The Meme to End all Memes

'There must be some kind of way out of here...said the joker to the thief.
There's too much confusion...and I can't get no relief!' ~ Dylan

Do You have this problem?

Everywhere I look I see...Lies! Lies and more Lies!!!

Ignorance, psychopathy and above all, Hypocrisy!!!

When I look at the state of play in the World today, in other words the beliefs and opinions being spewed out of a Western Media that have become collectively nothing more than mere Government mouthpieces, a procession, a litany of Lies in various permutations is all that I can see.

 It is all so disheartening...

Where are the Peace activists from the PEACE Movement?

Why are people not rising en masse to resist this Imperialistic Western mind-warp?

Nowhere in the modern Mass-Media do I see or hear anything about PEACE, but merely an echo of the old Bush propaganda machine.

This is such a critical malaise, and yet it feels like we are all being propelled in one headlong direction downhill, and our minds are being tunneled and shaped into a homogeneous blend and assiduously trained to Not question the official Government line.

That's right, in order to achieve peace and stop violence and hatred around the world we need to forge and foment War...!
Lets have a War for Peace!!!

Oh, what a smart idea that is...

Yeah, lets put out a Fire with Fire...!

What Moron came up with that approach?

Has no-one heard of using Water to put out a fire?

In other words kindness, Love and to our enemies and listen to their grievances, this is how you put out a fire in the minds of a people.

Certainly not by bombing what is typically the final outcome i.e a population of weary, desperate women, children and old men with beards into dust!

A typical street in ALLEPPO

Combatants can move between buildings and fortifications whereas civilians are captive targets in their homes and when you rain down bombs on a city indiscriminately that is the kill innocent civilians.

And so, in order to further our Western bombing agenda we need to hear about Terrorism mentioned by the Media as a sick form of justification and manipulation almost every single day.


Terrorism, terrorism, and more terrorism...this has become seemingly such an obsession.

However the word 'Terrorism', due to it's heavy-handed extreme saturation coverage , reveals itself to be a kind of software technique commonly employed by the modern Mass Media today in a rather obvious form of what Don Miguel Ruiz refers to as:

'White Magic'.

It is The meme to end all memes, laced as it is with traces of a subtle, calculating and uniformly cynical mind-set which is so often reminiscent of the manipulative vernacular of the NSA and the CIA.

Terrorism would have to be the most over-used word in the English language over the last decade or so.

And yet the position of the Western powers is simply absurd and has no rational justification.

Here is an extract from an old article of mine (one of my first) which perhaps says it better...:

'Somewhere in excess of 1 Trillion US dollars is spent by the Defense Department on the Military Machine budget to wage this endless War against the Terrorist.

How many Americans have actually been killed in terrorist attacks inside the United States since the September 11, 2001, atrocities?'

Apparently somewhere around 20-30 if we include the Army psychiatrist who killed 13 soldiers during a shooting at Fort Hood in 2009.
20-30 People? 

In over 10 years?

That's less than the number who died by Banana skin for Krist's sake!

How many have died due to Obesity and Diabetes in that same time?

For Diabetes alone that would be in the order of 200,000 per annum approximately but of course this doesn't include the actual figure which is much higher due to related complications.

As for Obesity, a life-style disease, the number of deaths in the US is astronomical.

An estimated 300,000 deaths per year or 3 Million deaths in a ten year time frame may be attributable to obesity.

And how much was spent to fight the War against Diabetes and Obesity?
"Er...ooh...sucking in breath through clenched teeth...ahh...well..."

"You see, we have had to tighten the old belt of late."

"Er..ahemm...he winces slightly with a sheepish, helpless look.

Israel has been making demands again...Egypt...Syria...Yemen..."

We both gazed forlornly in a kind of melancholy reverie into the dust being stirred up by trucks outside beyond the window pane without saying a word...

The Officer just sighed deeply looking out towards the horizon, as if sighing for the collective people of Yemen or Syria, and for the war-weary in all of us.

As if we, standing there in that sullen moment, shrouded in the dust of the Base, were suddenly linked by a sense of common 'Humanity'.

Like the 'human family'...we had at long last finally been linked together again, connected in a loop by this ancient Mesopotamian land, where it ALL began and reluctantly resigned to our bitter Fate, which was that it appeared as if this dusty plateau in the Mesopotamian Valley was not just the place of our beginning, our origin, but that conceivably and in a kind of poetic irony, it might also be about to become the Stage for our Final Curtain-call as well.

A sudden chill which had no words ran through me thinking on our possible Fate as a species, for what might be described by future historians one day as the 'End Times'...

I could only imagine what such a horrific vision of the middle-east engulfed in Petro-Dollar flames would entail, and what such a vision would do to humanity's collective consciousness in Jungian terms.

At last, abruptly the American officer continued;

"Oh gosh's been Hell on wheels you know, trying to control countries right across the Globe, I mean it's not easy you know..."

He trails off mumbling and completely oblivious to the fact that his careless slip-up, in mentioning; 

'controlling Countries' could see him potentially land in all kinds of hot-water with his superiors, those who dictate to the Spin-Doctors and write these scripts back home.

According to a military survey, the US spends approximately $500 million per single victim on anti-terrorism, but when it comes to money for effective Food legislation, or Diabetes education and Research, the figure is of course miniscule by comparison.

On the one hand I have 30 or so people dying, and on the other hand in the same 10 year time frame, I have hundreds of thousands, indeed Millions, dying needlessly due to Governmental regulatory corruption and neglect, in other words a lack of financial support.

What is wrong with this picture?

It simply doesn't compute.

There is simply no feasible justification for this endless drain of American Tax-payer's money other than to conclude it is just another sign of an out of control kleptocratic, imperialistic hegemony, rapaciously raping the World in an ever increasing need to seek out greater Profit from our;

'War As A Business Model' economy, and out of an already blood-drenched planetary landcape.


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