at all times in a kind of visual and auditory hallucination...

this is similar no doubt, to the benighted hallucinatory vision which Dr Ben Carson of the Republicans has hanging in his Lounge at home i.e a portrait of himself the good Doctor, with his personal trainer and buddy, i.e Christ.

So please tell me Presidential hopefuls and TV evangelists, when did Christ ever preach on how to grab power and become President of anything?

Or when did he give a Sermon on the mount about how to be successful in business?

He didn't.

Source Credit:Raymond Balze, Purification of the Temple French, 1850s. Montauban, Musee Ingres

He overturned the trays in the Money-lenders temple!}

Like a real human being Christ despised Usury...

The Love of money he said, was the root of all Evil...!!!

In fact the orthodox Muslim still has that same stance towards Usury.

Charging exorbitant Interest rates by the Banks, in Iran for example, is illegal.

If Christ is our Lord, then who is GOD? Not our Lord obviously...and as for that so-called Holy Ghost?

Where the heck does he fit in and why is it a triangle and not a square or a circle? suffice it to say, I now feel more confused, and determined never to watch such effusive rubbish again.

Sigh...I felt like screaming at the screen : 'Don't you see?'

'Don't you realize that every celebration of our consumer culture is just bringing us that much closer to the final curtain call for Mankind?'

Meanwhile...every single species of Life on this Planet is already in serious and rapid decline...except maybe for the vultures?

And please don't bring up the Paris Climate Summit, as it was a huge amount of hot-air and methane from those elitist, entitled individuals, who themselves will probably never be personally impacted by Climate Change...

"We promise, that in about 5 years or so, we might look at starting to reduce some emissions by a certain percentage"...sure you do!!!

We all believe that, don't we???

After all, when has a Politician or Corporation ever lied to us?

It's like we still haven't realised that those stolen moments in the Sun, which we stole from third world countries in the 70's, 80's and early 90's were a unique bubble of prosperity which allowed us in the West to consume, exploit and pollute massive amounts of resources, far more, for our relative population sizes, than the rest of the seemingly slumbering World at that time, and all at the expense of the Third World.

Those days are fading fast...and prosperity for society collectively now sounds like Utopian idealism and an anachronism from the past.

The American Dream is fraying at the edges and our culture is looking increasingly desperate and debauched for everyone equally, all over the West.

Our Leaders, and this is all of them in the Western club, still don't have any answers!!! i.e Solutions.

You can hear it whenever they speak...they seriously don't have a clue, they are so 'out to Lunch', so out of touch with the conditions for the average Man or Woman in the Street.

Global, co-operative 'Solutions' are unfortunately something which our Leaders have not yet managed to stumble upon such as the concept of a Resource-Based-Economy...

Like the invasion of Cortez on the Sth American continent in 1519, giant galleon ships had not been invented yet in the Aztec civilization and to the Aztec people, these ships of the Spanish Armada were simply inconceivable, unfathomable, and so they were made largely invisible, by the limitations of their thinking, as just a blurry mass on the horizon.

When our illustrious Leaders speak today, it is always the same ole same ole...

In fact they do not even appear to understand the question...or the problem!

They preach and prattle on about how we need to increase the Gross Domestic Product, and stimulate more growth, or how we need to go and kill some people over there, or build giant walls here, or introduce some more cuts and austerity programs on Public Health and Education, whilst simultaneously handing out enormous 'Quantitative Easing' Christmas gifts of money to the 1%.

And they still have learned nothing from the Prohibition era of the roaring 20's and 30's...i.e that Prohibition still doesn't work!

It didn't work then, and it obviously doesn't work only creates hydra-headed criminal cabals like Al Capone and the CIA and their cohorts whilst simultaneously creating a population of Privatized-Prison Slaves!

As for our enemies, and they are supposed to be everywhere, in the bushes, under our beds...apparently the art of communication is over.

Violence is how we now speak to our fellow humans on this earth.

When I was a child I learned that violence was the last resort of the least competent, and this view has never left me.

The problem is, violence is not reserved just for the wicked Terrorist.

We wear a thin veneer of civility as a persona, a mask...a facade obscuring a primitive, reptilian brain which can be easily manipulated into Fear.

This is a dangerous state of affairs; when a Reptilian mind has access to brutal military force and weaponry, and especially if he is unimpeachable...or somehow above the Law like a highly militarized Policeman.

Apparently in a paranoid Plutocracy such as America is, we are all guilty until proved innocent, potential suspects and therefore the entire population needs to be spied on and listened to, and violence, the violence of the State against, for example, Occupy Wall Street protesters and Black Lives Matter is now commonplace.

Our consumer Kulture and all of the excesses of the Past, which we took for granted as the norm in previous decades, it is all unraveling, coming to an end, and those days will not come again and are already becoming the exclusive preserve of the 1%.

Quite honestly these days I am not actually a big fan of Christmas.

I view it as a primitive, deluded mind-set, best exemplified in our materialistic culture, as the sickness that is celebrated on 'Black Friday', which says that we need to show and express our Love not with genuine emotions, hugs and warm kisses but with status symbols, plastic products and consumerist kitsch trash...which will break down in a few weeks and get tossed on the giant trash heap of western civilization so that we can do it all over again next financial year in a sick, viciously spiraling, cyclical obsession....sigh.
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Friday, December 11, 2015

Unraveling the 'Me'/'Us' Dichotomy, or the Rise of the Individual

Source : Girl with an iPad -

"An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all Humanity"
~ Martin Luther King


This is a document layered heavily in exactly the kind of imaginary verbal constructs which Korzybski had exposed in 'Science and Sanity' overly verbose attempt, bogged down in semantics, to describe what I see as the dominant forces which have helped construct the war for our minds and ultimately our reality.

When a period of history is shrouded in the fog of war or obscured by differing ideological worldviews,
to elucidate the period in question I find it helps to try and articulate in your own words, your comprehension of the major events which shaped that period.

I think it is conventional knowledge that Religion, whether for better or for worse, has always acted as a controlling, stabilizing force in our societies over many Millennia. 

However this control began to finally erode for the West in the mid-20th Century, and it is the social and psychological forces which rose in its wake to shape society, and why they did so, that I wish to explore.

The erosion of social cohesion, the erosion of communities, trade-unions, family togetherness and other traditional civic and religious organizations, and the erosion of what was once known as community spirit and life, it all began in a far more innocent, naive age....all in the name of profit.

I think the erosion began with Edward Bernays in the 1930’s.

His work at the behest of Industrialists and manufacturers collectively manipulated Americans, and any other nations which also marched to the pied-piper of consumer advertising, such as Australians for example.

His euphemistically named ‘Public Relations’ office planned out a campaign to literally increase consumption, with a message which, when employed by the modern media, was a powerful tool that went on to literally shape the Psyche of huge swathes of his western audience, and Bernays has thus thereby helped to shape and construct this present Madhouse.

Alluring and seductive, his message utilized psycho-analytic theories and techniques about the hidden forces of the subconscious which he had gleaned from his famous uncle Sigmund Freud.


This message said that the pursuit of individualism and materialism was the answer to happiness, not making do or building your own, or attempting to be self-sufficient.

On the contrary it was buying and owning shiny new corporate 'stuff' which led to fulfillment, and it was these rewards which, the difficult pursuits of life were all about.

It was how you became a someone, were defined as an Individual, how you clawed your way out of the mire and into the light of public acceptance.
It was how one achieved status and how one was validated by one's peers.

In that mad, hierarchical, commercial scramble to the top was where identities were forged.

It was about being a success-story i.e a Winner.

A Winner is someone obsessed with beating all obstacles in his path...all competitors, it requires a state of mind that focuses strictly on the individual and marshals his own strengths, as opposed to social networks or family supports.

The 1960’s was the beginning of a psychological Revolution of sorts, a new beginning for society was heralded in which there was a growing awareness of the infinite technical possibilities within the finite world of Buckminster-Fuller, and it began to explore new ways of living and being such as the ESALEN experiments in Big Sur California which explored new forms of communal living, as opposed to the insular individualism of the traditional, corporate owned and operated, American dream.


It was an experimental, rebellious age, marked by a rejection of corporate values and memes and a rejection of the nationalistic fervor of the State’s agendas which for example had produced the Vietnam war.

In fact 'Make Love Not War' was a hippie cliche...non-violence was explicitly stated.

This was an age which had held so much promise.

The Counter-Cultural movement had arrived.

This should have marked a pivotal moment in man’s evolution, as the Hippie movement, the Yippie movement, the weather underground, the Black Panther party and all other such counter-cultural organizations called for a change, a shift in the paradigm and in society’s values and priorities.

Instead, after the Haight-Ashbury love-ins at the park were over, the world witnessed the gradual corrupting taint of the San Fransisco city streets via an influx of hard-drug dealers, and the rise of the hippie entrepreneur i.e giving Capitalism a new, but ultimately unaltered face.

Instead of a new world for a new era, it ushered in the new age of cynicism and the hedonistic pursuits of the individual as God's influence continued to decline in its incremental hold, in the face of scientific rationalism, and against an onslaught of cynicism and violence on the nightly television screen.

It was literally a re-design of the moral fiber of a nation for commercial ends.

Old values and mores such as Protestant and Christian morality, their notions of frugality and the negative connotations of the term ‘spendthrift’ for example, were simply dismissed for expediency, drowned out by the siren songs of toxic commercialism...Consumers needed to spend!

I think the new Ethos of the Individualist with its hedonistic siren songs began to fill a vacuum that had emerged from the genocide of World War 2.

’How could God have allowed this?’

This was a deep inner, existential rift which had never been addressed by society before.

Was God dead?

And if so, where was the retribution for supreme wickedness to come in our modern age?

The corporate-controlled Governments?

It no longer existed, in a world where Greed and covetousness were necessary attributes to survive in a dog eat dog world.

Once more it was about competitiveness and ‘getting ahead’ of those around you.

Nothing was sacred any longer in a World unchained from it’s Sun, from it’s moral and spiritual compass...ethically the flood-gates had burst open and in theory everything was now conceivably on the table.

The events around World War 2 had been particularly devastating to societies and to social stability in general as families were torn apart all over the world fighting a monstrous War.


But the end of the second world war with Germany did not mark the beginning of peace, instead it led to further insecurity for society, as crisis after crisis began to take shape and dominate the Western headlines including the birth of the Atom Bomb, the power of which was alarming and somehow unnatural...

If Man had so much power to alter and shape his environment was he then, not unlike his own God?

Including the murder of John.F.Kennedy which was a mercilessly cold and calculated act, that had many in the west calling out to God for an answer, as it seemed like such a heinous and godless act.

Many all over the world began to ask ; ‘where was God?’ and Why did God let this happen?

These were common questions being asked quietly, privately.

The Cuban missile crisis in which man potentially came within a whisker of Nuclear annihilation, seemed to further exacerbate the erosion of faith in a God which no longer seemed to punish the wicked, allowed heinous transgressions and in fact seemed to reward power, greed and corruption.

The rise in the Military/Industrial complex was becoming obvious.

These events all opened a rift in the collective consciousness of sensitive people of faith all over the western world.

The insidious, unconscious influence of the imperialist, corporate State continued the erosion of faith, of morals and ethics which were sold to the highest bidder.

The War in Vietnam opened just another schism of doubt in the nobility of our leaders, their corruptibility and their relationship with a God.

Headlines swarmed ubiquitously all around the world, headlines such as the Moon Landing and the rise of the ICBM Nuclear Weapon, all of which distracted and distanced our culture from God and Spirituality even further.

Violence it appeared was the answer after-all, at least according to our Governments.

We had been to heaven and back with our best scientific instruments and God was no where to be seen as a new type of materialism now flourished.

With the rise in air-time for corporate messages about fulfilling oneself, which suggested in unsubtle ways that one’s self worth was tied up in our acquisition of consumer goods and money for its own sake, came a rising tide of TV shows depicting the romance of the wild west, and the celebration of the hero, the outlaw and the individual.

The truly heroic individual rode supremely on his horse or his motorbike or his fast car, or his jet-ski but it was always the same message, i.e the lone heroic Individualist would save the day...

This was a powerful nightly message on radios and televisions around the Western world, a message which somewhat assuaged the decline of ‘old beliefs’ that had previously contributed to the stability of society and to it’s moral compass.

These ‘Old superstitions’ of Religion had helped unify society, ancient memes which stated that happiness and fulfillment in life were to be found not externally but internally in a pious, moral devotion to God.

As the corporate ads and subliminal messages marked the birth of one type of human i.e the individualist, it marked the beginning of the death of the other i.e the social animal, the communal person, the person with supports, and family bonds and a community to interact with.

Happiness we were told was now to be found in the wonderful objects that began to flood our homes with white-goods and the latest electronic gadgets and fads, and not in those around us, our loved-ones and friends, or in our communities.

It told us that in order to be happy one needed to consume, as it was depicted cheerily in a sing-song way, and in an insult to our intelligence, by the gleefully smiling faces which appeared every night in a never-ending stream, glowing lasciviously on the sacred cathode tube.

Marx had said that Religion was the Opiate of the masses...but the vapors of the television screen were of another magnitude, another order of intoxication completely.

At least this is one way of approaching the problem of where we are today.

Why do I assume that I have an entitlement to think and behave in a certain entirely selfish, egoistic way as America best exemplifies?

Because I'm told that this is so whenever I tune in to the hive mind of the Corporatocracy.

Our kulture celebrates, revels, glories in the Individual of the selfish 'ME' ethos.

It does not celebrate human-centrist values, it celebrates corporate values which are actually the lack of real values as they are those of a psychopath...anything can be bought in a world based on money, even death and military mayhem.

How many movies have you seen which celebrate, portray a society of people working towards a common goal?

How many movies and tv shows paint stories about people reaching out and helping each other selflessly have you seen?

Which depict a healthy community sharing and supporting each other to a greater end other than mere consumerism, and the eternal quest, the pursuit of abstract money...?

There is no value it seems in social cohesion’s about things you can touch, see, buy and own..,our reality has been inverted, from the sacred to the profane, retracted back to pure materialism.

Equality and a spiritual sense of belonging for all?

A sense of Community and strength in 'togetherness' with social cohesion to spare?

These types of human-centrist memes are, and always have been ignored or disdained by the corporate media, as they hark back to a type of self-reliance within a real community, rather than the pitiful, dependent, and lonely creatures we have become;

cocooned in our technological, blister-wrapped, plastic bubble world, suckling at the cobalt and steel nipple of the corporate system like a manacled beast in order to survive.

Entire populations are now so ill-informed and uneducated due to the generations of corporate cerebral manipulations on the nightly television screen, an onslaught of advertising manipulation so mind-numbingly repetitive, dogmatic and simplistic that it has produced the worst educated population in America's history, having now declined to 36th in world rankings.

Today there are only a handful of true Counter-Cultural forces left in our consumer-drenched, corporate world, and they are ;

THE ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT, The Venus Project, Anonymous and the splinters of the Occupy Wall Street movement such as 'Black Lives Matter'.

With the consumerist paradigm in a state of deliberate and utter denial, the social cohesion which is dependent on trust within our societies is now fading fast all over our world and morality is scarce on the ground.

Thus is the legacy of Banksters, their Imperialistic Wars, and an intrinsic faith in those bright, dazzling Corporations and their benign and benevolent nightly messages.

Confused about the world or your place in it?

Individually alone?

Alas, the final stage of individualism has arrived, a retreat into loneliness in which people avoid eye-contact, and prefer to turn to their phones to communicate rather than actually engage a live human being.

Lonely? Rest assured the corporations have an answer for that!

Turn on the idiot box and let your friends on the tube parade vicariously inside your home and inside your head.

Just conform and do what everybody else does...and remember, follow the glowing, bouncing ball and sing along : Happy, happy joy-joy...
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