Now that the Iowa Caucus is over, and whatever the final tally is, Bernie Sanders has emerged triumphant.

So...now I begin to worry in earnest...

It is clear that America is awakening, and in 12 months time this will be even more in evidence...

Therefore, it is clear that barring unforeseen circumstances, Bernie Sanders has a very good shot at becoming President.

Which is why I say that I am beginning to worry in earnest, you see the vested interests and those from Wall Street are actual psychopaths, I don't mean that they are similar, no I mean they actually are psychopaths, with an extremely diminished capacity for empathy...that is, at least those at the very top of the Wolf-pack.

Who, but a psychopath could condemm literally millions of innocent civilians to burn under a hail of bombs for the sake of Profit?

Now these Men of limited humanity, and even greater limitations of vision, who have sold their own Souls, are looking for partners to invade Libya once more and begin new bombing attacks against Terrorism...the sovereign country which had been the most stable and prosperous in all of Africa, which is now a quagmire of human suffering and Terrorism thanks to their first invasion....

These creatures who profit in Wars will not take kindly to being told that they must relinquish some of the trillions in dark and light monies which they obsess over every waking minute of their lives.

They have been pandered to...given for example, well over a trillion dollars just in the initial bail-outs, they have had Carte Blanche...and free reign due to the final extinction of the financial sector regulatory agencies, to act in any manner they like, raping, pillaging and plundering our environment, waging monstrous Wars for Profit all over our Earth, with the potential risk of a Thermo-Nuclear War on the horizon!

Like literal, invisible kings they have lauded it over our economy, sucking every dollar they can, upwards into the rarefied realms of the 1%...

Phizer & Apple are examples of how they treat America with their tax scams.

The Corporatocracy does not have a heart, it has instead a boardroom with digital screens pulsing ceaselessly, with streams of binary digits and profit margins for blood.

So they will not give up lightly this throne of theirs.

They are the most ruthless, inhuman creatures that our system has birthed to date, and therefore they will use every trick in their hideous arsenal to prevent any, any adjustments at all to the distribution of wealth.

If must be noted here that WALL Street and the C.I.A have a long history together, in fact they share an inbred, extremely incestuous past of revolving doors right up to the present day...

Now here is where it becomes problematic...if you have any knowledge, any knowledge at all of the CIA and its tactics, and its Black-Ops, you will know where I am going with this...John.F.Kennedy...Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, Malcolm X....

Do I need to say anything else?


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