Towards a Moneyless World

Debt Slavery

"...simply change the ratio of bank-issued money to government-issued money."

 This, is the solution offered by Bill Still in an excellent article titled :

 "Fix the Money System before it destroys Israel ~ Positive Money".

Now although this suggestion is most definitely a step in the right direction, Lincoln after all had his 'greenbacks', (which is a complicated story of Bankster intrigue and was a significant part of the real cause for the Civil War) along with another earth shaking idea which is the world-wide collective default on Bank Debts, a re-set in other words, nonetheless, although this is necessary and indeed highly prudent advice, I suggest these steps, timid and faltering as they are, do not go far enough!

Ultimately these solutions still tie 'Us' to a medium of exchange which in time, can be hoarded, abused and corrupted by State or Corporate power...

Remove the concept of Money entirely!

 And use your Resources remaining to build a better world for the people you are meant to be serving before its too late!

 If Israel removed Money from the equation chain of life, there would still be exactly the same amount of food, same farms etc...the technology infrastructure would still be there, and Solar would still be there, the same capable human beings would still be there, except the rape of the rest of the population would not be occurring in increasing austerity waves by an International Banking Cartel.

  Using the Ubuntu Party model from South Africa, if a society removed money from the equation of Life, and if each citizen agreed as part of a voluntary exchange, to contribute just one day a fortnight (or whatever fits with the population size and its requirements) of, voluntary work, this would create a rise in social cohesion, something which is essential for any social grouping, and something which could economically create an actual surplus of goods for trade, sale or barter to it's neighbors.

 As Michael Tellinger from the enlightened "Ubuntu Party" points out, this would create goods which could be offered so competitively to the surrounding neighboring towns and Communities that it would begin to reshape local economies for the better, and thereby could ultimately bring about similar attempts in other towns, which would then continue to spread through their natural competitive edge as the 'goods' or food etc., in question, are in essence produced for free.

Michael Tellinger

 Although this in theory makes perfect sense i.e removing money, with each citizen contributing just one day for free to the local Community in whichever way best suits their capacities and the communities needs, thus creating a healthy self sustaining economy, and in time spreading change with an interconnection to surrounding Communities, it unfortunately doesn't factor in the harsh reality of extraneous forces, such as environmental leakage arriving like radioactivity on their shores which compels all of us to recognize that we are all, for better or for worse, together in One collective sinking ship.

Already old....

There is little time left, and I wonder if Mr Tellinger's proposals can still take place as he envisages, and if a speedier option for this social transformation we so desperately require is not available.

The International Energy Agency, a reasonably conservative body, have given us, by their forecast until 2035...and that's all she wrote!

IEA predicting severe temperature rises (click here)

That, is their reasoned, deliberated, prognosis...Time to Wake Up! Time to get Real!

Our only alternative, at this juncture, to their apocalyptic vision of inevitable collapse, appears to me to be the complete overthrow of our present global economic order, and the complete abolition of our interest bearing, fiat currency, global Bankster free-for-all which is destroying our home and us at an exponential rate!

We need a collective shift in consciousness which replaces the religion of money with a new appreciation and understanding of our special relationship within the bosom of Gaia NOW!!!

One which understands that our 'Survival' must take precedence and be our Prime guiding Directive all over the Earth.

This will create the Global Consensus on Resource Sharing we so desperately require.

A Revolution begins as a fire in the heart...moves to the head, and finally sets the Body in motion.

If Anonymous and Occupy were the 'Heart'...Zeitgeist and Venus Project would be the 'Head'...and the rising multitudes would be the 'Body' ~ A World United.


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