Make Up Your Mind...I'm Tired of Waiting : Paradise or Oblivion

Clearly this 'System' of ours was never rationally planned or designed, but rather 'Grew' like a cancerous carbuncle all over the face of the Globe.

It evolved, mutated and clung on tenaciously, becoming more rigid and inflexible as it aged, spreading it's arteries through out our entire so-called civilization until it had complete control of our Body-Politic.

These abstract carbuncles of establishment and tradition have grown and festered on the face of the Earth and are in actuality dinosaurs and fossils from the Old World, and are incompatible with the speed of Change in the New World.

Whereas they are hierarchical and bureaucratic, incredibly inefficient and mind-numbingly slow to Change, the New Age is becoming by contrast far less top-down...more horizontal , more decentralized, (open-sourced naturally) and vastly more powerful and efficient...the work of many hands makes light work.

This situation of incompatibility is creating obvious tensions within the corporatocracy, they are becoming increasingly nervous, and they are clamping down, a situation which cries out for our immune system to react against the increasing tide of Corporate fascism and tyranny.

That's US ~ Calling all Zeitgeist members, Occupy Wall St, Anonymous and Venus Project.

We are the Immune System.

When we talk about a Transition to a more Sane society, we need to accept that this begins with the subconscious mind in all of us.

Essentially what we are referring to is a Shift in values...

A Value Shift in the manner of the Counter-Cultural revolution which began in the 60's and 70's and never completely went away, still lying dormant in many that were forced to make compromises back then, with a System which they knew was corrupt and was leading us all, like a midnight ghost-train careening downhill into the fog of our own hellish apocalypse.

We need to establish a new value system upon which to base our attitudes and lives, one which places our Survival on this speck of stardust ahead of our worship of material assets and money.

Our problems lie deep...

This is not about temporary band-aid solutions.

It's about Social evolution/revolution and Not political solutions.

And it must be based on our best scientific understanding, not on primitive traditional, organized belief systems.

Banks and the Corporatocracy transcend National, regional borders...
So must WE!

We must think globally in order to affect change locally.

Stand in solidarity with our Brothers and Sisters across the Globe.

It's our world...i.e 99% at least...let's reclaim it.

Let Us all Unite...let us strengthen and coalesce and shape ourselves through knowledge and education and science.

For we are the vanguard of the New-Age to come, we are the Avante-Guard and by our every thought and deed, we help shape the transition.


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