Easy As ABC

Picture courtesy of Sean Hurley

We are the 99%. The Planet is ours...

It is laughable to think that we allow 1% to own 'us' and everything else around us merely because they have managed to hoard more colored strips of an abstract idea called money, otherwise known as 'filthy lucre' in an outmoded, anachronistic Game called Monopoly we have played for far too long now.

Lawless entities such as the Mafia or Bush and Obama's Imperial American regime are born out of the ability to hoard a medium of exchange i.e money

Human Nature is not a fait-accompli...it is a work in progress.

Human Nature is mutable, and we have been on this giant experiment with money since approx 600BC.

Competition arises when there is inequality and competition is an adversarial position.

Rather short-sighted don't you think?

Especially as we all Share this lonely dot in space, in this leaky Ship of Fools...

What do they teach children who are forced to share a room together?

Learn to share...

We are running out of Space...distance has been conquered and according to our best scientific estimates, we are running out of Time.

We desperately need Co-operation and Unity rather than Competition and materialistic, individual egocentricity.

How conditioned by Money we must be, we poor wretches...

Most of us, after decades in this system have lost our ability to see outside the box, and recognise this medium which we all swim through.

Most of us are already half-dead inside.

It is our competitive, collective behaviour which continues to produce Wars around the World.

The need to compete for Money keeps us apart, keeps us unempathetic...after all, its a Dog eat Dog World.

It has created Poverty, which can only exist in a Monetary paradigm, and it has created incredible suffering all over the World.

Sharing and co-operation, mutual respect, harmony and love are the humane and logical, authentic response to our contemporary problems, but our hands are chained to the System, forcing all of us along predesignated channels or ruts, into a constant stream of never-ending transactional skirmishes, and thereby producing instead a world filled with conflict, competition, human suffering and endless Wars.

How amazing, that as a species, we still do not recognise this most basic principle i.e the invariably coercive, corrupting influence of our system, and that, despite the indoctrination of Jesus, we still place Money, which is merely a contrived abstraction of hocus pocus, invented out of thin air, over and above everything else... sometimes even over and above our very Souls.

Paradise or Oblivion...your choice.


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