Friday, September 23, 2016

America, Your Restraints need tightening PART THREE

Oh we go again...more hypocrisy;
A headline I just saw...: "Barack Obama condemns Bashar Assad for shattering Syria" either Obama has a serious critical analysis deficit, his perception of reality is grossly flawed, or, and this is the more likely alternative, he is lying. So often in the last decade when it has involved the middle-east, there have often been spurious headlines where 2 versions of reality clash. When this occurs, it is often a worthwhile exercise in uncovering the real culprit to ask ourselves : Cui Bono? i.e who profits from the tale or the telling of it? Now the above headline from Barack Obama is just so wickedly misinformed and egregious, in fact it is such a preposterous statement, that I felt I had no other option but to point out the obvious, which is that it is the bombing campaigns from America and its stooges which has caused the real suffering in Syria... Until America decided to just swan in to Syria, like they owned the place..."..and while you're at it, get me a peeled olive would you Omar?" until they just sauntered in and commenced bombing runs on a sovereign country, which by the way is a criminal act, and an act of war, Syria had been, for centuries, a stable and prosperous Country... Apologies if this story is sounding familiar or repetitious. Just like Libya had been a superbly stable and prosperous society, before America decided to economically, and in every other way destroy that country, by breaking International UN Charters, the Geneva Convention and any other laws which stood in the way of its aggressive, criminal bombing campaigns. Have you seen these countries lately? They are a human quagmire of suffering and tragedy. They are like a running sore, a wound on the face of the Earth...the smoke from burning Oil, burning lives, burning towns, burning cities cannot help but inflame us with tears of compassion for the misery we have caused to literally millions of innocent lives. I feel embarrassed and ashamed to be a part of a species which could commit acts like these...:
Tragedy in Aleppo
By our Governments corrupt munitions deals, outright invasions and other covert and overt misdeeds, our Governments in the West which are naturally led by the US, have caused collective human misery for the innocent civilians of the middle-east, of monstrous, criminal proportions. Their misdeeds are so grossly wicked and openly evil, they can be seen burning the skies from Space, and the barbaric crimes committed by these brutal puppet Western Governments will go down in history I believe, as one of the most violent, barbaric and primitive episodes in Man’s long descent back into darkness and oblivion. With America's role as CHIEF of Black Ops, and the world’s Numero uno ‘Regime Changer’, its history of toppling governments that are inconveniently in the way, such as Iran, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Yemen, the Ukraine, most of Sth America etc., it leaves me speechless, and I have to wonder in amazement at the blatant audacity and the sheer level of bald-faced denial that Obama is capable of in the international press. Considering America's past record, it would be rather naive to think that the CIA did not play their part in fomenting the unrest in Syria in the first place, as they have always done in every country which opposes their Imperial hegemony. Why is this such an improbable notion?

If anyone still finds this unlikely, then I would politely suggest that they study their history. After all, we have had the official documents, with declared intentions to do precisely that i.e 1) Be the Policeman to the World, 2) more specifically to overthrow Governments in the Middle-east ever since the Wolfowitz Doctrine, otherwise known as the Cheney doctrine, which was published in Feb. of 1992.
According to General Wesley Clark in a filmed interview with Amy Goodman, America wants regime change not only in Syria, "ASSAD Must Go!" but in fact toppling 7 countries in total in the middle East.
What would stop them from using their usual bag of Black Ops, Psyops and dirty tricks when they have used them so diligently, and to such great effect in toppling governments in the past?
And please don’t repeat the propaganda nonsense coming from the American Media whores. Apologies as I do a disservice to whores, by placing them among such unscrupulous types for company.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

America, Your Restraints Need Tightening PART TWO

Hypocrisy and the West it seems, are never far apart from each other in the obsessive lovers they feed off each other.
For example, in its deliberate conscious state it is a debauched perversion which thrives in the flammable environment of the West regarding Syria.
Hypocrisy flourishes in these unnatural airs and on our Media, which is saturated in the pyrotechnics of hyperbole and sensationalism. Meanwhile the West staggers about drunkenly. High on its own 'Exceptionalism' as it violently imposes its cultural vision on the rest of Mankind. Swaggering forwards onto a horizon of endless explosions. Dropping bombs indiscriminately and almost by accident in its wake. Whilst we psychologically join the fray... Soldiering on virtually, and hand-in-hand with our nightly Media puppets, Bristling with the most lethal technology that science can provide. Dressed up in our virtual Kevlar from head to toe, We are ready for any eventuality in our never-ending War, The West’s War, Against the intangible semantics of Fear and Terror...
Note the following conversation with a symbolic head of State meant to represent the West, although I recommend holding the note at some distance as it drips with Hypocrisy on the subject of ASSAD and the West's insistence on his removal.
Saad Hariri...the former Prime Minister to Lebanon.
Remind me to look into how one human being can juggle in his head, so many morally-depraved, ethically torturous, self-contradictory views, be simultaneously a mouthpiece for the most egregious crimes against humanity, and yet still be a pin-up poster-boy for the West?

"Don't these fellows understand that we are only trying to help?"
"Accidents will happen you know...besides, you can't make a good omelette without breaking a few egg-shells, but is that any reason for them to despise us so vehemently?
I mean whats wrong with these people?
Why don't they see that we are only spreading Democracy and our Love of Freedom?"
"Yes...precisely so my good man, how dare they not like our cancerous, spiritually bankrupt Kulture!!!"...
"The sheer audacity of the little blighters!"
"How dare they not like 'us' and our morally righteous violence!!!"
"Never mind the slaughter of innocent lives going on in Yemen".
"Allow the Western press to look the other way, turn a blind eye to the headless corpses dripping blood onto the streets of Saudi Arabia on a monthly basis..."
"Look, umm, Assad was just such a Monster..." “...and it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he was about to royally screw America by building the largest Gas pipeline in the Middle-East, in collaboration with IRAN and RUSSIA, a venture which would have excluded Saudi Arabia and the United States” “You see Assad just had to go...we couldn’t just stand idly by and allow a monster like that to govern Syria...” Yeh? How was that?
" er, well you should have seen how he brutally suppressed protests right in the heart of the city of Damascus!"
"Without exaggeration it was every bit as violent as Occupy Wall Street had been around the World!!!
Although perhaps not as bad as Erdogan treats his lowly subjects."
"Nonetheless we felt we no longer had any choice in the matter, and altho he had been a good friend, we felt that in the interests of Democracy and our love of Freedom, and so forth, that we had better invade Syria and start bombing..."
"We had quite a substantial amount of...umm, spare hardware and munitions just laying around at the time anyway...besides, we had some new innovations in our technology which we wanted to er, roll out as it were"
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

America, Your Restraints Need Tightening

Murica by MKGRAPHICS from Deviant Art.
Said in reply to someone inside a thread on Facebook, I find this totally apropos to our present situation...:

'How innocently we as children gazed into the mercurial, snowy silver eye of the Cathode tube...sitting hunched up in our pajamas on the threadbare Turkish carpet in front of the Box, with a hot Coco in hand, how fondly, how eagerly we gave ourselves up to the Wizard and his Tales on the Television Screen.
Transported to distant lands, little did we know that incrementally, yet in an insidious steady drip, with every musical chase, with every loud, hilarious splash into the waters of our unconscious, formative minds, we were simultaneously being infused with a toxic message.'

Over these last decades we have witnessed the complete take-over of the American media...and by association, the West's media in general.

Which means we have literally been told what to believe by the CIA and our governments for quite some time now.

For what? And by whom?
For an agenda of War in order to enrich the pockets of the Corporate/Military/Industrial Complex.

For that giant Behemoth, that Hydra-headed Monster, that real live Imperialistic Hegemony which is the US Admin today.

A blood-thirsty rapacious monster which squats over the Earth like a bloated spider...

A Hegemony which rules geopolitically subordinate states through the implied means of power, the threat of force, hence the significance of Nato and the latest skulduggery of Imperialist, totalitarian over-reach from Obama in the Ukraine and his threats with Nato, an organization which has largely been equipped thanks to US Taxpayers...the bleating Sheep in this age old game.

Some here appear to be concerned with Putin and those evil Russkies!

I think your enemy lies much closer than you think...

The Russkies?...Al Qaeda?...

Are THEY truly the Enemy?

Or have they been manufactured...birthed in our own Psyches?

Actually Sir, you reveal the view of those responsible for this Cold-War of the 50's mentality, which those Neo-Mccarthite War-Hawks of your country are trying to resurrect.

Their mentality where Russia is concerned is so indicative of another bad case of indoctrination.

I have not heard of such a simplistic view of the World since the days of The Lone Ranger!

Have you ever asked yourself where this needless, pointless, transparent vilification of Russia as some kind of Bogey-man, where this is all leading?
Are you looking forward, as those at the Pentagon most assuredly do, to the likely outcome of a Nuclear War?
And if you want to criticize Russia for it's lack of Democracy, well, I suggest that you first of all look in your own back yard before pointing the finger at others.
You are certainly in No position to be a crusader for the moral highground!
America has been responsible for smashing i.e breaking up 1 regime after another, either through the Economic Hitman detailed in John Perkins' famous book, or just through blatant invasion as they have done all over the Middle-East, Sth America and Africa...

And if it wasn't America directly, then it was a proxy war usually with their barbaric, blood-thirsty partners in crime namely, Saudi Arabia.

Have you ever asked yourself : How is it that we only ever seem to go to war in countries with large Oil Deposits?

There has been no evangelizing Democracy yet, which has occurred in a country whose Gross Domestic Product was based on turnips or avocados for example., Discovered Oil have they???

What, in that tiny country?

Hmmm...looks like they could use some Democracy about now....!

How naive of us all to accept that the reason we are bombing in Syria, is because that ASSAD fellow is just such a Monster to his people!!!

In fact, the displeasure of the American regime is not based on Assad's moral arc whatsoever...

The Pentagon could care less about such matters.

After all, their favorite partner in War-Crimes is only Saudi Arabia...

It is in Syria as it has always been i.e that War is a Racket...

in this case involving Russia and Iran in what would have been the largest Gas Pipeline in the Middle-East proposed by ASSAD...a pipeline which would have kept America and Saudi Arabia out of the Petro-Dollar loop!


If I wasn't shedding tears for the innocent children of Aleppo, I would be in tears of laughter over our partnership once again, and the blistering hypocrisy which it represents, with our good buddies, those who have achieved the pinnacle, the apex of Man's Inhumanity to Man i.e who are No #001 with a Bullet in the game of be-headings in the streets;


And so I am forced to ask myself ;

Could it be that there is an even more insidious Evil hiding within the Empire, whose global supremacist ambitions and Machiavellian behavior have been exposed once more, thanks to the heroic work of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange and whistle-blowers like them?

With the increasingly menacing tone of the Obama administration, and their recent threats against Journalists and other advocates of a Free Press, the Tyranny of the Corporatocracy appears complete.

We can now see the hand which is being played...

A dirty hand involving a scramble for Resources.

Make up your mind i.e HUMAN or CORPORATE.
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Monday, September 19, 2016

A Charles Fort Kind Of Day

This morning I made a comment to an elderly neighbor as an epic storm of disturbed Australian Cockatoos pierced the skies above our inner-urban, leafy suburb of old Melbourne with a furious cacophony of outraged, discordant shrieks.

Any left-over tranquility for my local region had been instantly shattered.

A tranquility which was diligently and silently mapped out inside the heads of early morning joggers, as they traced the boundaries of these maps with their bodies, pushing on through the hushed still-born air, padding down leafy footpaths watched over by ancient oak trees, and rhythmically connecting the dots with drops of sweat, thereby shaping the only conjunction of serenity and sensory delight for that entire region of inner-city Melbourne, at such a raw, unripened hour.

The ritual of Saturday morning serenity in the glowing dawn light, protected by shaded lane-ways and elusive cul de sacs, is bordered by richly perfumed florist shops which always halt me in my tracks to savor the delicate floral fragrances, followed by the delicious, fresh smells emanating from a trio of early morning bakeries, and finally culminating with the heady, addictive vapors of 2 competing Italian Cafes.

It felt like I had uncovered a secret formula embedded in the tar and cement, the bricks and mortar of this matronly old suburb which somehow provided just the right combination of stimulating sensations to create the perfect Saturday morning.

When taken together, as if one had ordered at a fine restaurant, these 3 disparate businesses and their accompanying sensory delights of taste and smell...of texture and sight, formed a unique heady mix which was greater than the sum of its individual components.

They formed a unique, rich mixture made from the traditional, time-honored delights of the inner city, which I had discovered by accident on a better than usual day, merging uniquely into a kind of epicurean tone-poem of sensory delights in the hushed morning air.

Thus remaining the exclusive preserve of those joggers and fitness fanatics who, in order to experience this poem, are willing to drive around at a very early hour, or jog quickly enough to maintain total recall of the sensations evoked by the first two stops, as they simultaneously sit down to savor the third...

This had all been shattered by a swarming, crested cloud of irate cockatoos that had suddenly chosen to invade the oak trees and rooftops, even the footpaths were littered with their frustrations, tantrums and piercing shrieks.

I turned to my neighbor indicating the unusual spectacle of a battalion of wild birds that were so visibly enraged by some calamitous event which had occurred out of sight, that they just ignored all of us humans, as cars began braking and jerking to a crawl, their drivers gaping in disbelief...

I said get out your mobile phone and take a picture...this is not a natural event I could be related to some meteorological event I added.
The similarity to scenes from Hitchcock's horror movie :

"THE BIRDS" was overwhelming, and it stained the entire scenario with a pall of malevolence as surely as does the sight of over-militarized, privatized Policemen, dressed to kill in their finest Kevlar combat gear, who maraud through the public streets in laser-guided tanks and fully armor-plated vehicles...

I could almost reach out and feel the soothing wet touch of ice as it slid along my spine.

This was definitely an event worth recording.

She mumbled a reply and nodded her head.

Now at this point in the conversation I should have left, but it is almost as if i have a radar for these things, and my inbuilt "climate-change denier" alarm was buzzing away merrily in my head...

Alas, over the past 10 years or so I have become increasingly less able to resist the temptations offered up by a nice chat over a tea-pot, with climate-change skeptics.

The lure, the promise that I might be able to take out my moral indignation, sheer bloody frustration and simple anger, by beating another man-made Climate Change skeptic about the head with the tomes of science is simply irresistible...Sigh.
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Sunday, September 18, 2016


Facebook has lately been in the habit of showing me some of my own daily rants and suchlike from 12 months ago hence the title, which is from where I managed to resurrect the following with some additions and editing...:

Malcolm Turnbull, our new Prime Minister in the Land of OZ, despite his native charm appears to display little imagination in regard to his vision for our collective future, apart from more of the same old BS of Golden days, pre-Global economic collapse days.

Days of wine and roses where, if you were shrewd and duplicitous enough, you could still make a grand living...those days are over for the 99% in this modern malaise.

If this in doubt ask yourself who leads the charge economically i.e in terms of 'business'?

America of course, although not for long if the vast majority of our Economic prognosticators are to be believed, such as Gerald Celente, Max Keiser, Prof Richard. D. Wolff and a host of others, incl. former members of the American treasury such as Dr Paul Craig Roberts, and it is AUS that has been dutifully ambling along with it.

Now that the writing is on the wall for America economically, as a great Dragon of toxic plumes emerges on the horizon in the East, and as it's headlong plunge into one crisis after another becomes clear (simply take a look at it’s cities such as Detroit, or Baltimore and America's infrastructure generally) we should never forget that this corporate jack-frost of deterioration and decline can be applied equally to the rest of the West also, as the austerity of Neo-Liberalism kicks in on both sides of the Atlantic, and as these same early breakers roll in onto our own shores, And so I am forced to ask :

"do we still want to toddle along, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed?"

Is no-one looking at the direction that we are all traveling in?

Can we not see the ramifications of our flawed thinking by scrutinizing the ‘bigger picture’ beyond our provincial interests, and thus connect ALL the dots?

Does no-one in government office ever consider the heinous immorality and structural violence implicit in Neo-liberal policies?

Have we been indoctrinated by Western television and Mass-Media so significantly that we cannot envisage financial policies for our society beyond encouraging entrepreneurs and investment bankers to invest and continue their rapacious practices of 'Profit-Hunting'?

Beyond the ephemeral distractions which purposely scroll down our eyes?

And then we all just sit back and wait for the trickle-down effect, which naturally never occurs due to the infusion, the drip of blood-money which is being siphoned off relentlessly and remorselessly, ever upwards, towards the rarefied climes of the 1%.

And as for so-called 'Conservatives'...

Conservatives as far as I'm concerned are literally the enemy in terms of our mutual struggle for a better society.


'Politically, we have to come to recognize that in an era of increasing Climate Change, being 'Conservative' is no longer an acceptable ideology, as it promotes a deep, in built need to maintain the status quo and it is highly resistant to Change, something we so desperately require...'

e.g 50% of our ecological bio-diversity has been wiped out already in the last 50 years or so.

The same issue can be applied to all their other agenda; such as keeping women in the kitchen, the Glass ceiling, Gays apart, Religion obligatory, and Money where it is, in the hands of the 1%.
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