Care for another bite of GMO cherry?

Many of the genetically modified foods will be safe, I'm sure.
Will most of them be safe? Nobody knows.

~ Jeremy Rifkin

Note# This is a follow on from my original article on the subject namely;

Anyone care for a GMO snack?

Scientific and technological advancements should never be held hostage to the overwhelming financial resources and lobbying power of a for-Profit Corporation.

This is an inherently dangerous situation as it is the hallmark of all good Fascist, Totalitarian States.

Why do you think it is that Monsanto spend so much money lobbying to prevent even the possibility of a law suit for damages from GMO food?

They are protected from litigation? Why do they need such exceptional protection?

Why do they lobby endlessly to prevent people knowing what is in their food?

Another of Obama's betrayals

If their food is so nutritious and healthy surely we should expect to see ads saying :

"Now, with the new, added goodness of freshly harvested GMOs!!!"

~ Instead they hide and infiltrate, they skulk and spy and litigate!

Endlessly litigate any poor Farmer who gets in their way.

The industry literally spend Millions to prevent their food from being labelled...

Hmmm...why is that? Do they know something we don't?

Why is the TPPA such a well kept secret that Wikileaks is attempting to raise a 150,000 reward for the information from the TPPA?

The science on this issue has been literally co-opted by the Mega Corporations such as Dupont and Monsanto.

The Revolving door is a well-known phenomenon.

Would you have trusted the scientists who worked for the German Reich to work for the benefit of the people during the Nazi regime?

Or during Mussolini's brief stint?

Is there really that much difference?

The US, like the previous 2 states is involved in a permanent state of War.

The US, like the previous 2, has absolutely no consideration for its citizens...this is so blatantly obvious I shouldn't need to give examples.

Science at the behest of Corporations such as those involved with Imperialistic states should always been considered suspect as their motive is no longer in the pursuit of science but is now in the pursuit of Profit.

To see past evidence of the co-opting of science one need look no further than the great Tobacco industry conspiracy which maintained with ‘scientific experts’ that there was no causal link to lung problems or Cancer.

I was involved in a lengthy debate with a lobbyist from the industry recently...

I was literally flung all over cyberspace to look up counter-arguments to those I had proposed, and in each case if you looked closely at the web site certain things began to become clear...

To begin with they were mostly so Pro GMO that it was like reading a brochure, then there were the more devious and deceptive web sites which claimed banners with words like ‘Earth’ and ‘Being Green’ and ‘Planet Harmony’ and yet all had little or no articles on Climate Change, or if they did it was about attributing other causes to global warming such as the electro-magnetic storms from the Sun.

Without exception I marked each site off, one after the other, they were ALL bought and paid for by the Big Agro Industry.

That is when I began to see how much of an Information War this really was...

Literally Millions are being invested as we speak, to sell the goodness of GMO food.

For me it is clear...when a Corporation acts as Monsanto and Dupont do, they have something to hide.
That alone, even apart from their heinous record on Agent Orange birth deformities and Viet Veteran illnesses, and their attempt to spread Glyphosates which they damm well know are carcinogenic, around the world, is more than enough for me.

There are Science pages here on Facebook as well...I encountered one the other night with a banner that proclaimed a rationalist scientific fundamentalist approach and found instead of scientists, a bunch of propagandists and lobbyists for GMO food. I mentioned 'Terminator seeds' to them and they sent me to a highly skilled and no doubt expensively written article which turned into a Jedi-mind shift attempt to convince people there were no such things as Terminator seeds, whilst all the while elucidating an incredibly detailed character assassination of a Doctor Verdana Shiva who has spoken up in the West regarding the countless suicides from Indian Farmers who have been forced to accept Terminator seeds.

Bear in mind, these people were scientists who were denying the existence of Terminator seeds...

So...just because they say it's science doesn't mean it's good science.

Finally on this topic I feel it would be noteworthy to add that the two bodies in America which are there to regulate the Industry and the introduction of new foods etc., the FDA and the EPA are both paper-tiger organizations which have long ago had their teeth pulled...

Did you know for example that neither organization actually does it's own scientific studies or testing...?

No, they do not have the funds any more for that.

Monsanto, through it's Republican and Democrat lobbying have almost achieved their goals of omnipotent control.

Now the FDA have to ask Monsanto to use its own researchers to conduct their own tests on GMO food, and then email the FDA the results...

Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture?


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