I think the die has been cast...yes, I believe that it's unanimous!


Royalist Neo-cons like former Oz prime minister Howard and quasi-Royalist/Reaganite Neo-Cons like Tony Abbott, and his cardboard cabinet of buffoons, and even the actual Tea-Pot Republicans in the Disunited States, it seems as if all of them
today appear to be rapidly fossilizing before our eyes, into 20th Century dinosaurs worthy of a good wax museum but nothing more.

Their collected opinions, their social and economic policies and strategies, beginning with that stuck-up twit Maggie Thatcher, and her British austerity, union-ass-kicking "we are so proud we are British" version of Reagan's demented epiphany to 'let the Bulls loose', and all of their spin, their Corporate propaganda and BS policies have been revealed as spurious, irrelevant 'vested interest' lies in a global attempt to hood-wink the public, under the withering light of today's Austerity waves, and their Malthusian origins are becoming increasingly visible i.e the 1%, the 'too big to fail' types like the Banksters on Wall Street and the Corporatocracy in general, which is currently visibly gripping the World in ever increasing spasms of belt-tightening, austerity exercises.

Let's accept some bitter facts about our present circumstances:

When the judicial system wears corporate logos...

When the so-called 'fourth estate' of media has been co-opted by the CIA...

When all 6 jackals of Untruth in the America Corporate Media spin the same way...

When new Laws get made as easily as ordering up a new limousine...

When Cameron and all other European leaders are merely pathetic stooges of the US.

When our local OZ, home-brand of tea-party crack-pots wants to emulate the big boys and join the party to 'make sum Money',
and when their grand Economic Plan is without exception,100% of the time, to 'create' economic growth on a finite, resource impoverished, shrinking planet with every animal habitat, every species of life in decline except perhaps the vultures,
it becomes perfectly clear that old thinking, old notions, old traditions, old ways of doing things in our society will no longer work in an entirely new paradigm.

A unique time...a Post-Global-Economic collapse, hockey-stick moment which was not foreseen by most of the great political minds of the past.


Conservativism as a state of mind in our contemporary scientific understanding is apparently fraught with Anxiety and Fear.

This has now been substantiated in some excellent work
in a paper by John Hibbing of the University of Nebraska and his colleagues.


This conclusion was also echoed by another contemporary:

In a recent study in PLOS One, an online academic journal, the psychologist Jay Van Bavel and his colleagues at New York University set out to explicitly test whether Conservatives are more likely than liberals to avoid the unsettling sensation of cognitive dissonance.


*Note the Fear & Paranoia Artery...:)
This may be humorous representation, but the links to 2 scientific studies above are Not.

It appears from these studies and others that Conservatives are actually physiologically not quite the same species as their more Liberal cousins, and that this discovery reflects an evolutionary imperative and a divergence for survival.

“One possibility,” they write, “is that a strong negativity bias was extremely useful in the Pleistocene,” when it would have been super-helpful in preventing you from getting killed.

Perhaps now it becomes clear why despite the most eloquent logic of both the Zeitgeist movement and the Venus project, it appears that whenever we debate our ideas with those of a more conservative bent, it's like we are talking to brick walls...


It seems that Conservatives by their very neurological design will always inhibit progress as they are intolerant of change and are in fact frightened by the very notion of change due to being hard-wired to avoid cognitive dissonance and remain static, in order to keep everything reassuringly similar, and in the old familiar traditions.

Politically, we have to come to recognize that in an era of increasing Climate Change, being 'Conservative' is no longer an acceptable Political ideology, as it promotes a deep, in built need to maintain the status quo and it is highly resistant to Change, something we so desperately require.

The same issue can be applied to all their other agenda; such as keeping women in the kitchen, the Glass ceiling, Gays apart, Religion obligatory, and Money where it is, in the hands of the 1%...

Addendum* Please note the term Liberal or Libertarian refers to it's general definition rather than any Political Party specifically.


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