Anyone Care For a GMO Snack?

"An ecosystem, you can always intervene and change something in it, but
there's no way of knowing
what all the downstream effects will be or how it might affect the
environment. We have such a miserably poor understanding of how the
organism develops from its DNA that I would be surprised if we don't get
one rude shock after another."
Professor Richard Lewontin, Professor of Genetics, Harvard University

A WAR has been declared! ~ Choose your side, Human or Corporate...

Whilst a definitive answer has not been forthcoming, and therefore awaits on the horizon, the complicated knot of issues concerning the efficacy or otherwise of Genetically Modified Organisms appears to be reaching a crescendo of noise in Cyberspace, and yet as if reversed in a looking-glass mirror, if you checked in with the Corporate Media, you would hear nothing but the faint hissing sound of white-noise.

Nonetheless some easy observations and extrapolations can be drawn which have risen out of the mire and bubbled to the surface like an Oil-slick on water.

I recently had a very interesting discussion with a friend here in FB land ; Jamison Small, whom I thank, which prompted me to examine my own attitude towards GMOs.

As is the case with everyone who defends the use of genetically modified food, they will quite correctly and invariably mention the scientific consensus as the main tenet of their argument.

But unfortunately in this particular case, that is where their argument ceases and is tossed lifeless, like the carcass of a dead animal onto the fence railings of assumption with a finality and certainty that smacks of the Religious zealot who ends every debate by referring to the Holy Texts.

But in a Fascist State how can these scientists and their scientific consensus still be entirely trusted?

Could they be trusted during the reign of the Nazis? Or during Mussolini's rise to power?

How can they remain objective?

Fact: The definition of Fascism is a form of rule where the State works hand-in-hand with the Corporations and it has absolutely nothing to do with serving the interests of the people...

Sound familiar?

The Revolving Door

Fact: Official Government Propaganda has always been one of the main tools used by a Fascist State to counter any criticism or opposition to their actions.

Perhaps a glimpse at the history of scientific consensus will provide us some insight and some perspective on this thorny subject matter.

First of all, it should be remembered that not so many centuries ago, the scientific consensus was that the Earth was still, and that the Sun revolved about the Earth in grooves...

Many centuries later and thanks to Copernicus, the scientific consensus began to accept that the Earth spun around in circles orbiting the Sun.

Thanks to the lonely, obsessive work of an individualist ; Johannes Kepler in the 17th century, an iconoclast who refused to see the movement of the Heavens according to the proscribed tracks of the scientific consensus of the day, namely Ptolemy and Aristotle, we discovered that this assumption was incorrect as well...

The Planets did not move in circles around the Sun, they moved in ellipses!

History as seen from a long way off is a series of conceptual leaps, with each generation correcting and advancing beyond the comprehension of it's predecessors.

But for today, it seems like time marches on imperceptibly slowly, and from this perspective, our body of knowledge about the world, and the accepted thinking of the day is understood to be our cerebral landscape, our collective reality, something which is assumed as matter-of-fact truth by 99% of the citizens on the planet.

Like unquestioning lemmings we march on with our assumptions in hand, as if we understood everything about a particular applied science.

That is at least until someone comes along and says "No, No"...

"What if we look at it this way?..." and suddenly we discover a whole new world opening up beneath our feet and above our heads and we discover for example that Light has a finite Speed, or that Continents are not locked and immobile...that they actually move! Etc., etc.,

In fact on closer inspection we discover that everything we had previously thought to be true in the past, with the aid of new mathematical perspectives has since been revealed as flawed, incorrect as past assumptions have consistently required amending to suit the newly discovered realities.

As it has been, so shall it remain i.e that by standing on the shoulders of those who came before us, we can see further and uncover a new reality which then moves the scientific consensus to a new plane.

I think that when it comes to our own bodies, we should never be so arrogant as to assume that we know everything there is to know about a subject and thus take potential risks with our lives and our environment based on a science which is still unfolding.

On examination of the official statistics released by the GMO industry it 'appears' to be true (at least if I can trust the brochure) that most GMOs can be said to contain little harm, however I believe there may be limits to the extent and level of genetic alteration our organic systems can take.

Lets not forget that we are Genetically Modified Organisms ourselves!

After all, you know that what you eat, you are...

And so it is true to say that we sculpt ourselves i.e as our cells are replaced over and over, these cells break down the basic constituents of our food to regenerate themselves.

So what you put in to your system is used by you to ultimately sculpt and fashion every single cell of your body including your eyes, hair and even your brain.

We have known for a long time that GMO foods, as they are ceaselessly sprayed by incredibly toxic compounds and reared by machines, are not as nutritious and do not provide all the minerals and vitamins of an organically grown piece of fruit for example.

Nature appears to work best when left to its own devices...with perhaps just a little hand from us.

It implies a working in harmony, not Man dominating and killing his natural environment with toxic sprays.

To me this seems perfectly natural if you'll pardon the pun.

And this alone should give us pause to reconsider what we are using for fuel.

Another point of concern is the fact that our distant ancestors rarely if ever experienced Cancer in direct contrast to our contemporary human population and despite all the wonders of modern science and technology.

For example today, it is a given that approximately 1 in 2.5 Men over the age of 50 will develop a form of Cancer at some stage in their later lives.

Our ancestors, even just a few hundred years ago had no such problems and Cancer was a rare phenomenon.

And yet our contemporary society is riddled with Cancers and other malignant diseases which are only becoming more prevalent and more intransigent.

We are tampering with our food, and with our precious thin layer of atmosphere and hence with Life itself on the Planet...

Please ignore the attached hyperbole of the heading, the fact remains nonetheless that the Nicotinamides produced by Monsanto have been directly linked to the ongoing demise of the Bee population.

For example ; BPA, a well-known endocrine disruptor which is used by the GMO industry to keep bacteria from growing in their food is breaking down into micro-particles and is now detectable in over 90% of the breast-milk of Mothers on this planet.

Science has discovered that BPA bio-accumulates gradually within the tissues and migrates up through the food-chain, ultimately winding up in our marine life, and in the cells of livestock, in our potatoes and in our dairy products.

The relative harm level is here not really the issue.

It merely serves to illustrate how we are tampering now with the basic building blocks of our chemical makeup, and I believe it is these synthetic and laboratory contrived artificial and unnatural substances which are spewed undetectably into our environment as a by-product of a profit generating exercise which may ultimately end up being responsible for the extent of some of the diseases running rampant in our World today.

The proof of this is difficult to substantiate one way or the other, however on an informal level, the simple evidence of our ancestors is that they lived in a far more natural world where diseases such as cancer where not even on the radar.

What troubles me about this chemical soup which rains down on us and pollutes our slim envelope of atmosphere, permeating our lives down to the molecular level and almost certainly beyond, is that there is absolutely no argument out there which can refute this paranoia of mine, which can refute the possibility that the co-incident rise in Cancer and the concomitant rise in environmental pollutants and toxins are indeed linked, and that they may be prima facie evidence of a phenomena which should Never have been co-related.

Then there is my concern over what we have still to learn, in other words the new scientific consensus and understanding which is waiting on the horizon.

The possibility of health hazards which are yet to be discovered concerning complications with artificial manipulation of genetic components such as crossing certain natural barriers which our body does not recognise, and possibly still does not know how to deal with is a real one.

Our immune system and the natural barriers within our bodies are conceivably being over-ridden and tricked or countermanded, and this is something which the GMO industry has still not been able to satisfactorily answer.

The science of Genetic manipulation is still in it's infancy.

We have only just completed the Human Genome project as of a few decades ago and I personally believe we still have a long way to go before we have completely unravelled the mysteries of our Quantum, sub-molecular reality.

In today's world, the Human Being and his environment are the Test-subjects in a mindless experiment by the Corporations for greater profits.

In this present Global Capitalist system we are the Guinea-pigs...

Finally, let me ask you this...considering the notorious record that a company like Monsanto has, along with Dupont and their clones i.e literally paying out billions in Fines to the American Government, with their record of environmental devastation, with their record of toxic harmful compounds such as the infamous Agent Orange which is still causing horrendous deformities and birth defects through out South-east Asia, their record of spraying Round-Up, a known carcinogen, etc., etc., would you seriously trust this company with your DNA?

We are being shaped ultimately, down to the last cell, by a mindless, rapacious Corporate Agenda which places Profit before human lives, with potentially damaging effects which is why I personally, being of an organic nature myself, would prefer to be the Captain of my own ship so to speak, and why, if given the choice, I would always prefer to eat organically-grown foods.


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