Occupy Wall Street and the Poisoned Apple.

"It is essential to release Humanity from the false fixations of Yesterday, which now seem to bind mankind to a rationale of action leading only to extinction"~ R.Buckminster Fuller

Changing the current direction of our Midnight Express train hurtling through the smog to extinction will require a global shift in values...

However the lessons of history reveal that legitimate social change will always begin at the individual level with small educated choices.  

We each need to clearly define to ourselves personally via our consumer choices what we perceive as the problem and what we see as viable solutions.

This will require us to identify those people and those corporations who are part of the solution, whilst shunning those who are part of the problem. 

Potentially, if we all made these simple conscious decisions in our daily lives a critical mass could be achieved, wherein we arrive at a value shift, enabling us collectively to enter a brand new enlightened age of sustainability and in the process perhaps save what remains of the animal world and ourselves from a calamitous end-game. 

As the Occupy movement retreated from a bitter winter in the northern hemisphere to regroup, there was already a growing recognition that the Occupy Global movement needed to take the next step, before entropy kicked in and the movement began losing it's momentum and it's already considerable focus in the public eye by producing a list of demands.  

It seemed obvious that the lack of any consensus on concrete demands was, and still is, both a strength and a weakness of the Occupy movement.  

On the one hand it makes it very difficult to identify the target so to speak for the media, the propaganda instrument of the 'establishment' and it's 'vested interests' and their agenda of adversely manipulating public opinion. On the other hand the movement's lack of coherency diminishes it's own voice into a thousand discordant shrieks as literally everything is on the table and there are very few unified, i.e collectively agreed upon demands.  

One of the most vocal and insistent demands has always been an end to corporate greed and corruption.  

But how exactly is this to be achieved?  

Corporations rule our World. They are our Puppet-masters, our Slave-owners.

Corporations posses one singular burning agenda ;  
'Profit'  at the expense of everything else. Ultimately these corporations would not play any part in my idea of a viable solution because they would cease to exist, at least in the Capitalist model.

I see the purposeful seeking out of benign, environmentally sound companies to deal with on a personal level as purely a necessary incremental, transitional step in the right direction.    

Before we begin to address the issue of concrete proposals we first need to recognize some intrinsic 'hard truths' regarding our present circumstances:

Old solutions will not work in a New paradigm no matter how long our list of Band-aids. 

A patient cannot be cured of cancer with band-aids no matter how many you use. 

We seriously cannot afford to continue to think that by changing some regulations regarding Banking or Trade for example, or by voting Socialist, or by any permutation of the Capitalist model that we can ultimately remedy our problems in a monetary market economy. 

No matter the political flavour or color, almost all contemporary governments today use a 'money economy', and all contain the same inherent flaws only differing in degree.


I think we need to recognise that our problems are not superficial or the result of a temporary Economic imbalance.

Nor is there a political solution available using the models of government from our recent history.

Every single political model up to the modern era has invariably ended in Slavery for humanity in a monetary system.

Despite many revolutions it appears as if Lord Acton's famous observation still applies:

"Power corrupts, and absolute Power corrupts absolutely".

He should have added  'in a monetary system where class stratification and inequality are the norm.'

It would appear to be logical therefore to consider the likelihood that our problems arise from an underlying root cause i.e that there is an endemic, built-in defect within our economic system which highlights and brings forward in sharp relief the negative aspects of Human Nature, and that our problems are in fact systemic and will require major restructuring and reorganization in other words rebuilding from the foundations up. 

I think it is imperative that attention be given to the ramifications and the effects of our profit-driven paradigm :

our system of cyclical consumption and the direct consequences which it imposes on mankind.

Conditions such as the artificial scarcity which has chained all our lives to the pursuit of the Holy Dollar Bill.

These incredibly wasteful and profligate behaviors all clearly derive from the acquisition of money in a monetary paradigm.

It is the inevitable result of placing Money in terms of value, before Everything else. 

Nothing trumps Money in value...not our Air, nor our Lives, nor anything else on the Planet!

We, are the foolish children who did not listen to the wisdom of the Ancients...

Seduced by the twin Siren-songs of Materialism and Consumerism, as our inner-voice,  the voice which has always understood empathy and our relationship, our connection to each other became ever fainter, and for some even a distant memory.

We, are the ones who placed the concept of Money as the ultimate value in a faith-like embrace.

Ignoring Buddha, Jesus and every other sage before or after.

We should admit to ourselves that Money no longer works for the bulk of humanity.

That Money acts like a catalyst for our 'Achilles Heel', setting off a chain-reaction of destructive behaviour.

The consequences for us personally, just from a psychoanalytic perspective alone are such that they require volumes.

We don't need fortune-tellers , nor prophets, idols, gods, gurus or saints to see that the writing is on the Wall, to know that we need radical change worldwide, i.e Social, Educational, Economic and Environmental, in a collective Revolution of attitudes and behaviour.

This is not something which can be accomplished in a fragmentary or unsystematic way in isolated pockets.

It will undoubtedly require a unified global consensus to occur on issues such as the Earth's finite and dwindling resources, and the elimination of our casino driven monetary market paradigm.

Because where you have unequal distribution of resources between one hill-tribe and another, between one state and another (Murray river for example) or between one nation and another you will always have conflict, strife, and wars.

One man, or for that matter one tribe, or one nation being forced to compete against another to survive will invariably create a situation of conflict as we are now dealing with basic instinct and not rational thought.

In our present critical malaise where Money reigns supreme you are only as free as your money allows, you can therefore never have Peace, Equality, or Love as the instinct for survival will always prevail.
In our distant past our ancestors threw rocks and sticks at each other.

Today, thanks to our burgeoning technology, our so-called sticks do a LOT more damage...and our rocks can fly much further...   

Thus our World shrinks daily and becomes increasingly a dangerous place to live.

We have already transcended our national boundaries through our technology in the 21st Century, which adds further weight to the argument that the Pride of nationalism should finally be regarded as obsolete and no longer relevant to Global survival. 

It is often said that Pride goeth before the Fall.

Our Fall, if it occurs, will be catastrophic and this is something we need to prevent at all costs.


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