And the Corporations decreed :

"Let there be Globalisation...infinite growth and unfettered capitalism! "and thus it came to pass...and the corporations smiled at their handiwork as did the People at least for a while...  

Friends, the oligarchy of corporate control is a global leviathan whose tentacles ensnare us all is in a cyber-war, against an omniscient, omnipresent enemy. 

We are now quite literally in a new kind of war.  

A war that has no visible beginning, and no foreseeable end.

 An invisible war with digital guns and cyber-bombs, with 360* cameras and satellite surveillance. 

A war which is killing us in slow-motion using the ancient Chinese method of death by a thousand legislative cuts.

A war that is so insidious, it has mind-warped it's own victims in order that they may defend their own oppression! 

It is the first time in history that a war is being waged not by one country against another, but rather by a global kleptocracy of the 1%, directly or indirectly against the entire human race.  

Time to Join Up! Time to Get Real!... A War on Terror? A War on Drugs? 

If you insist on poor useage of the English language, then what about the war on clean air...? 
The war on fresh water...? The war on women...? The war on animal habitats...? The war on the middle class and The war on citizens generally...? The war on The environment, ..The war on All of Us...need I go on...?  

All of these are merely symptoms of a greater, underlying cataclysmic shift which is occurring across the globe, a shift of power, influence and wealth which are being siphoned off to the 1% before our eyes, whilst the American congress appears like a petrified forest of hollowed out tree trunks with limbs paralyzed through ossification, the result of too much greed coursing through their veins...Zombie-junkies on cash...

Whilst we live out our fractured, schizoid, 'automatic-pilot' lives disconnected , disenfranchised and disempowered. 

Stumbling forward as slaves to the system, bowing our heads submissively against the lurid colors, fragmented imagery and the sharp odours emanating from the toxic forest.

Eventually forming within us an inner core of abject despair, with a rising tide of nausea in our throats and a metallic taste in our mouths.

Our crimes against nature are omnipresent, and we are made inadvertent, accidental cohorts to these crimes due to our corporate overlords, creating within us feelings of impotence and utter futility, feelings which collect and pool like sludge in the back recesses of our minds... 

We are stuck like flies in aspic, in a paradigm which voraciously exploits the lack of human rights in the Third World and beyond. 

We feel complicit in this rape of human lives and ultimately the planet...our unique and irreplaceable home. 

At night...in our dreams, we sleep the exhausted sleep of the accomplice, who is guilty by association...

We feel dirty and somehow 'tainted'...

In our dreams there is nowhere left to hide...no-one left to lie to. 

The shiny, sveldt, dead touch of plastic is everywhere...in our hands...on our skin...on our feet and in our hair...in our cars and in our homes...in the cups we take to our lips, the plates we eat from, the phones we hold avidly to our ears.

Plastic is oil...something which has taken this planet billions of years to produce. 
Something which we throw away in an afternoon...out of sight, out of mind. 

Friends, this hamster wheel of consumption will kill us...period.

*Join Zeitgeist. Join the Venus Project, Join Occupy, Join Anonymous...join as many socially enlightened movements for positive social and environmental change as you can find...

Link arms...link minds...

We Need You and there isn't much time...

A War has been declared...choose your side i.e Human or Corporate.


*Although I realise that Chelsea is now in some ways free, I still felt the statement was valid as it stood.


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