Towards a Future Anarchy

It's All over now, Baby Blue

 Is Ethics still even relevant in a Dog eat Dog world? Or have we transacted and bargained away our very Souls???

As individuals our Ethics demand that we consider our fellow man.

And yet how can we maintain our ethics when we are forced to compete with each other to survive?

It is even more difficult, some would argue well nigh impossible, for nations to behave ethically.

We have lost our moral compass.

There is no invisible Man looking over our shoulder.

And our Laws have become merely Corporate devices, legal papers bought at great expense, which for example, provide an air-tight 'get-out-of-jail-free card' as they enable the Corporations to continue to literally destroy our landscape in a never-ending search for Terrorism and Profit..

We are adrift on an endless ocean of possibilities... and yet we are being propelled in one certain and terrible direction by our own participation in a dysfunctional, illogical System which has turned us personally into combatants, who are forced to compete against each other, as it simultaneously transforms everything else around us ; animals, orphaned children, plants, seeds, our water, and the molecules of Life itself into products...even our DNA has been transformed into a commodity with a price tag attached.

Considering the wickedly destructive violence which is so much a part of our system these days, we are compelled to ask ourselves a pertinent question :

Is it in our best interests to continue to comply with a Global System which is visibly out of control, and which is killing us, and our precious home planet Earth at an exponential rate?

As we have witnessed in America under Bush and Obama, the fact that something is Legal, is a Law, no longer grants it any intrinsic legitimacy or validity.

Laws can be ordered, bought and paid for, all at the hands of Corporate lobbyists as easily as ordering up a newly tailored suit.

Anything can be written down and made Legal today, provided one has enough influence or Money, even when it is blatantly betraying it's own people and shredding their very own Constitution.

We must never forget that in their day, the atrocities and war crimes of the Nazis were legal and considered legitimate behavior, and were officially justified during Hitler's mad grab for imperial power as 'Purifying the Aryan Race'.

So what should be done about our laws? and when does the time arrive, at which Civil Disobedience becomes our only option for survival?

Personally I think the time has already arrived.

Some activists believe that Rules and Laws are always meant to be broken, as they are inherently immoral.

However the Social Contract itself which must exist for any society or so-called civilization to flourish contradicts this, and is a series of 'explicit' Laws which are really very simple :

First you agree to not kill or cause harm to your fellow man, to the citizens...

Then you agree to abide by the simple rules of communal, collective living, and by making this agreement you are thereby granted the right to enter the Gates and partake of what the City and it's so-called civilization has to offer.

All communes, all collectives of Man, all groups or societies have Rules.

Rules are a compromise which enables large gatherings and populations of people to live and work together harmoniously for long periods of time.

So far so good...

Despite our corruption, despite scientific illiteracy among the masses, despite our tendency to be easily manipulated by fairy-tales and our penchant for aggressive wars, Western Civilization, which could trace it's ancestry back into classical antiquity, had by the middle of the 1900's become a  vibrant and strident juggernaut, an almighty behemoth of a serial undertaking, one spanning many centuries of recorded Human history, an enormous timeline of connections consisting of layer upon layer of residential and Industrial activity and simultaneous intellectual invention on an epic scale, reaching all the way back to the days of Aristotle and Pythagoras and preserved in remote, cliff-top Monasteries during the long frozen night of the Dark Ages.

Time is one of the patient and inscrutable craftsman and overseers of our Civilization, dressing rooftops and balustrades, steeples and spires in a reverential patina of increasing decay and change over the accumulation of many centuries.

Western civilization is a creation which has been cultivated, maintained, and ceaselessly contributed to by the best and most capable scientists, mathematicians and philosophers in each succeeding generation, each inventor passing on the lantern of his discoveries and the flame of the enlightenment to his successor, each historic luminary standing on the shoulders of the great minds which preceded him, creating unquestionably the most significant intellectual, cultural, artistic and scientific endeavor ever undertaken.

In the 1950's, Western Civilization stood proudly, admiring it's many conquests and holdings which by now had spanned the globe, standing with supreme moral authority imperialistically above all which had preceded it, glorying in it's own accomplishments and technological achievements.

It was a colossal, momentous, irrepressible force which strode across the Earth with a bold and forthright, cohesive vision of it's own destiny.

This is a Civilization whose ornate and intricate towers at certain moments, still glittered with Renaissance splendor only a handful of decades ago...

So what happened? What went wrong?

What happened to the splendid vision of Western Civilization?

What insidious malaise gradually entered the Imperialistic American bloodstream in slow incremental drips, seeping into the American heartland, paralyzing it, accumulating like deposits of sludge in the regulatory, arterial intersections of government and weakening the immune system of the entire organism?

Ultimately settling like a damp, dark blanket of radioactive soot over the global Psyche of Western so-called Civilization, dimming it's bright torches and restless Search-lights in the process.

What has stifled our voices?

What has muffled their cries?

Where are the Anti-War Mass Marches?

The Peace Activists?

Where is the International Peace Movement?

Where is the American Union Movement? How quietly they roar these days.

And the Stars...which once seemed almost within our grasp are now alas, tethered to a budgetary economic plan.

Our so-called civilization now appears to have 'other' priorities...

What precisely has occurred to slow the momentum of Western Civilization?

Appearing to have lost it's impetus and volition, and eternally preoccupied with an ever increasing series of Military skirmishes as it's sole-surviving objective, the so-called civilized West now drifts aimlessly and imperceptibly downhill, careening recklessly through the moral vacuum from one war to another in a glacial manner, with less fanfare and with a noticeably less confidant swagger.

With Debt as the dark underbelly of our reality, our contemporary world has been transformed by the pressures of a consumer based Monetary system into a modern, schizoid, commercial Carnival which we all inhabit globally, and the merry-go-round is speeding up, becoming ever more complicated and seems we are constantly being asked these days to seek a permit or permission to perform the most mundane of tasks...since when was it the Government's domain, to interfere in our private lives?

When did our Laws and Regulations begin to suddenly intrude so much into our lives that I am being forced to write this?

It is perfectly clear what has happened as it was always doomed to collapse, but that will be for another article.

In our distant Past, the Code of Hammurabi from Babylon, the Magna Carta and more recently the UN Declaration of Human Rights, were adopted and enshrined as 'codifications' which carved into stone Man's striving for Liberty and order in a repressive, chaotic world, and they have uplifted, ennobled and empowered Mankind, being a vital step on the path towards enlightenment for the entire Human Race.

These Laws of society enabled us to do things in common which could not be done in isolation, because as animals we are gregarious creatures and when We work together in harmony, we can accomplish Great things.

There are other specific Laws or Acts however which in an increasing trend towards austerity and inequality have become far more apparent in our Modern age.

These Laws are obviously overtly wicked, demonstrating the heights of iniquity & built-in structural violence of our System as they demonstrate it's inherent flaws i.e it's corruptibility in a Monetary-market economy.

Consider for example the Republican politicians who forced 8 Billion dollars in Food Stamps to be taken from the mouths of the Poor, the disabled and the unemployed only a few months ago~ that is pure violence, as is denying Americans in 20 odd States their right to Medical Health Care, especially when you realize that every single Republican who voted for this heinous theft of Food Stamps from the poor is a Millionaire...Every...Single...One!

As Oscar Wilde once pointedly observed : "To recommend thrift to the Poor is both grotesque and insulting.
It is like advising a man who is starving to Eat Less."

Another fine example of the impropriety, and corruption of our Justice system is the
"Commodities Futures Modernization Act", which was passed by the American Congress in the year 2000...H.R.5660.

Thus it thereafter made it unlawful to in any way regulate Derivatives.
Literally Trillions in private dark money, Derivatives and High Frequency Trading Machines
took off as the sky was suddenly the only limit.

Shortly thereafter the Global Economic Collapse occurred and we are still reeling from it's after-shocks.

So although it is true to say that by working within a framework of Laws, Mankind collectively has been able to achieve a great deal and ultimately reach for the Stars, it appears we have finally arrived at a new Age in which Change is ever-present, a rising 'awareness' is occurring, and our Technology is rapidly enabling us to outgrow our tired old institutions and the System's tools of mass mind-control, giving us an ever increasing autonomy over our now, open-source lives, and continuously expanding our possibilities and potential, and thereby providing us with ever more insight into the corrupted, antiquated institutions of our past.

In contrast to our abstract, anachronistic Laws and our corrupted legal institutions which now bear the logo of the corporations, the ancient spirit of Anarchy, and the love of Freedom or Liberty it celebrates is alive and well, and still burns brightly in the heart of Man as a natural Human goal, a common desire of Mankind which is Not, (as has been so simplistically assumed by the mainstream media with their cartoon like cliches) antithetical to a collective, orderly Society.

It just means that the Rules or Laws of that Anarchistic society are implicit i.e It requires beings with a new value system, an enlightened mindset and not primitive or barbarian minds easily swayed by superstitions and fears and taboos.

It requires a rational, empathetic, and yes even spiritual Human being, who views his fellow man as his brother, and who recognizes the benefit of Unity and Co-operation, yet disavows any interest in being Ruled or Led.

When people cry out for an authoritative Leader, or Government, it means that they have already accepted defeat and admitted that they are basically like children, who are incapable of governing and ruling themselves, of working together as adults towards a mutual goal cooperatively, without the dictates of an ultimate, superior authority...

In such cases always remember...

A People usually get the Leader they this Leader, is usually only as good as the people who elected her or him. ~ A paraphrase of Confucius.

In the Past these Authorities, and their invented, abstract Laws were necessary.

In the Future, the New Man will no longer require such arbitrary constrictions, as the New Man will share a different value system.

He or She will be cognizant of their responsibilities, 1) to their fellow human being...2) to all animals on the Earth...3) to the Planet itself, as we are all INTERCONNECTED.

This most basic fundamental principle and spiritual teaching has always been understood by the ancient mystics and teachers and yet today, in our highly sophisticated world of specialization, compartmentalization and fragmentation, this has largely been forgotten or ignored as Religious ramblings.

And yet this brief insight, this precious flash of Satori denotes a shift in perspective which I believe is essential if we are to survive our own barbaric pathology, a pathology which has been unwittingly nurtured and fostered by our Capitalist System of competition, which was fine for a while, as it appeared to work, at least it did, back then...

Our barbaric pathology consists of attributes which until recently, were still being touted in the Media by the more backward, as Healthy...

'He was an aggressive go-getter, always had that competitive edge" and 'We do it for all those who love their country enough to lay down their lives in a war against terrorism overseas'.

Patriotism and other archaic notions were popular and almost seemed to make sense after enough exposure to our corporate Media...that is at least until our Technology finally caught up with our grossly inflated sense of Pride, our arrogant sense of entitlement to trash the planet and mindlessly wipe out entire animal species, trashing our Children's future in the process, our fear based suggestibility and tendency to believe in Wizards and Political Leaders, and our ever-expanding Wars of aggression, both Religious and Ideological, all of which are still being justified by lies or spurious notions and belief systems which hark back to the other words they are all held together by a complete lack of evidence or rationality of any kind.

Our Technology has made these views and the Laws which constantly reinforce them appear somewhat crude and so last century. 

With the benefit of hindsight and by looking forwards and extrapolating the ramifications of our collective behavior, we can see that our old System of 'dog eat dog' of 'kill or be killed' is no longer viable...

The System's primitive structure and it's priorities are no longer conducive to our Future happiness.

As Spock said : But Captain, it is simply not Logical to continue in the long term.

This will be a New Awareness for the Human Race, and will mark a turning point in Man's Evolution where we no longer see cosmetic, superficial differences as significant, and see instead our entire Species as one global tribe, interdependent and inextricably bound within the natural order, the miraculous pattern of Life itself on Planet Earth.


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