A Postcard from the Hamster Wheel

Our rights, our liberties and our freedoms are being eroded at such a rapid rate, similarly a visual analogy for this can be viewed as the stripping of our Ecology and environment which is shifting so fast, my head spins and I sit speechless at the keyboard...

Like the now Vanished forests of Indonesia...utterly destroyed for Palm Oil.

And yet if you check in with the Mainstream commercial media everything appears to be just fine...

So what does Free to Air Television have to say for itself lately?

Well they want to talk about Celebrity Junior Master Chef...or some dizzying Survivor/Romance competition between 12 plastic looking barbie dolls who all deeply love and adore this one fabulously wealthy Guy.

I mean seriously, i occasionally watch an SBS doco or a foreign movie but...have you guys checked lately the intellectual level we are now 'at' on Television?

It's either some canned, prefab plastic contrived reality show or some completely inane sport where we watch a small ball being propelled back and forth back and forth...

The so-called 'NEWS' is filled to bursting with sickening Celebrity gossip which is about as low, irrelevant and meaningless in terms of our contemporary problems as one can get.

Meanwhile the Earth turns, and somewhere, within the dark hemispheres of our planet, a child agonizingly breathes his or her last breath at the hands of an Imperialist Government which is out of control...

The commercial Newspapers by contrast are excitedly talking of new Shopping complexes or special shopping shops which have opened recently in Shopping arcades.

I struggle to gain some perspective in this 'Game' of Life sometimes called Monopoly...

After we work all day whats left for us?

Well, first we have to go shopping because well...it's what you do, isn't it?

To get a buzz, a lift of Serotonin and a reward for our sacrifices we Go Shopping!

So what's left for us and our lives in these narrow chunks of time which we need to squeeze into in order to survive?

As we go about our social lives we define ourselves by these cosmetic, superficial status symbols, which are about as meaningful as a pack of french fries which we naturally bought and paid for on one of our endless sleepwalking, slumbering episodes down the shopping aisles of our lives...and that's it!

That's our lives...and in between those heavy chunks of scheduled time, in between the gaps we try to cram precious moments of personal meaning, while we struggle to simply breath for a moment...in between the busy schedules to survive.

And that's it?

And then one day, now totally adrift from any semblance of a stable world or reality, we look to the horizon and notice it's peculiar color.

The next year we learned to live with a peculiar smell permanently lingering in the air which infests our clothes and everything around us.

One year where you waited, almost all year, checking the skies over and over for a clear sunny day to hang out washing, only to return with clothes that invariably reeked of toxic fuels...

Following that year Ash...toxic and radioactive began falling from the empty skies...the birds had already long since disappeared.

After that the first Pandemics began...and then?

Well, then it was all over...no Exit, and no way back...no return, merely because we had all become hopelessly ensnared inside an abstract imbroglio of our own making...a giant hamster wheel of Consumption.


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