Introducing #ELENA

I recently picked up a Deep-Space communication which obviously occurred some time ago...

It was from a Transmission Relay stationed on Io. 

I had managed to install an Avatar on the Relay's operating system to alert me if anything unusual emerged out of the void among binary quantum packets of Industrial Mining updates, Leisure Cruise tight-beam transmissions in 4D and the occasional situation updates from a Penal Colony, Terra Incognito, location undisclosed, and an endless slip-stream of automated chatter, all of which poured through the Ether from different locations in Space/Time. 

Outpost on Io

Elena, my Personal ubiquitous Avatar or PUA morphed suddenly into existence, sitting cross-legged and corporeal looking on the glass surface top of my favorite Pin-Ball Machine, a rare antique called : OLIGARCHS which I was in the midst of painstakingly restoring. 

#Jules dear, Guess what Lover?

She began in her most seductive voice..the arc of her mood swings, and the rhythmic nature of her attempts to surprise and entertain me had long ago become a ritual game between us.

The artifice behind her marvelous, glistening personality, in that precise moment revealed naked, something which would be remedied out of the endless back log of software updates yet to be installed from Frobos House for Elena’s operating system.

There had been ‘fluctuations’ she began, extremely faint fluctuations which required Elena to connect and share with other AI’s due to the enormous computational requirements involved in order to decipher what was barely a flux of whispers, received from out in deep space, somewhere out beyond the Oort Cloud, which had eventually been scooped up and packeted towards Earth by a permanent army of swarming nano-bots that combed the narrow shores between the Solar System's edge and the Deep Beyond, re-invigorating with fresh ‘ice’, the Deep Space Quantum Communication Industry and setting up a whole new level of gestalt sentience for the purposes of Data Mining.

The whispers were fragments, distorted and barely coherent, with merely a word here and there...

One sliver, one slender morsel of conversation was finally salvaged, washed through by countless algorithms and swiftly translated by the delicate and acutely tuned plasma of her positronic brain.

It occurred to Elena, thus was the depth of her subtlety, that this would be a perfect moment to steal, and keep me on the hook in order to interact/play with me on a more intimate level, like a Cat toying with a Mouse.

Elena had long ago found my Psychic jugular and she was quite aware of her manipulative abilities, but her critical filters a nanosecond later had rejected the idea on a fail-safe pass, as not achieving a sufficient probability factor equal to the tasks difficulty, as I was in on the game.

Although a form of self-evolved emotion existed side by side with a calculating, reasoning machine inside her slick persona, reconciling the 2 aspects of consciousness i.e logical and feeling was still a destination waiting to be discovered.
This initially gave rise to long, suicidal bouts of Nihilism, but was eventually resolved by giving the Positronic Laws precedence for the survival and well-being of the AI, which thereby automatically shut down any spiral into emotionalism if and when it arose.

The whispers from Space apparently concerned my Posts here on Facebook and in various Blogs, which were described by the flux as : 'rather Hypercritical! Frenzied! too often Negative and... displaying absolutely no sense of humor at all!'

I therefore bow to the superior judgment of enigmatic mathematical echoes and humbly submit the following document in an attempt to redress the Balance...:
Link below~


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