On The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Alexander visiting the tomb of Cyrus The Great

Mankind has been learning and evolving in subtle, incremental ways for millennia.

The ironic Hand of Fate...

How ironic it is that the first official utterance, the first historically recorded statement alluding to certain rights of Man, and the rights of the individual in society, is generally accepted to have come from a Persian King namely Cyrus the Great, in the great, ancient city of Babylon, in Iraq.

A Country and its citizens, which the West have attempted to train and preach to in more recent times, in their typically arrogant fashion, on the intriguing topic of Democracy and Human Rights...

Or should I say formerly great, as the cultured, ancient country of Iraq, and the World's first cities now lie in ruins...

It is of course now, a human trash-heap of tragedies thanks to Western interference, thanks in particular to America, and yes, Australia, and our famous, enlightened penchant for dropping Bombs indiscriminately over cities, or selling heinous weaponry and bombs for other nations to drop, without any regard or consideration whatsoever to the innocent human lives who are murdered in the process.

Just the destruction of the culture and historical artifacts of Iraq is crime enough!

The truth about the euphemistically termed 'Interventions' by the West is that they have become a complete and utter failure...a disaster zone...a tragedy.

It took a long time for example, until the 1920's for Mankind to realise that he possessed, in a sense a better half, and that it might be a rational, sensible idea to give that other half of Mankind a voice, in the form of the Vote...

Go Suffragettes! ~ More Power to You Ladies!

For thousands of years Mankind has grappled with the concept of Authority, whether from an invisible Man in the sky, who handles his affairs by delegating to a human Authority, or from the 'God-Given' right to Rule over us all by the Kings and Queens of history.

But there is one idea, one incredibly valuable, fundamental concept which has gradually evolved out of the thousand of years of Wars and human suffering...which began with Cyrus in Babylon.
The ancient city of Babylon during the reign of Cyrus The Great

Cyrus had ignited a brief but highly significant torch, which for the first time, shone on concepts which had rarely ever been considered, such as social progress, social harmony and the rights of the individual.

This was a small but highly significant flame, a signpost which flickered through the Dark Ages, shining the way for any who cared to look, enabling such concepts as the individual and his rights as opposed to the rights of the State to be considered officially for the first time.

These first steps by Cyrus were truly radical concepts...in the Middle-Ages for e.g the individual and his potential rights was not even a recognizable concept, in fact, the individual was entirely subservient in every way to the institutions of Religion and the Lords of the Manor.

For example those individual artists and architects who designed and built some of the great old cathedrals of Medieval Europe would leave their work unsigned...anonymous.

Signing a work, any work with an individual’s name was considered something of a profane act...

It was simply unheard of.

The next intellectual advancement which picked up the torch, the flame that had been lit by Cyrus for mankind, came out of England.

The Magna Carta was a deal made in 1215, by a desperate King with a band of Rebels, who were the Barons of Medieval England.

King John reluctantly signing the Magna Carta

The concept of individual human rights was furthered and greatly enhanced by this document from King John...but do we have King John ultimately to thank for this social advancement and progress towards 'Civil-ization'?

I hardly think that King John spent many sleepless nights worrying about our individual human rights...

No...it is ultimately the Rebels we have to thank, who forced King John's hand to sign the document.

In the same way it is the rebels, for e.g the Suffragettes, whom we have to thank for giving women a voice...not the bumbling, political hacks of the day who, as is the case now, commonly possess little imagination apart from finding clever ways to line their own pockets, like piggies at the trough.

So...in the Modern era it is the 'Rebellious ones'...the 'Disobedient ones', ‘The Agitators’, those who are usually depicted by the status quo as unsavory anarchists or at the very least as trouble makers i.e those who refused to lay down submissively, and accept the tyrannical Rule of Authority in their lives without question, whom we have to thank for social progress in more recent times...

Dr Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s comes to mind.

I don't believe we can expect another Cyrus to come along anytime soon...

It is up to each and every one of us, like those of the Civil Rights movement, t
hose who instead of laying down and complying obediently like good little children should, resisted their legal, social manacles, stood up and said: “No!”

“We do not accept your ultimate Authority over every aspect of Human Lives!”

We demand that consideration be given to that one very precious, ultimately sacrosanct principle:

The notion that Human Life is sacred!

This is a principle which has been echoed by every Religion, every Spiritual movement, every group that has ever fought for enlightenment and human progress, and it is in fact so fundamental an idea, so simple that at times it gets lost amidst the commercial tides, the avalanche of emotionally-charged memes usually filled with patriotic fervor on our nightly television screens.

There would not be a single Political hack out there, and for me they are mostly all political hacks, but there would not be a single politician who would disagree with me, if I said that everyone, every man, woman and child on the earth today has a right to exist, and has a right to live their lives in Peace...

Today no-one but a pure Fascist would disagree with the Cyrus document from Babylon, which in an extremely radical move, first gave freedom to the slaves, a document which declared that all people had the right to choose their own religion, and which established racial equality.

Today, again, everyone agrees with the fundamental tenets of the Magna Carta, which enshrined for example 'Habeas Corpus', a term which stretches back to Imperial Rome i.e that the individual had the right to Not be illegally persecuted by the State...

That the individual had certain inviolate (God-Given) rights, and that he was protected against the excessive abuses of the State.

So these concepts which were eventually codified officially by the nations of the World, i.e The United Nations as:

The "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" in 1948 in New York, have been with us for quite some time now...

Cyrus the Great for example, wrote his laws around 640 BC.

Today, if you interviewed any of these politicians, they would all instantly agree with the one fundamental principle i.e

The belief that Human Life is sacred and inviolate.

That the individual has certain inviolable rights concerning his existence.

No one in his right mind would publicly argue against this.

If this single principle, which is in reality only a tiny fraction of the entire Universal charter, is being adhered to by members of the United Nations, then how is it, and why is it that there is so much suffering in the World today?

Alas, whenever I think of the United Nations today...one word springs instantly to mind:


For example the Hypocrisy and BS coming off Obama's latest, recent Address at the U.N was so high, that one could almost see the birds dropping out of the skies all over the Manhattan complex.

His speech reached a crescendo of BS, and then ultimately imploded, as the assembled guests no doubt groaned and writhed, sweaty and exasperated in their chairs, with their besieged ears bleeding copiously from Obama's blatant attempts to twist the reality of his Imperialistic agenda into a benign vision of America's sparkling record, on aiding nations like Libya, and Iraq, and all across the Middle-Eastern world to achieve Democracy...!

What pure nonsensical rhetoric...sigh...Libya is a quagmire!

This entire global hegemonic spectacle including what has been portrayed about the Ukraine, looks more like a Theatre of the Absurd everyday...

What kind of reality is it where Saudi Arabia, the absolute, undisputed champion of Human Beheadings i.e our 'partners' in crime have just murdered another 130 civilians attending a wedding in Yemen with a drone strike?

After which they all sat down to a lovely cup of tea and audaciously took their seats at the ‘Head’ of the United Nations Human Rights Council"...!!!?

This must be about to turn itself into a kind of April Fool's joke surely.

The state of the World today, and the nature of its nonsensical, topsy-turvy, Mass-Media outbursts, which are in the main coming out of the West, explain very simply, why "Alice in Wonderland" from Lewis Carroll, why this has always been, and is increasingly such an easy and tempting metaphor to me, and it should make obvious where this came from:

Taking Liberties with Lewis Carroll


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