Conformity and the Obsolescence of Money in the Virtual World

"ESCAPE! ESCAPE while you can!" Cried the Tick-Tock Man,
"For your World's END is soon at hand..."

I’m on temporary hiatus whilst attempting to untangle myself from the Virtual World with it’s many cul de sacs, traps, seductive horizons and prisons…

It’s not me that is saying this…these words are merely a sign, like a placard.

I’m actually not here at all…it is my avatar personal aid posting this.

I promised to let her i.e ‘Elena’ have a go.

She has this knack of getting under my skin, she knows just how to get at my psychic jugular.

So I programmed her to handle simple jobs like this.

Yeh, that’s right, I’m in ‘reality’ (excuse the use of a loaded term that is up for grabs nowadays) in a
vastly different world within the Virtual stream at the moment…

It’s nice here!…very invigorating, my subconscious is being plunged into a spectacular, sensual Bath.

My Libido is being actively engaged, is suddenly compelled to interact with it’s bewildering, lyrical and potentially hostile surroundings. Exotic Life-forms abound.

As I jack in to full resolution, Mirror Neurons are beginning to fire up in a large storm…my pulse
quickens as waves of bio-electrical energy pour over the cerebral landscape like a tsunami.

Imperceptibly the scene begins to emerge, at first flickering into view and then suddenly zooming into crystal clarity.

A naked amazonian female form stands flecked in lozenges of moonlight shaped by the rustling, shifting canopy of  leaves, appearing in sharp profile between some trees.

This is accompanied by a large release of Dopamine as my visual sensors take in the new surroundings.

My Hud bleeps accordingly with a visual readout…a rather high rate of mirror activity…I reach out for a wall instinctively, to steady myself and to wait for the accompanying tiny ripples of nausea to pass…the effect is unsettling, as is the occasional ‘lag’ in redraw rate.

My internal processing of the ‘stream’ still requires further growth to fully synchronise the experience.

This denotes my last real link to my pathetically limiting physical shell.

Soon, I will be able to leave that behind as well!… hang on!…just going through a Waterfall…can’t hear my uplink from the roar.

Ah, there is some kind of cave here, going down and deep into the cliff face. Much better…Great Accoustics In Here!

There is an acrid smell of smoke in the semi-darkness which would make me gag…

If I had a throat, however complete physiological integration is coming slowly in patches and endless upgrades.

Perhaps one of the best examples of a seductive prison which was my original introduction is with the online World of Second Life…

Sure it’s Free to download and use but everyone knows that the ‘real’ experience doesn’t begin properly until you have the Premium version.

Second Life reeks of Money!

Money permeates and corrupts this potentially halcyon online wonderland just as it does in real life i.e you exchange credits which can be exchanged for real geld to purchase anything from wardrobes to blowjobs to real estate.

Thus, with the simple, helpful introduction of money, a treacherous alliance at the best of times, we have introduced cancer to another potential life form.

In effect they blew it…with one fell swoop they destroyed a potentially marvellous world, a world with so many possibilities and potential for human growth and interaction, if only it wasn’t crippled by outmoded concepts such as a monetary universe…

You can literally stand back and watch as the psychopaths emerge from their chrysalis.

Watch the Players, the Movers, jostling into position with their ulterior motives, which naturally breeds suspicion…

Thus the whole cycle of scramble to the top begins anew.

Competitiveness therefore remains integral to the system, as does the obsession of status and status symbols.

All tell-tale signs of money’s presence and so last century.

Money is what we consider valuable.

It is what we know and are comfortable with.

We are creatures of habit, of conformity, following each other in single file on the peak-hour Freeways…

Money is what we use for human interaction in our familiar world and so naturally it also intrudes on our VR world.

But it needs to be recognised that Money is rapidly becoming obsolete to the end-game, no longer necessary or relevant to our purposes.

In fact counter productive if the end-game is our Survival as an Organism on the face of this Earth.

This unfortunately requires for most of us a huge shift in perspective, a threat to our cosy World so dramatic that for some it remains inconceivable.

Let me assure you that it is not only conceivable, but possible, practical i.e it actually makes ‘sense’ and ultimately I humbly suggest is essential to our survival on this precious speck of stardust.

Our values and views need a new-millennium-overhaul in line with the New Learning regarding the psychology of Man.

We need to celebrate the Black Sheep…

As human beings our gregarious nature betrays us, limits our capacity for change.

Changing this paradigm needs to come from within the group which is where our problem lie,s i.e: we need to belong to the group in order to effect change, however belonging is rather more about conforming to the group look, the group talk, behaviour etc., rather than your own.

We are inherently conformist creatures and that is the simple mechanism whereby we enslave ourselves.

Early in our ancestry man needed his brothers and sisters to survive the Dawn however that is no longer the case.

We have been liberated by our technology.

The old frames of reference should no longer apply.

From an evolutionary point of view conformity is no longer necessarily the best behavioural strategy conducive to your survival.

The monkeysphere is now exploding…

The rocks are quite *bzzzt, click, ‘Background hum detected’ bzzzt* slippery…

I’d better get out of here…I’m getting interference, basically when the processors suffer a kind of DDos attack…it’s the number of calculations involved with Waterfalls at extreme Rez
…so I’m still getting wet …just a tad slowly.


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