Dangerous Delusions and the Exotic Truffles of Growth

"The unchecked striving for more, for endless growth, is a dysfunction and a disease. It is the same dysfunction that cancerous cell manifests, whose only goal is to multiply itself, unaware that it is bringing about its own destruction by destroying the organism of which it is a part."

~ Nikola Tesla

Christine Lagarde from the IMF is floundering, caught up in tiny eddies of doubt...

She scans the teleprompter in vain for a signpost...for the pathway leading out of this mess that we have created for ourselves...for the direction Home.

Christine Lagarde, is like so many of our ‘Solution-Free’ leaders in the West, at least those who remain naively sincere and who are still not entirely corrupted by the process; they glide effortlessly onto our screens like the lost souls of our news channels.

With vagrant, fearful eyes that can no longer really see, they stumble through a dark realm of misinformation and Spin, filled with the ghostly forests of intergovernmental reports, and the endless minutes of panels that report on intergovernmental inquiries over 10 increasingly opaque volumes...obsessively searching for the rumored exotic truffles of growth that are still purported to exist, somewhere within the economies of the Earth.

Hmmm...these could turn out to be the mythical Islands of Hope that were briefly described by English explorers at the turn of the twentieth century.

It was as if the revelation that 'trickle-down' was just a con-job did not exist...

As if the De-Regulation of Banking, and the further 'enabling' of global capitalists to have their way unfettered with our economy in order to manipulate monetary 'growth', had not just been exposed as merely creative theft by an industry whose silhouette began to look increasingly like a giant casino, when the Banking Industry's 'Caretakers' were finally caught in the act as it were, frozen like a fox in the headlights, by the glare of the global economic collapse of 2008.

Their hot-air arguments about the magical El Dorado of growth; namely 'DERIVATIVES and FUTURES being touted in the media had always shut down any critics due to the incandescant, semi-religious fervor of their FAITH, their confidence in a series of esoteric mathematical algorythms which no-one it seems, was ever able to properly explain.

Their justifications for limiting government interference in Corporate-drafted Trade plans such as NAFTA, and the TPPA, and their mantra-like chant to further lower the tax rate for Corporations, were ultimately proven to be dried-up notions that had long ago been revealed
by Galbraith and other experts as the spent empty rhetoric, the economic fantasies of a bunch of greedy, morally bankrupt blockheads, justifying their behavior as good for the economy and hence good for You and Me!!!

Nothing could be further from the truth as can be seen in the recent expose of the "PANAMA PAPERS...

'Trickle-Up' is indeed the true meme behind our spiritually-dead Post-crash age and unfortunately in Australia, these Wall Street 'good-for-business' types with their spent philosophies can best be represented today by none other than our very own Goldman Sachs boy, our Liberal Leader Malcolm Turnbull.

Sigh...I am so bored by these spokesmen and women and their utter lack of imagination.

When can I expect to see an Elon Musk-type become a leader in our Western political world?

Or is originality and the innovative application of science coupled with intelligent thinking anathema to our political ideologies?

Are virtue or intellectual excellence extinguished by ignorance in the oxygen-deprived atmosphere of our political bubble?

When will our political leaders begin to look for alternative, innovative and original solutions to our contemporary problems instead of the cliched hackneyed thinking of the past?

De-growth and a green, sustainable Resource Based Economy is what we truly require, as the repetitious, parroting cries for a boost to stimulate growth in our economies, these mechanical hollow soundbites to attain further growth for the GDP and so forth are today merely the echoes of ideas long dead.

These ideas are most certainly dead, as we will never return in terms of wealth, to the healthy, burgeoning economies of our halcyon past i.e those giddy days we spent vacationing...

Basking under the cosy rays of a middle-class Sun, holding hands as we trawled along foreign beaches searching for meaning, oblivious to the pain and suffering, the impact which our affluent life-styles and our rapacious economic system had wrought on our host country

And as we strolled blissfully guilt-free through the markets of another third world country, shopping for ancient kitsch in an intoxicated, smoky haze, as we danced between the raindrops and the detritus of our ubiquitous Plastic age, the Earth wept and bombs rained down somewhere else, somewhere out of sight, all in the name of an economic system that was stealing the wealth from the Third World, and from the future children of the Earth.

Like Bugs Bunny still peddling air after racing off a cliff, suspended in mid-air by his own belief that he is on a road, thus these unsustainable ideas continue to prosper as they are ‘maintained’ as real in the minds of the ‘true believers’, those unfortunate sleep-walkers that patrol the shopping aisles, who remain stubbornly still addicted to the compulsive thrills, the heady consumerist rush of the American Dream, despite all evidence to the contrary.

These notions are constantly reinforced by our Media as 'repetition is good', and it makes them difficult to let go of, especially if you have skin in the game so to speak, and you are still working 6 days a week towards an outcome 30 years hence, meaning that you have not paused, and have therefore not looked to the horizon to see what is looming so frighteningly up ahead.

Once upon a time...not so many decades ago these ideas were a tangible reality for a burgeoning, prosperous middle-class in the West, and this is perhaps why they are still being perpetuated like meaningless jingles across our screens, inevitably being swallowed up each evening, in a cacophony of harmonizing lies, government porn and glittering hyperbole.

Their cries for growth are literally impossible in today's world, for if every company on Earth successfully thrived and achieved say for example merely 10% growth, if every company simultaneously achieved that target it would place so much strain on our infrastructure, that there would be catastrophic follow-on effects.

Like a run on a Bank which causes that Bank to implode.

Exponential growth is a frightening phenomenon to behold, and should be a mantra taught to all politicians.

A tragic indicator for the lack of imagination of our Neo-Liberal Western leaders is the fact that every leader with rare exceptions, I’m not sure about Trudeau yet, every other leader sounds the same and has an identical approach; it's all about growing the Money as Money reigns supreme.

Their cries for growth sound increasingly desperate and futile, as we all know and admit to ourselves deep in our heart of hearts, quietly in the dead of night, that we are only attempting to encourage a Cancer to grow and destroy even more of our environment and especially our ecology if we aspire after more growth, only hastening the demise of life itself on our precious home by repeating the West’s destructive Neo-Liberal mantra of growth through austerity for the dispossessed, the disenfranchised and the 99 percent, and by carrying on in the present direction, on a path which has been clearly mapped out by climatologists in recent years.

To arrive at this radical conclusion we require only a cursory glance at our collective behavior and its ramifications via a helicopter circumnavigating the Earth.

As we wake up to the Sixth Mass Extinction event for the Planet Earth which is an Anthropocentric event, I offer you these simple random premises that :

1. Our economic model of global capitalism has mushroomed enormously in the materialistic, artificially maintained, polluted airs, having had most of its restraints removed by the back-room machinations of Corporate lobbyists over decades of bribery and collusion.

2. As a result our system now runs amok like a deranged harlequin in the unnatural light, one who eventually went insane from his own toxic environment and the chemical soup he lives off, after being such a loud, brazen pied-piper to our culture for so long...who is now infected by his own contagious media lies and the hysteria it generates, and who is now willing to set fire to his own house for the sake of short-term profits.

In other words our system has mutated, and has become like a bull in the china-shop of our precious environment, it is totally out of control being unchained from any regulatory constraints, and manifests in behavioral terms undeniably the designs of a psychopath.

For example how could the American economic experiment be described as anything but ‘catastrophic’ or 'psychopathic' when it requires a constant state of Wars and unlawful invasions just to remain financially afloat?

Literally killing its own customers!!!

Meanwhile the Panama Papers, in a vainglorious nostalgia for the good ole days of the 'Cold-War' 50's, despite being a tool of the Obama administration in a futile effort to further vilify the evil PUTIN, reveals the old adage once again that :

"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" ~ Lord Acton.

It showed us all that we should expect no less from our economic system, when our system fosters success stories like Donald Trump.

It is hardly a surprise that our corrupt greedy leaders in the West, who represent the values of our system, who are invariably a part of the 1%, our Leaders that make the decisions which ultimately reverberate down into our streets, have been revealed to be unfairly and selfishly influencing the distribution of wealth and capital for themselves at our expense, by sucking inordinate amounts of money out of the economy of our world, secreting it away in remote hiding spots like Panama, thereby placing further strain on the already impoverished resources of the State.

Their clandestine behavior in hiding from the world their real true wealth off-shore, was revealed by the PANAMA PAPERS... as they slept securely under sanctimonious protestations of 'privacy' which were viciously reinforced and maintained by a small army of legal sharks.

This was all viewed as perfectly ‘legal’ and therefore reasonable; as they simultaneously advocated and assisted in the persecution and victimization, the legal-harassment and the undermining of the citizen and his ‘right to privacy’...

None of this rang any alarm bells or struck them as in any way abnormal when viewed from the relative security and tranquility of their blister-wrap, bubble-world, shrouded and cocooned by their obscene wealth, because it had long been stipulated in their Insurance contracts that no trace amount of the woeful hypocrisy inherent in their position and in their politics should ever be pointed out to them...

Profit justifies any type of behavior at all, it justifies the means and in a world based on monetary values, a corporation with its tremendous wealth, and therefore influence, is always viewed and portrayed as on the side of 'right' and good.

Corporations are depicted as job-creators, and therefore are too important to interfere with, too valuable to restrict or offend by asking inconvenient questions publicly.

When will we outgrow our immaturity regarding leaders?

When oh Lord will the veils lift from our eyes so that status and position are no longer sufficient to grant those in positions of power instant, elevated, semi-divine stature?

We obviously need to re-think our conditioning of infants...

Respect is to be earned and should not be viewed as the divine right of a person’s position.

A Meritocracy is surely infinitely preferable to the 'divine right' of certain positions of power?

Our corporations today and the oligarchy which always forms around such centers of influence and power, are welcomed obsequiously at the door with much bowing and scraping from our governments, granting them free access, Carte Blanche to exploit any resource at all, and any damage to the local environment is always cheaper to pay for in fines in the courts, as opposed to actually genuinely cleaning it up, because as long as profit is maintained nothing else matters...

Certainly not any ethical considerations and it is this unempathetic, reckless disregard for the consequences of their actions which, when viewed collectively on our environment demonstrates so vividly the wrongheadedness of our system and the fatally-flawed nature of its subliminal messages in the mass media.

The sub-text of our consumer culture has suddenly been illuminated by the Panama Papers...brightly revealed as just more pre-fabricated, synthetic hype in the day-glo dawn of the big city and its 24 Hour Days.

The cynical, hysterical carnival atmosphere of our Media has been allowed to flourish for many decades now by its C.I.A handlers, creating in the process of manipulating minds a unique amalgam, a debilitating mind-soup...

As if spoiled and then disenfranchised citizens were children that needed to be distracted, as if a magician was deviously preparing his audience for the next trick, while the adults and the bogus chicanery of the West continues unabated on multiple stages in dark, sleek idiot-boxes, embedding its toxic memes into a host of Psy-Ops manipulations that have become (with the exception of sport) the only narrative left, the only game in town on our daytime news streams...

In the evenings, another program of coded manipulations begins as the C.I.A ramps up the fear and the jingoism...mounting waves of tension rise interspersed with the glittering inserts of eye-candy and aggressive soundbites all merging towards a feverish, coca-cola climax in the dazed minds of our distracted children, building a metamorphic ball of seething hostility and hysteria.

The infection needs to be lanced, the pressure must be released!

A problem i.e a common enemy to unite against has been successfully manufactured (exactly as Hitler had done) by the Men in Black...one which now festers and requires a Solution!!!

And as you know, there is only ONE solution when your best technology is a bomb designed to extinguish life!


“WAR IS A RACKET’ ~ Major General Smedley Butler

Like loud, incessantly chattering insecure guests who need to hear their own voices, the West continues to constantly dominate the air-waves with its vapid, fallacious rhetoric of self-justification.

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks..." ~ Shakespeare.

And the moral high-ground is naturally always right there...I mean, where else would it be?

Trumpeting its inherent god-given moral supremacy and its accompanying right to invade or make war on other sovereign nations.

There is clearly something drastically wrong with our system of economic governance when it can create, nourish and foster players i.e economic actors who appear to be not only deaf to the cries of children burning in phosphorous wars, but who are also quite willing to sacrifice our own future well-being, or even their own, in a type of suicidal bargain for the sake of transient, short term gain.

The messages coming from our commercial media contain a thinning agent which appears to water down any profundity, dulling our hearts and minds with trivia and sensationalism.

This trivialization ultimately affects all of us that need to survive in this monetary world by confounding our minds and filling us up with distractions from what is actually an alarming, shocking contemporary reality...

It incrementally robs us of meaning, stripping away our empowerment with simple techniques of distraction and poisonous memes, so that we can no longer collectively mount any serious mental opposition to our Governments and it's rain of Spin, as they simultaneously take away control of our own lives with a thousand legislative strikes... metaphorically placing a led-flashing collar around our necks.

Shackles made from self-perpetuating Debt which are based on archaic concepts of 'ownership' and property rights.

Concepts that were conceived of philosophically by men in a very different, nascent age.

By men who therefore naturally had a very different view of the world and of their place within it compared to our perspective today.

Debt which is part of an abstract, invented financial instrument was always the dark side of Money, and it has changed very little over the Millennium.

Currently it is being used to coerce people to do things which they would otherwise never have considered, as slavery thrives openly under other names in our economic climate of debt-based money.

Debt is methodically taking control over every inch of our entire planet thanks to an abstract, dangerous delusion called Money, thus reducing 99% of the Earth's population into abject servitude...almost all of us are economic slaves as everything on Earth has a price-tag attached.

Currently we are down to 62 individuals that own as much as half of the entire Earth according to OXFAM, as our economic system of debt-based money continues in its downhill trajectory like a midnight ghost train careening out of control through the smog...choking the life out of our planet and all who live on it, hastening its pace before the final crash of our global economic system occurs, an epic event that finally begins to make the 1%'s claims of 'ownership' look obsolete and impossible to maintain.

For how can your 'private' property possibly be maintained, when the very concept of 'private' and 'privacy' is under attack and is rapidly becoming extinct?


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