What's It All About Alphie?

Ah, the NOT so great gatsby.

In a sickening display of ostentatious wealth, Hollywood once more shows us how distasteful and vulgar it really is.

Probably a beautiful film, but oh! so out of touch with Mainstream reality down in the streets mixed with radioactive soot, smoke, powder and blood...with the rest of Humanity, rapidly speeding down the 'Entropy Autobahn'...with Austerity rising, a grim, sneering skull approaching us like one of those riders of the apocalypse looming on the Horizon.

This film and story about the lives of the 1%, from a novel, the acclaim for which, I could never really understand, is particularly irrelevant at this critical juncture in our history.

When F.Scott Fitzgerald wrote the book in the roaring twenties, it was a time when the aristocracy i.e the "1%" were still being viewed romantically and not as just a pack of effete, jaded nihilistic hedonists, possessed of a blissful ignorance to the glaring social iniquities of their elitist life styles.

Although Fitzgerald meant the book as an indictment of the American Dream, it cannot be denied that the main subject of the Movie is really a depiction of affluence in the 'roaring twenties' itself and this is what I believe carries the story through yet another reincarnation and not so much about relationships or plot.

Fortunately, we are getting over our juvenile infatuations.

Even Royalty is becoming less popular as the austerity wave begins to bite across America in the sequestration and in Europe due to the Banksters.

The Party's Over Man...Time to get real...

Maybe, just maybe this celebration of monstrous inequality as depicted in the film, can now, in the year 2013 be seen for what it is.

Not a celebration of success or a successful life, to be admired, or aspired to, but rather a tale of vainglorious egotism, selfishness, self-aggrandizement, arrogance and insensitivity, and ultimately depicts the spiritual void and emptiness at the heart of the Capitalist dream, which was Fitzgerald's original intention.

And what's it all about?

It's about getting More than your neighbor, about getting so much more in fact, that you can sate, quench your every neurosis-laden whim at everyone else's expense.

In otherwords it's about becoming the ass-hole you always decried in your youth.
Isn't it about time we examined our values for just a moment?

Is it not time we recognised where we are heading with our now largely anachronistic and ancient values about status, materialism and the meaning of success?
Something the majority in this day and age will surely never see?

And that we, each of us, in this interconnected, overcrowded leaky boat which we share, bear a responsibility to each other, and to our home, our environment?

We could start by over-hauling the source of our information i.e the Media for example, when will Science be valued so that science news coverage on the Mainstream networks receives more coverage than Sports News?

Or even (throws up in an airflight bag) Celebrity News?

The status-quo need to get out of the way...

Poverty and inequality have always been the handmaidens of Revolution.

The slaves are beginning to awaken.

Let's recognise our enemies and point them out publicly.

They are first and foremost a leviathan which is the enemy of truth, and without the clear lens of truth, we are like the blind leading the blind.

They are an instrument of fiendish propoganda.

They are, the Mainstream Media, with it's endless distractions, titillations and it's lies.

Through our education is our empowerment. Let's switch off, and tune in...


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