FEAR in the USA

The REAL Terror

Americans have long been a Nation driven by Fear-mongering War Profiteers...

Remember when Orson Welles did his infamous radio play performance about the War of The Worlds?

Some literally ran into the streets screaming or hid under their beds...

Sometimes I wonder if it is merely the Psych drugs like the SRI's and the Zolofts and Prozacs and the others which have permeated through out American Society thanks to the Big Pharma Industry which have kept Americans so relatively sane looking on the tube, although having said that, seen from another perspective they already appear totally insane...

Certainly the level of Fear is maintained at a constant simmering temperature through a heavy rain of Fear laden propaganda from the 6 jackals of the Corporate Media.

There was a recent poll screened on RT which revealed that more than 60% of Americans are in favor of Drone Attacks, whereas 28% were not.

However, when asked if they were in favor of Drone attacks to kill Terrorists at home, on American soil, it was heavily weighted the other way with 65% opposed to Drone attacks at home, with only 25% in favor...

Kind of makes you wonder does it not, about the other 25% I mean...

What kind of an idiot approves of Drone attacks in his own backyard?

Only a frightened one surely?

"Er, shucks, ar guess if you is Huntin' for Terrorists like, then ar guess it's OK to bomb with a Drone, just one wouldn't be so bad would it?..."

Alas, Fear has always been the great motivator for our gregarious species.

You can see the same pattern being played out in a swarming school of fish, a flock of sparrows...a herd of Bison.

A Stampede is a meme in flesh so to speak.

This fantasy of the Bogy-man in a turban Terrorising Americans needs to be seen in perspective...

Putting aside for one moment the complete absurdity of trying to fight Fire with Fire i.e Terror with Terror, it seems useful to look at the relative effectiveness of this War on Terror and the cost to the American Taxpayer.

Somewhere in excess of 1 Trillion US dollars is spent by the Defense Department on the Military Machine budget to wage this endless War against the Terrorist.

How many Americans have actually been killed in terrorist attacks inside the United States since the September 11, 2001, atrocities?

Apparently somewhere around 20 if we include the Army psychiatrist who killed 13 soldiers during a shooting at Fort Hood in 2009.

20 People? In over 10 years?

That's less than the number who died by Banana skin for Krist's sake!

How many have died due to Obesity and Diabetes in that same time?

For Diabetes alone that would be in the order of 200,000 approximately but doesn't include the actual figure which is much higher due to related complications.

As for Obesity, a life-style disease, the number of deaths is astronomical.

An estimated 300,000 deaths per year or 3 Million deaths in a ten year time frame may be attributable to obesity.

And how much was spent to fight the War against Diabetes and Obesity?

"Er...ooh...sucking in breath through clenched teeth...ahh...well...
You see we have had to tighten the old belt of late.
Israel has been making demands again...Egypt...Syria...Yemen...
It's been Hell on wheels trying to control countries right across the Globe.
I mean it's not easy you know..." he trails off mumbling.

The US spends approximately $500 million per single victim on anti-terrorism, but when it comes to money for effective Food legislation, or Diabetes education and Research, the figure is of course miniscule by comparison.

On the one hand I have 20 people dying and on the other hand in the same 10 year time frame, I have hundreds of thousands, indeed Millions, dying needlessly due to Governmental regulatory corruption and neglect.

What is wrong with this picture?

It simply doesn't compute.

There is simply no feasible justification for this endless drain of American Tax-payer's money other than to conclude it is just another sign of an out of control kleptocratic, imperialistic hegemony, rapaciously raping the World in an ever increasing need to seek out greater Profit from our already blood-drenched landscape.

Postscript : How do you Fight Fire, if not with fire? You throw Water on it.


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