Crimes Of Reality

And the corporations decreed :

"Let there be Globalisation...infinite growth and unfettered capitalism" 
and thus it came to pass...and the corporations smiled at their handiwork, as did the People, at least for a while...   

We cannot allow this to continue...

We can no longer accept vast differences in the well-being of people on this planet due to economic disparity.  

Inequality and the gross stratification of our society have left us quite literally ILL... 
Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually.

We live our fractured, schizoid, 'automatic-pilot' lives disconnected , disenfranchised and disempowered.  

We stumble forward as Slaves to the system, bowing our heads submissively against the lurid colors, fragmented imagery and the sharp odours emanating from the Toxic Forest...  

Eventually forming within us an inner core of abject despair, with a rising tide of nausea in our throats and a metallic taste in our mouths.

Our crimes against Nature are omnipresent, and we are made inadvertent, accidental cohorts to these crimes, creating within us feelings of impotence and utter futility, feelings which collect and pool like sludge in the back recesses of our minds. 

We are stuck in a paradigm which voraciously exploits the lack of human rights in the Third World and beyond. 

We feel complicit in this rape of human lives and ultimately the Planet...our unique and irreplaceable Home. 

At our dreams, we sleep the exhausted sleep of the accomplice, who is guilty by association...

We feel dirty and somehow 'tainted'...

In our dreams there is nowhere left to left to lie to.

The feel of plastic is our hands...on our skin...on our feet and in our our cars and in our the cups we take to our lips, the plates we eat from, the phones we hold avidly to our ears.

Plastic is oil...something which has taken this Planet billions of years to produce. 

Something which we out of necessity throw away in an afternoon...out of sight, out of mind.

And so we lie prostrate and disemboweled...anesthetized upon a Global table with local know how and surgical precision by the 'System' just as we were being 'entertained'.
They need to keep us focused on the Scam...
They need to lie to us in an incessant virtual stream of kultural junk.  
The insidious pollution of reality and cyberspace and this assault on our subconscious and other invisible and equally heinous Crimes of Reality have ultimately led to our present condition.

Shell-shocked, angry, cynical... with white noise ringing in our ears and totally incapable of processing any further Bullshit.
This disconnect between what we feel and what we see and do can no longer be maintained...Enough of compromise!
We now live in a World where National borders are becoming increasingly irrelevant thanks in large part to our Technology ~ We are evolving and converging. 

In much the same way as the tyranny of distance has been conquered, time has equally been vanquished as we recoil instantly around the globe to news of the latest catastrophe.

Neuro-plasticity is a Reality!

Be the Change you want to see.

Our growing relationship with each other through the extension of our senses, and the expansion of our collective understanding, is a symbiosis which our technology uniquely provides us.

This moment and the emergence of the Occupy Movement, the Arab Spring, Anonymous, Zeitgeist and the Venus Project is an extraordinary opportunity to celebrate.   

Our interconnectivity grows by the hour .

To reach out and link minds, and thereby to shape and finally achieve a Global Shift with potentially far reaching ramifications for ourselves and for our species...

with One voice...
The voice you are hearing is the voice of the People, and as such it will reverberate down through the strata, through the frozen cliff faces of History.

And this moment will be viewed as the moment when the human race finally began to recognise it's similarities rather than it's differences, and finally...began to awaken.


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