A Timeline as viewed in 4-Dimensions ~ Part 1 by Jules Elbeshausen

Perhaps I should alert the innocent Timeline traveller upon these foreign facebook shores in advance?

Alert those new to these rarefied environs, of my many failings as a miserable miscreant, debauched violator and perverter of grammar & the English language, and in particular, my inexplicable and totally unjustifiable penchant for endless FB posts…

The result for the hapless onlooker who has just stumbled in from the cold would appear as just a random deluge of posts, as rain in a flood due to the sheer volume of my daily posting i.e seemingly without design. Surely this is chaos?

For me personally it’s called thinking out loud, but rest assured there is method to this madness just as there is madness in the method.

A harmonious balance of Yin and Yang, of creation and destruction.

Sometimes it can be advantageous to gain some height, some elevation from the terrain in order to get a meaningful perspective. In this instance the medium is Time – however distorted and we are dealing with a ‘Timeline’ so try reading down the line a few binary days or so in order to glean some additional perspective, some attitude, general tone and some bracing and entirely refreshing, negatively ionized air…

Another advantage in exploring the terrain more thoroughly is that it is only thus, that you may happen upon our exclusively chic, sumptuously catered “Jules Bar” which is only visible at night like some exotic mutant flora, appearing in a quaint cul de sac within the Latin Quarter, it’s soundtrack wafting serenely above the advertising signage and alleyway garbage bins, nestled in a cleft amongst the more orthodox posts further down the Timeline…

Getting inside the Bar can be tricky however as has been theorized by many of our best cosmologists.
“It is clear from the measurements of our instruments” reported one famous cosmologist in a recent interview in ‘It’s a Scientific World’ magazine.

“That the phenomenon known as ‘Jules Bar’ cannot be detected by current detection methods” he added quickly “Although we did pick up some anomalous readings in the general vicinity” and then added in an after thought “It seems obvious that Dark Energy must be involved in some peculiar way but currently we have no way of knowing this for certain, that is the problem”

This is no doubt due to the severe entry requirements, something which has been pointed out by most mathematicians to be caused by anomalous logic interfering with the laws of physics. 

These anomalies are painstakingly listed by a rhythmically flickering sign on the wall, in a broken font which never stops morphing..

And they are recited through a megaphone by a sadistic and cunningly dressed Bouncer at the door, who leers at one and all in a day-glo Monk’s habit from the nethermost regions of Hell, insisting with ribald humour, on asking the most salacious and confronting personal questions of those who seek entry.

But once inside…once the live chaos-theory jazz begins to unravel the coils of your psyche and you are sufficiently juiced in the overwhelming ambiance, the familiar ‘epiphany bell’ will begin to strike in mellow tones again and again like a town hall clock chiming and you will discover an organic unity inherent within all life …visible as a glowing sigil in the palm of your hand.

As you become joyfully lost in reverie within a relative ocean of Time, sight, sense and sound around you is played back in a loop of intimate textures, intentionally lighting up certain predesignated sectors of the brain.

And so you begin your journey of discovery, probing the coloured darkness, through a frightened flock of semi-startled legs, tracing the dotted line to an exploration of space along an axis, along an endless series of corridors you can’t remember the way back from…illuminated by hauntingly beautiful symbols which are only vaguely reminiscent.

You find yourself off a hallway, in a corridor of infinitely regressing fractal rooms of an organic nature, where various types of DNA are inscribed on pulsating walls that glow internally with an eerie electric blue.

Whilst simultaneously, as a hand-painted vine motif begins to emerge from the walls, a successful meme emerges from the background of chanting and hum.

A bell intones indicating a hive-mind shift, a warm pastel archway appears from a recess and begins to pulse…beyond you can faintly make out a garden of delights, enthusiastic laughter pours out like soap bubbles... and you suddenly find yourself encouraged to explore your own evolution in harmony with the vibrations of the Aether and the cosmological constant.

Eventually, if you stay long enough, the Band in a brief moment of banality and bonhomme camaraderie, will make you ‘brothers for life’ in a solemn beer drenched ceremony ending with a refrain from ‘Auld lang syne’, and, in an equally rare moment of coherence, and sheer relevance,  they will lay down a searing musical homage to organic design, as Alphonsus the Bartender pours another drink in honour of the Architect in residence.

Meanwhile, in the cloistered foyer which has been decorated with mandalas from Tibetan murals and vivid Islamic curtains, Frank Lloyd Wright smiles faintly and takes a bow with a flourish of his cape, amidst a light shower of polite applause, his visage rippling through ribbons of multi-coloured smoke in holographic resplendence.

He remains Architect extraordinaire and just another digital patron at the enigmatic “Jules Bar” , hidden away from prying eyes in an alleyway, within the Latin quarter of a certain Timeline…


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