Thursday, October 31, 2013

Occupy Wall Street and the Poisoned Apple.

"It is essential to release Humanity from the false fixations of Yesterday, which now seem to bind mankind to a rationale of action leading only to extinction"~ R.Buckminster Fuller

Changing the current direction of our Midnight Express train hurtling through the smog to extinction will require a global shift in values...

However the lessons of history reveal that legitimate social change will always begin at the individual level with small educated choices.  

We each need to clearly define to ourselves personally via our consumer choices what we perceive as the problem and what we see as viable solutions.

This will require us to identify those people and those corporations who are part of the solution, whilst shunning those who are part of the problem. 

Potentially, if we all made these simple conscious decisions in our daily lives a critical mass could be achieved, wherein we arrive at a value shift, enabling us collectively to enter a brand new enlightened age of sustainability and in the process perhaps save what remains of the animal world and ourselves from a calamitous end-game. 

As the Occupy movement retreated from a bitter winter in the northern hemisphere to regroup, there was already a growing recognition that the Occupy Global movement needed to take the next step, before entropy kicked in and the movement began losing it's momentum and it's already considerable focus in the public eye by producing a list of demands.  

It seemed obvious that the lack of any consensus on concrete demands was, and still is, both a strength and a weakness of the Occupy movement.  

On the one hand it makes it very difficult to identify the target so to speak for the media, the propaganda instrument of the 'establishment' and it's 'vested interests' and their agenda of adversely manipulating public opinion. On the other hand the movement's lack of coherency diminishes it's own voice into a thousand discordant shrieks as literally everything is on the table and there are very few unified, i.e collectively agreed upon demands.  

One of the most vocal and insistent demands has always been an end to corporate greed and corruption.  

But how exactly is this to be achieved?  

Corporations rule our World. They are our Puppet-masters, our Slave-owners.

Corporations posses one singular burning agenda ;  
'Profit'  at the expense of everything else. Ultimately these corporations would not play any part in my idea of a viable solution because they would cease to exist, at least in the Capitalist model.

I see the purposeful seeking out of benign, environmentally sound companies to deal with on a personal level as purely a necessary incremental, transitional step in the right direction.    

Before we begin to address the issue of concrete proposals we first need to recognize some intrinsic 'hard truths' regarding our present circumstances:

Old solutions will not work in a New paradigm no matter how long our list of Band-aids. 

A patient cannot be cured of cancer with band-aids no matter how many you use. 

We seriously cannot afford to continue to think that by changing some regulations regarding Banking or Trade for example, or by voting Socialist, or by any permutation of the Capitalist model that we can ultimately remedy our problems in a monetary market economy. 

No matter the political flavour or color, almost all contemporary governments today use a 'money economy', and all contain the same inherent flaws only differing in degree.


I think we need to recognise that our problems are not superficial or the result of a temporary Economic imbalance.

Nor is there a political solution available using the models of government from our recent history.

Every single political model up to the modern era has invariably ended in Slavery for humanity in a monetary system.

Despite many revolutions it appears as if Lord Acton's famous observation still applies:

"Power corrupts, and absolute Power corrupts absolutely".

He should have added  'in a monetary system where class stratification and inequality are the norm.'

It would appear to be logical therefore to consider the likelihood that our problems arise from an underlying root cause i.e that there is an endemic, built-in defect within our economic system which highlights and brings forward in sharp relief the negative aspects of Human Nature, and that our problems are in fact systemic and will require major restructuring and reorganization in other words rebuilding from the foundations up. 

I think it is imperative that attention be given to the ramifications and the effects of our profit-driven paradigm :

our system of cyclical consumption and the direct consequences which it imposes on mankind.

Conditions such as the artificial scarcity which has chained all our lives to the pursuit of the Holy Dollar Bill.

These incredibly wasteful and profligate behaviors all clearly derive from the acquisition of money in a monetary paradigm.

It is the inevitable result of placing Money in terms of value, before Everything else. 

Nothing trumps Money in value...not our Air, nor our Lives, nor anything else on the Planet!

We, are the foolish children who did not listen to the wisdom of the Ancients...

Seduced by the twin Siren-songs of Materialism and Consumerism, as our inner-voice,  the voice which has always understood empathy and our relationship, our connection to each other became ever fainter, and for some even a distant memory.

We, are the ones who placed the concept of Money as the ultimate value in a faith-like embrace.

Ignoring Buddha, Jesus and every other sage before or after.

We should admit to ourselves that Money no longer works for the bulk of humanity.

That Money acts like a catalyst for our 'Achilles Heel', setting off a chain-reaction of destructive behaviour.

The consequences for us personally, just from a psychoanalytic perspective alone are such that they require volumes.

We don't need fortune-tellers , nor prophets, idols, gods, gurus or saints to see that the writing is on the Wall, to know that we need radical change worldwide, i.e Social, Educational, Economic and Environmental, in a collective Revolution of attitudes and behaviour.

This is not something which can be accomplished in a fragmentary or unsystematic way in isolated pockets.

It will undoubtedly require a unified global consensus to occur on issues such as the Earth's finite and dwindling resources, and the elimination of our casino driven monetary market paradigm.

Because where you have unequal distribution of resources between one hill-tribe and another, between one state and another (Murray river for example) or between one nation and another you will always have conflict, strife, and wars.

One man, or for that matter one tribe, or one nation being forced to compete against another to survive will invariably create a situation of conflict as we are now dealing with basic instinct and not rational thought.

In our present critical malaise where Money reigns supreme you are only as free as your money allows, you can therefore never have Peace, Equality, or Love as the instinct for survival will always prevail.
In our distant past our ancestors threw rocks and sticks at each other.

Today, thanks to our burgeoning technology, our so-called sticks do a LOT more damage...and our rocks can fly much further...   

Thus our World shrinks daily and becomes increasingly a dangerous place to live.

We have already transcended our national boundaries through our technology in the 21st Century, which adds further weight to the argument that the Pride of nationalism should finally be regarded as obsolete and no longer relevant to Global survival. 

It is often said that Pride goeth before the Fall.

Our Fall, if it occurs, will be catastrophic and this is something we need to prevent at all costs.
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Monday, October 28, 2013

The Mystifications of the Past

"History always constitutes the relation between a Present, and its Past.
Consequently Fear of the Present, leads to Mystification of the Past."
~ John Berger

Society has been brain-washed for our entire lives and for many centuries before that.

If it appears I am stating the obvious here, I apologise as it was written for other eyes... :~

In order to achieve a Revolution World wide, or even just to create a better future for our children, we need to re-think Everything...

But first, we first need to construct a surgical instrument with which to dissect and remove all the old Mystifications of the Past.

We have evolved to a new paradigm.

Our Technology is rapidly transforming us, but unless we systematically re-examine and eliminate all of our previous false assumptions about society, the citizen and the State, we will not necessarily change for the better.

Change begins at the personal level, with our own self-awareness.

For it is through the thorough, rigorous investigation of our own thoughts and feelings that we can arrive at a new state of empowerment, a state of being fully self-actualised and in control of our own destinies.
Thanks to our new understanding of Neuro-plasticity, we can develop this instrument of reasoning within our own minds...a logical, critical, self-aware rational faculty which continuously analyses our lives and our relationship to our surroundings and contemporary society.

It is through the arrangement of our thoughts that we shape belief.

Belief shapes behaviour, and behaviour is particularly susceptible to the conformist, peer pressure persuasion of the Group or Crowd...places which have traditionally never been ideal for rational thinking, and instead quite often produce Fear, mass hysteria and collective hallucinations.

Our behaviour as we go about our daily lives in society can therefore be no more sensible, rational or intelligent than the thinking which precluded it and therefore brought it into being.

So the clearer our thinking, the more empowered we will become.

The sharper the lens of your critical faculties, the better your decisions will be, and the more equipped you will be, to deal with a world which is filled with propaganda and deception on a massive scale, ultimately shaping your behaviour for the better by aligning that much closer with the 'real' world.

If we all did this, obviously we would already be living in a better world as so many of our contemporary problems could so easily be solved by the correct application of scientific principles.

By studying the history of science, and examining our past understanding of reality we can see that we stand on shifting sand, that nothing is as it seems, and that our best scientific understanding Today will undergo radical shifts in awareness Tomorrow i.e our reality is 'Emergent' at best.

If our reality is constantly under revision, it makes little sense to place too much Faith or Belief in our apprehensions.

Faith and our belief systems are a suspension of critical faculties.

This has become a serious problem for us collectively as a species due to our gregarious, conformist nature and require urgent critical scrutiny and revision.

Rather than verify our views by evaluating the evidence individually, and with reference to source material via our technology, thereby obtaining 'knowledge' and education, we tend to go with 'the crowd' and generally accept whatever the majority are thinking or doing.

This may have been a valid strategy for our ancestors, but our technology has liberated us so that this choice i.e to go with the crowd may no longer necessarily be the wisest choice, and this conformist thinking of ours, over many millenia of reinforcement has become a dangerous, deeply embedded, instinctual behavioural choice, with potentially critical ramifications for us collectively as a Species.

Salem Witch Hunts

When the majority of people think that the Earth is flat for example, or that a particular Western Government is waging a war and invading a sovereign Muslim country merely because they care about its people, or because they are morally outraged over an act of barbarism and they really care about the democratic process for it's people, it reminds us of the extreme importance of questioning everything!

Get your information first-hand, be familiar with the inherent biases of your sources, always question the motives behind dissemination of information i.e "Cui Bono?" 'to whose profit?' and never assume that because the majority think a certain way, or because you heard it on a certain news station or whatever, that it must be correct.

Questioning all our old assumptions and preconceptions... :

Lets forget about our doomed rat-race for a moment, and ask ourselves what is truly valuable in our lives?

Q.Is following the majority always in our best interests?

Q.What if there were no Gods at all?

Q.What is our relationship with the State?

Q.The Proletarian Work-Ethic which by design consumes 8 hours of each and every working day for most of us in our average adult lifetime, is this still valid as an activity?
What nobility lies in repeating abstract tasks which merely consume resources and do nothing to help shape a better World?

Q. Are we fiddling as Rome burns?

Q.Are we truly free agents?

Q.Or are there certain obligations involving repetitive virtually meaningless tasks which need to be carried out, and which bear no relationship to our real needs or requirements  in order to secure our survival?

Q.Will we always need political leaders to tell us what to think and how to live our lives?
Q.Or is it conceivable that we can grow up as a species, and learn to co-operate amongst each other in a new era of sharing, caring and mutual help?

Q.Why are there endless Wars raging across the Planet?

Q.Is this the natural state for Man, to be forever in conflict and competition with his fellow man?

Q.Or are we conditioned to behave in certain ways i.e  are we compelled to travel down certain grooves and channels by the nature and structure of our archaic, fossilised System?

In our quest for understanding and self-awareness we need to be deliberate, vigilant and above all consciously aware of our inbuilt propensity to be recidivists, repeating over and over again the same mistakes as before.

We cling insecurely like children, to ancient, familiar modalities of thought and patterns of social behaviour.

False beliefs based on the need to conform.

Ancient baseless assumptions regarding man's inherent nature e.g competitiveness is our natural state or that Man is essentially selfish and ego-driven.

Nietzsche, certainly one of our first existential philosophers once said : "It is not about having the courage of your convictions...but rather it is about having the courage for an attack on one's convictions"

A difficult task granted, but one which is essential if we are to evolve and embrace the new epoch of scientific rationalism.

We have come a long way in the last 50 years or so.

It is now time for us to move collectively into the 21st century.

However we must first learn to identify and acknowledge the inherent problems with our past Institutions and accompanying assumptions such as Religion, the necessity for a 'fearless leader' and other belief systems such as Nationalism, which is merely an extension of Tribalism and the State control of our lives per se.

These left-overs, are simply echoes of our distant past which contain no raison d'etre in the 21C, no logical requirement as it were, and are in their effect counter-productive to their stated aims, in other words they are irrational, uneconomic and illogical, and ultimately work against the common good as we emerge into our global identity in the  21st Century.

Our global identity is being inevitably shaped right now, whether right or wrong, and it is an inevitable reality which we need to fundamentally consider, and factor in to our efforts in shaping a better World.

In our new epoch science has given us a new perspective on man and his seemingly limitless capabilities;

"What a piece of work is a man, How noble in Reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and admirable, In action how like an Angel! 
 in apprehension how like a god"  
~ William Shakespeare

It is often said about our old Institutions that they are tried and true.

That is, that they have stood the test of time and that we have always done things in a certain manner.

This viewpoint totally ignores all evidence regarding such phenomena as peak oil, water and air, the inevitable result of living in a finite World...

How could we have ever foreseen a different outcome?

Just as we have built-in obsolescence, there is similarly a built-in flaw within our system of cyclical consumption, driving us ever closer to the edge of no-return.

Surely at this juncture it is logical to examine the volition, direction and the 'Will' in historic terms, of our collective activities and the tracks on which we are hurtling like a midnight ghost train downhill into a fog of war and extinction.

You only need to examine just for a moment where our tried and true Institutions, our Establishment  and it's established ideas  have brought us i.e literally to the brink, 4 minutes to midnight, via our vast stockpiles secreted all over the world of nuclear bombs and other heinous weapons of mass destruction.

If this insane, incredibly dangerous situation wasn't bad enough, thanks to our crazy abstract hologram of a Money market Casino otherwise known as Wall Street and our global economic system (truly a contradiction in terms)  we are now, through the endless rapacious need for greed i.e profit literally threatening life on this planet.

We cannot continue in our present direction with our values based on Money that much is clear.

We are destroying ourselves and the planet at a catastrophic rate.

The machinery of our present system grinds inevitably towards it's own demise, taking us with it, in a giddying spiral pattern of increasingly smaller orbits.
Circular arguments which contain no credible basis for their own sustainability except for a grossly flawed concept of continuous Economic growth.

As a wise man once said : "The only thing which grows in an organism after a certain age is Cancer".

Capitalism as evidenced by the American model is clearly at the head of our global plunge into the abyss...

'America my tragic lost love, you have been hoist by your own Capitalist petard.

That rapacious unquenchable lust for Profit and more profit and ever greater profit was always the viper nestled in your bosom... inexorably the poison begins to spread, billowing out like an indigo cloud of ink.
Finally the organism begins to undergo violent paroxysms as it consumes itself from the inside out, clawing and eating its way through the organs and the soft underbelly of it's own lower classes'.
From a prose/poem of mine.

I humbly submit that it is time to put an end to our ancient preconceptions, in other words the 'old established ways' which no longer serve mankind but rather control and enslave us, robbing us in small increments on a daily basis, stripping our liberties statute by statute, killing us with plutocratic precision, with the modern state equivalent of Death by a Thousand Cuts and destroying our unique and singular 'Home' in the process.

I further submit that we need to replace these dinosaurs, these primitive modalities of thought and action with a new, deeper understanding of our reality, ourselves and our established Institutions using the tools of Science :
an intellectual Revolution of sorts, which places scientific discovery and the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom as the ultimate pursuits, ahead of sporting results, celebrities and the vulgar brain numbing assaults of the corporate Media.

A new paradigm of mutual collaboration and sharing of information which recognises that our global survival must surely come first.

Ahead of a world governed, and driven pathological, by the conditioned need for incessantly greater amounts of a paper abstraction called Money.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Myth-Hunter's Dream

I have absolutely no idea what possessed me to write such a peculiar piece, and I can only apologise for its dreamlike quality if it appears as just aimless meanderings, but as it had almost vanished I felt it was at least worthy of reconstruction.
I had just returned to the scene of the crime...I had resumed Work at a meaningless job, after an absence of 2 years...:

Hearken unto me all you Trollslayers, you Cyber-warriors, you deniers of celebrity fashion and the values of our corrupt world, you Wayseers of truth.

You mavericks, you black sheep, you renegades, vagabonds, misfits, anarchists and angels…you that shine a light into the darkest of spaces.
For I am with you my brothers and sisters, in your soulless quest to close the Asylum.
I too was born into a world filled with Pain.
I awoke shivering and twitching like a sea-squid squelching on the footpaths.
From out of the chemical depths I arose to face the scalpel of Sunrise with it’s surgical beams.
I opened my eyes blinking into the light and wept to see the unique suffering of the few, selected and paraded before us as an evening’s entertainment, eclipsing into the penumbra of shadows and ignorance the indiscriminate suffering of the many.
My ears were awakened to the sound of their screams and forlorn cries being drowned by the general cacophony, by the ghoulish saccharine music of advertisements and the endless waves of white-noise which hiss like serpents in our ears.
Only the blood remains now.
It remains as a mute testament of Man’s inhumanity to Man.
It stains the darkness of our ancient slumbers.
A crimson oil-slick which infects the surface of my consciousness and is captured by the slow shutter of my heavy eyelids like a crocodile wreathed in plastic rags, dreaming his reptilian dreams in the toxic half-light of an Industrial ooze.

End of Part One.
To be Continued…

Alas something indefinable has momentarily shifted outside and inside my head and i can no longer find the door…I can’t seem to make out where my digital muse might be indicating.
I just cannot ‘quite’ get a handle on this piece.
This miserable bloated attempt to define my own malaise.
Entropy has kicked in, revealing fine inherent flaws within it’s clockwork construction.
Gravity and time have finished the job.

I had written the bulk of this during a feverish, flashing moment in-between Tram stops along the Parisian, tree lined boulevard of St.Kilda Road in downtown Melbourne.

These tram stops punctuated my thoughts on my way to Work like a rumbling, clanking, shuddering armada of WWII iron tanks, as I bobbed side to side and up and down inside the belly of one of these huge 30 tonne behemoths.

Although I managed to retain something from the experience, to pluck some clich├ęd metaphorical fruit out of the repetitive, draining ether of the ‘commuter’ experience, I managed to lose something as well, at least for now, as I attempted to escape my environs and ascend those rarefied atmospheres all too hastily.

The pressure inside the beast, which appeared to have melted its iron belly into a monotonously repetitive, shiny yellow plastic lining, was rising in intensity as we all approached our final destinations.

No-one made any eye-contact, all looked submissively resigned to their fate, peering dutifully down and into their fabricated 'Reality' portals.

And a flickering heartbeat, on my way back to work, between stops 25 and 26, as I was being buffeted about, just another doleful-eyed piece of livestock inside a cattle-truck on it’s way to the Slaughter-yards, just another Slave in the system, something shifted internally, something which has no words to define it.

Something which was infinitely more valuable than the brief, shiny fragment of prose which I had gained.............................................................................

I was inordinately moved when I first saw this photo (the above is the same shot as mine).

It was from a new release by Ridley Scott : “Prometheus”.

I saw that by capturing this image, I had captured my own inner struggles.

Similar desperate encounters had been occurring for years in my dreams, and held me transfixed, locked in sweaty bouts of wrestling with an ancient God : " Moloch", deep into the night…

We all have our Demons and Dragons to vanquish.

Moloch, was one of mine..a cruel God who asked us to sacrifice too much.

This endless battle of mine had suddenly erupted into daylight, into consciousness and had scattered the skein of my prose, like a murder of Crows as black as the holes in Space...

So now, this piece, which began with such pyrotechnics, such vigorous flair and such mid-Victorian fanfare, sits unfinished and like an open scabrous wound on my assorted ramblings.

It festers and will require stitches…

I was hoping for some feedback, criticism etc., to alert me to the many errors of my ways regarding this paltry fragment.
We all feed on feed-back, especially here in Cyberspace.
Your response has been acerbic and painful in the extreme…
A damnable and damning reply!

‘You have no idea what you are doing to me!’…cries the digital Lover.

‘For I am but a ghost in the Machinery,
a soulless husk,
and less than nothing without your love!’…

This vast collective sigh of yours, this yawn of silence, sucks the virtual oxygen from my Timeline into the vacuum.

This cloud of forever imminent, yet permanently unspoken thoughts, this exquisite choir of hesitations cuts me to the quick as it soars by overhead, ripping holes in my atmosphere, singing as it plunges through the black-velvet canopy of night.

I feel like a lost child, abandoned and stumbling through a forest inhabited by giants.
These towering luminaries of history are men and women who have helped to define our current experience of ‘Reality’ by casting some light over our garden of forking paths.

Whether they were artists or scientists, ultimately they all contributed to where we stand today i.e to our cerebral landscape.

I cry, call out and sometimes shout into the void… listening for those echoes which hopefully pierce the darkness with splinters of light and thereby reveal just some of the brutal topography which we all share as we stumble like sleep-walkers… through the vast shopping aisles of our awakening moments.

And then I wake up, it’s my stop to get off…and as I get down from the Tram, all of the Newspapers, on all of the coffee-tables, all along the footpath, suddenly come alive…wrapped in a vigorous wind they begin excitedly rippling their pages.

Spoons start to jingle inside their cups.

Black & White headlines are cartwheeling in patterns on gingham-check red table-cloths.

Beneath corporate flags and a checkerboard sky full of reflective surfaces, all of the office workers are simultaneously catapulted into life, tap-dancing as they leap to their feet like giant marionettes which have just had their strings pulled.

White-crested and cheerfully bearing the unmistakeable mark of the striped chest, the office-workers appear on the footpaths and between the tables as they start to dance.

Strictly for white-men, in choreographed rhythms.

In unison they break into song from some new, catchy, repetitive jingle.

And as they take it in turns, to toast each others good coffee-sense, good taste in Phones, good choice in Football clubs and good fortune for being born… they tell me, they ALL tell me, in one jingle after another, one front-page, one screen, one giant billboard after another, that I must have been dreaming…

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Clinging On Like A Drowning Man

I have just been watching jubilant Russian soldiers chorusing  together on RT during a Military parade in Stalingrad.

‘Hero City’ they call it…Hang on…what exactly are we celebrating here?
The Russian Military?
Is a Military killing machine Still being viewed as something to admire, to aspire to? to celebrate?

Sabre-rattling looks the same whether it's red, white and blue or draped in any other flag.

War is pure Evil…even a child knows that.
I then pause as news of Mali, Syria, Iran, Palestine, etc.,etc., passes in a sickening parade of destruction and death before my jaded, hollowed-out eyes.

Have we learnt nothing? It is now February, 2013…Where is the Awareness?
Where is the Awakening? Where is the Shift?
Judging by their enthusiastic coverage of the Military parade, it’s certainly true to say that RT livestream hasn’t come across it…despite their advertisements.

From where i sit, current events appear to be approaching the last hurrah…in Slow-Motion.
Like watching the Ice-cliffs of Antarctica collapse, one after another.
The final clash and the final crash of Fascist Corporate Totalitarianism.
But this is occurring in Slow-Motion and could still take years and I’m highly concerned that our Eco-sphere is running out of time…

One could easily be tempted into viewing this growing momentum towards Global Genocide and Ecoside as a necessary transition stage i.e an apocalyptic climax where Petro-Dollar Oil-addicted Governments wipe each other out, and from these ashes, from this tragic planet-wide holocaust-event, there finally emerges, phoenix-like, the beginnings of a New Age…

Where does this place us then? with one foot in the Old Worldview and one foot in the New?

Change, as the only constant, has now stamped it’s absolute authority on our contemporary reality as it quickens the pace of our technological, evolutionary journey… offering us little comfort or solace.

Sometimes I view these events as a Tragedy…and sometimes as a Comedy of errors…
a passing parade of foolish harlequins, buffoons, psychopaths and grinning wolves.
Sometimes i would just like to relinquish my membership to the human race and as George Carlin said :
Just not give a damm anymore…just sit back and welcome that imminent natural disaster,
and watch as the sleep-walkers scramble to save their ‘fake’ money and meaningless consumerist possessions…

However, as a drowning man clings to a flotation ring, i cling onto the certain knowledge that if we can just get enough people to see our position, as members of Zeitgeist, Venus Project, Occupy and Anonymous, and unite them despite our differences, until we achieve a ‘Critical Mass’ …
then there is still an admittedly ‘outside’ possibility, that we can enter a new World, with a new ‘Weltanschaung’, giving us that 'Observer effect' of a new World view.

A new way of looking at the World and each other, without too many more decades of increasingly severe Labor pains, thereby managing to avoid what appears otherwise as an inexorable scramble for the Apocalypse, in the final, titanic Profit Wars of the 21st Century.
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Just Another Day...In The American Dream

Jamie Dimon CEO of J.P.Morgan is crooning like an old nightclub act…”Life wasn’t meant to be easy, but CASH sure can be!”

The jingle is played in a nauseous scratchy melody over and over on the boat’s public address system.
“When Life’s troubles…”  abruptly ending in mid-sentence.
Then…a hushed silence filled with murmurings ensues as the vessel creaks slightly and swishes by, and Jamie begins whistling to himself an old office favorite:

‘Oh! The best way to rob a Bank is to own one, yes to own one lock, stock and barrel…'

Champagne bottles clink together on the Logo embedded carpet in an imitation of a John Cage musical accompaniment.

Now heave hoe me hearties and let’s show them the true meaning of Christmas! 

His voice is a booming echo down the glass and granite canyon, receiving mostly blank stares from the assembled crowd.

Jamie puffs up his chest and stretches himself to his full, extremely ordinary height, puffing mightily on his cigar and attempting to look like a cross between Captain Ahab and Napoleon Bonaparte, but he merely succeeds in looking like that chain-smoking guy who takes your ticket stub on the Ferris Wheel.

First we Pillage, then we Plunder!
Heave hoe as we plow them under…

His reverie interrupted by a bleep from his Publicity and Stage Manager, Jamie manages to collect himself, wipes some innocuous white powder from his chin, adjusts his Nautical cap at a jaunty angle, and stands bolt upright as he clutches the microphone stand grimly like a man standing on a merry-go-round, and he begins reading from the prepared speech on his sleeve.

His papers have long since blown away and reception is null and void as if a fuzzy blanket of anti-particles had just enveloped the entire granite valley...

“…and I would like to thank the good people of the West Side of Manhattan squeals the speaker on board...for giving me this Birthday wish and allowing me to flood this, er Enema...

No, I mean Avenue”.

Some cat-calls, cheers and polite applause.

He continues blithely unaware, a reckless swaggart at the helm of 'The Ship Of Fools'...

"I christen her : The Seriously Rich III, on account of the fact that Seriously Rich I and II are just simply not large enough, besides, I need all the rooms I can get with my fabulous Art collection…"

"Do you people realize that I have, in my personal…" the audio whistles and squeals like a wounded creature, and cuts out briefly, as another bleep interrupts his ramblings…as if recovering from sleep, and like some clock-work puppet, Jamie resumes his speech as though nothing had happened :

"...and, and I dedicate her in honor of the Good Little People of downtown Manhattan."

There is just a hint of an audible sob…

"those salt of the earth Americans, God bless em!", the emotion in his voice is now palpable, as he wipes a tear and holds his other hand close to his heart.

"They've got more get up and go in them, more of the real American spirit than you could shake a Polo stick at!" his eyes begin to glaze over, his pupils are going in and out, and he starts to mumble…

"In fact my friends and I have often in the past, placed enormous bets on who will…" he staggers briefly, muffled noises ensue as faceless men below deck suddenly appear at his side.

A rather frantic bleeping commences and Jamie suddenly peers quizzically into the distance as if his surroundings were completely alien and unfamiliar to him.

As if he were 'tuning' into the Big Enchilada himself, and could personally hear his booming voice in the clouds, speaking alternately with a noticeably foreign accent, or, one of a lower-east side origin.

There is much evident chatter as Jamie listens intently on his ear-piece, nodding periodically, he finally staggers forward and launches into another obsequious display of dripping sentiment from the prepared text…mysteriously, mercifully, the audio squealed once again like something in the final throes of being strangled to death and dropped out at this point.

Foxnews naturally have a Chopper hovering, along with a surveillance Drone.

They zoom in, capture and edit this moving, stirring historic moment and stream it LIVE as Breaking News…!

Every commentator on Fox remarkably manages to reference his ’moving and powerful speech’ using the same precise phraseology somewhere in their gleefully, bubbling and spontaneously witty dialogues with each other for the entire 24 hour ‘News’ cycle, in another extraordinary conversational co-incidence …sigh…

It’s just another day in the American Dream.
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Monday, October 14, 2013

The GNU Ethos

A shifting tide of multi-colored debris

The arrival of GNU, in 1983, despite the claims of some, is an example of the philosophy of Free, Open-Source software and as such, it represents perfectly the values of the new Ethos I am going to try and pencil in...

We find ourselves at last, on the shores of a Synthetic Universe.

We go to work in a giant Corporate hall of mirrors.

Our break times are spent in a toxic Forest wonderland of shops and commercialism, with Industrial effluence lapping at our heels.

And Nobody feels any Pain...cocktails of synthetic, inert substances, insidious and artificial swim through our brains.

As we slide seamlessly into our sveldt, Synthetic Universe for another day, immersing ourselves into a liquid world of screens and imagery reflected in glass towers, mobile phones, computer screens and store windows, we slip into the trance of unreality, into a world where everything is artificial, everything is fake, impermanent and transient, like a constantly shifting tide of multicolored debris...

Where slim secretary Mannequins with haunted looks, are being replicated like clones as they glide by in their ubiquitous, fluorescent-lit, bee-hive corridors...extravagant fake plants, fake Art, and imitation Roman columns litter the sterile atmosphere.

Where phones never stop morphing, and the furniture looks like wood but like everything else in Wonderland, its abstract, featureless and dead-blank to the touch...where even our idols and dreams are stolen from us, re-packaged and finally projected and sold back to us in slick, advertising cliches.

Fortunately, some of us are beginning to awaken from the trance, and are able to get off this Midnight Express train in transit, and look around... and some are beginning to suspect that our hamster-driven lives in the giant Wheel of Consumption, and our Game of endless personal acquisitiveness and materialism are equally artificial and contrived, and increasingly look as dead-end and empty as a Corporation's promise to care for our environment, or a pimp's promise to a new hooker.

In other words, these are commonly held social ideas and memes for our lives which are increasingly coming into conflict with our emerging collective reality.

I recently had an interesting conversation with a fairly astute friend of mine who had previously been an active member of movements for positive social change.

It was a conversation which forced me to examine my own actions and ask : Am I behaving in a manner which is authentic and legitimate to myself, humanity or both?

My friend suggested that my lack of material wealth could easily be remedied by finding myself a 'good job' which I enjoyed doing and that this, along with appropriating as much 'free-time' as possible was the secret to success and happiness.

He had earlier confided watching the entire 5 Seasons of "Breaking Bad" back to back, so I already knew what he was doing in his 'free-time'.

I think his shift back towards personal introspection and gain is a form of isolation which reflects on the increasingly menacing behavior of the Corporatocracy and the rise of the militarised Police State which violently quelled Occupy Wall Street protests all over the World, including here in Melbourne, and it also reflects on the fragmentation, unpredictability and general air of chaos and uncertainty which we are all sensing about our collective future i.e get what you can for yourself, while you still can.

But is it about Me, or about Us?

How can i possibly define myself without including my extended family and friends?

After all, I'm only a part of a greater whole and a larger, much larger picture...

My problem is that at its essence, at its core, the message is one of individual gain, of personal aggrandizement, and remains silent on the issue of our future survival as a species.

The philosopher Kant once remarked that in order to establish the 'correctness' or moral integrity of an action, we must apply this action to the rest of Society.

What if everyone behaved and felt as my friend did?

Obviously this is in conflict with the brand-new rising Ethos which is gaining ground across the Globe.

We need to realise that we are living in a World which is becoming increasingly entangled as, for example, radioactive marine life washes up on the American coastline.

Our species is expanding now at an exponential rate all over our precious globe, and the 'rocks and sticks' which we once hurled at each other in Neanderthal rage, are now much larger, can fly so much further and are vastly more lethal and destructive.

Distance has been conquered by our Technology.

This alone should give us pause to consider the direction of our growth and our future together on this precious ball of star dust.

The operative word being 'together'...

We have now arrived at a point in History where for the first time we are being forced to question 'The Game', so to speak.

We are being made increasingly nervous by the nature of our co-opted reality and the illusion and feeling of powerlessness it instills, and by the external forces gathering on the horizon.

It appears to me that our previous Psycho-social shift which commenced after the second World War, was a move away from the nurturing bosum of religion and the monarchy or the State, and replaced a sense of  'Community' with a sense of Individualism, and a move towards personal, materialistic aggrandisement and wealth as the true path to happiness i.e the 'Me' society.

This is the old Societal ethos, the tissues of which are now beginning to erode and fragment, and its cultural values appear to look ever more bizaare and thread-bare, as we all drift and slide imperceptibly along for the ride in our hedonistic, spiritual vacuum.

As current trends progress to their inevitable conclusion, there is a noticeable rise in tension as we come increasingly into conflict with our fellow man, due to our antiquated, traditional modalities of thought about the Game of Life.

As we continue in our inordinate expansion of destructive behavior across the face of the Earth I am reminded of a quote I recently heard on the brilliant and hilarious Internet Show i.e "Culture in Decline" on Youtube :

"True Freedom then becomes our ability to restrict the Freedom of Others"

This is unfortunately the new reality, and it forces us to recognise that as we grow in numbers, if we are to survive on this continuously shrinking Planet together, a new Ethos is required.

A moral, psychological and spiritual shift which takes into account these new realities, and which therefore sees an end to our culture of Greed.

A perfect example of the Gnu Ethos comes to us from Kalle Lasn who suggests that ; If, 'Corporations are people too my friend', and the head of a Corporation is composed of individual shareholders, then let us rewrite the Corporate Charter so that each individual Shareholder takes his or her share of Liability and Responsibility not only for the Profits, but also for when a Corporation behaves in a criminally negligent manner to cause harm to an individual, to the environment, or to society at large.

This is a part of the New Ethos, one which places the Common good above the individual, the Corporation, or the Government.

Lets take another example i.e Confidential Secrets or Intelligence.

Obviously, Secrets per se can never exist for the betterment of ALL, whether they are personal, Corporate or Government held secrets.

Information is Power, and Secrets are a restriction of that power, a censorship of knowledge, information, facts and data to ONE singular person, group, Corporation or Country.

All share the same common attribute, which is self-serving, egocentric, which again reflects the singular 'Me' cultural paradigm.

These secrets exist for the advancement of the individual corporations such as Monsanto, or the individual country such as Obama's Imperial America, at the expense of Everyone and Everything else.

They can never exist for the Common good.

American 'Exceptionalism' has never looked so ugly.

This again flies in the face of the currently emerging, but still largely underground cultural tide which is towards inter-connectivity and away from Consumerism and Corporate copyright, towards open free dissemination of ideas and transparency, towards sharing, and togetherness.

Surely these are memes which can lead to a better World and a new Ethos for our future survival?..

The old age of Selfishness and material aggrandisement, and the accompanying notion of success which this represents, may be at last swept aside, as we increasingly mobilize into a Gnu Age in ever greater numbers, whether in the physical world or in Cyberspace.
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Easy As ABC

Picture courtesy of Sean Hurley

We are the 99%. The Planet is ours...

It is laughable to think that we allow 1% to own 'us' and everything else around us merely because they have managed to hoard more colored strips of an abstract idea called money, otherwise known as 'filthy lucre' in an outmoded, anachronistic Game called Monopoly we have played for far too long now.

Lawless entities such as the Mafia or Bush and Obama's Imperial American regime are born out of the ability to hoard a medium of exchange i.e money

Human Nature is not a is a work in progress.

Human Nature is mutable, and we have been on this giant experiment with money since approx 600BC.

Competition arises when there is inequality and competition is an adversarial position.

Rather short-sighted don't you think?

Especially as we all Share this lonely dot in space, in this leaky Ship of Fools...

What do they teach children who are forced to share a room together?

Learn to share...

We are running out of Space...distance has been conquered and according to our best scientific estimates, we are running out of Time.

We desperately need Co-operation and Unity rather than Competition and materialistic, individual egocentricity.

How conditioned by Money we must be, we poor wretches...

Most of us, after decades in this system have lost our ability to see outside the box, and recognise this medium which we all swim through.

Most of us are already half-dead inside.

It is our competitive, collective behaviour which continues to produce Wars around the World.

The need to compete for Money keeps us apart, keeps us unempathetic...after all, its a Dog eat Dog World.

It has created Poverty, which can only exist in a Monetary paradigm, and it has created incredible suffering all over the World.

Sharing and co-operation, mutual respect, harmony and love are the humane and logical, authentic response to our contemporary problems, but our hands are chained to the System, forcing all of us along predesignated channels or ruts, into a constant stream of never-ending transactional skirmishes, and thereby producing instead a world filled with conflict, competition, human suffering and endless Wars.

How amazing, that as a species, we still do not recognise this most basic principle i.e the invariably coercive, corrupting influence of our system, and that, despite the indoctrination of Jesus, we still place Money, which is merely a contrived abstraction of hocus pocus, invented out of thin air, over and above everything else... sometimes even over and above our very Souls.

Paradise or Oblivion...your choice.
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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


And the Corporations decreed :

"Let there be Globalisation...infinite growth and unfettered capitalism! "and thus it came to pass...and the corporations smiled at their handiwork as did the People at least for a while...  

Friends, the oligarchy of corporate control is a global leviathan whose tentacles ensnare us all is in a cyber-war, against an omniscient, omnipresent enemy. 

We are now quite literally in a new kind of war.  

A war that has no visible beginning, and no foreseeable end.

 An invisible war with digital guns and cyber-bombs, with 360* cameras and satellite surveillance. 

A war which is killing us in slow-motion using the ancient Chinese method of death by a thousand legislative cuts.

A war that is so insidious, it has mind-warped it's own victims in order that they may defend their own oppression! 

It is the first time in history that a war is being waged not by one country against another, but rather by a global kleptocracy of the 1%, directly or indirectly against the entire human race.  

Time to Join Up! Time to Get Real!... A War on Terror? A War on Drugs? 

If you insist on poor useage of the English language, then what about the war on clean air...? 
The war on fresh water...? The war on women...? The war on animal habitats...? The war on the middle class and The war on citizens generally...? The war on The environment, ..The war on All of Us...need I go on...?  

All of these are merely symptoms of a greater, underlying cataclysmic shift which is occurring across the globe, a shift of power, influence and wealth which are being siphoned off to the 1% before our eyes, whilst the American congress appears like a petrified forest of hollowed out tree trunks with limbs paralyzed through ossification, the result of too much greed coursing through their veins...Zombie-junkies on cash...

Whilst we live out our fractured, schizoid, 'automatic-pilot' lives disconnected , disenfranchised and disempowered. 

Stumbling forward as slaves to the system, bowing our heads submissively against the lurid colors, fragmented imagery and the sharp odours emanating from the toxic forest.

Eventually forming within us an inner core of abject despair, with a rising tide of nausea in our throats and a metallic taste in our mouths.

Our crimes against nature are omnipresent, and we are made inadvertent, accidental cohorts to these crimes due to our corporate overlords, creating within us feelings of impotence and utter futility, feelings which collect and pool like sludge in the back recesses of our minds... 

We are stuck like flies in aspic, in a paradigm which voraciously exploits the lack of human rights in the Third World and beyond. 

We feel complicit in this rape of human lives and ultimately the planet...our unique and irreplaceable home. 

At our dreams, we sleep the exhausted sleep of the accomplice, who is guilty by association...

We feel dirty and somehow 'tainted'...

In our dreams there is nowhere left to left to lie to. 

The shiny, sveldt, dead touch of plastic is our hands...on our skin...on our feet and in our our cars and in our the cups we take to our lips, the plates we eat from, the phones we hold avidly to our ears.

Plastic is oil...something which has taken this planet billions of years to produce. 
Something which we throw away in an afternoon...out of sight, out of mind. 

Friends, this hamster wheel of consumption will kill us...period.

*Join Zeitgeist. Join the Venus Project, Join Occupy, Join Anonymous...join as many socially enlightened movements for positive social and environmental change as you can find...

Link minds...

We Need You and there isn't much time...

A War has been declared...choose your side i.e Human or Corporate.


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