The ID of Capitalism

I notice that certain so-called 'enlightened' cyberspace pundits like Mark (You're not getting my guns!) Passio, are using the term Marxist in the pejorative...
So 'Marxism' then, is Evil is it?
What, as opposed to Capitalism I suppose?

The ID of capitalism is often personified by the followers of Ayn Rand, as they ride like unbridled Bulls through the China-shop of our own culture which is otherwise known as : The Kulture of Stupidity.

A culture in which we work hard and party hard, and dance our way merrily to our own extinction whilst simultaneously paying our Jailers for the privilege.

The source of a great deal of problems inherent to the Middle-Eastern Islamic states has been traditionally recognized by the West as the lack of separation between Church and State.

This is something which is held as indispensable for a Free and Open Society.

The clear-cut distinction in governance between the Western nations and those of the Middle-East often gives rise to an air of condescension and superiority here in facebook land by the more racist and rabid facebook posters.

Although this difference is fairly obvious, what is so conveniently often forgotten by critics of the middle-east is that here in the West, although we have managed to loosen the bonds between church and state, our problem is quite possibly even more devastating in it's ramifications i.e the lack of Separation between the Corporate interests otherwise known as the Corporatocracy & the State!

This is potentially far more serious as it is a scenario which spells the definition of Fascism.

And the ramifications are troubling to say the least...

As it was first discussed by Karl Marx, Capitalism is inherently without any kind of regulatory organ, being just pure unadulterated lust for profit like a primal urge.

There can be no other consideration as without profit, Capitalism sinks and goes under, and 'poof' ceases to exist.

Therefore survival is at stake as a Corporation's very existence is dependent on profit, and must be maintained above all other concerns, Human or otherwise.

Ayn Rand is the poster child for the ruthless ID of Capitalism, and her followers today chant mantra-like their Libertarian objectives for Capitalism, claiming that any form of Government oversight is Bad, which to my mind is insane and simply nonsensical i.e they want to do away with all government regulation completely, in other words acting without any kind of regulatory body or ethical code themselves, and having been revealed as unscrupulous opportunists and thieves, they now wish to remove all restraints completely and be allowed to ride unbridled and unhindered like the primal force of ID, through the China shop of our Kulture and our World.

The ID as defined by Freud is an instinctual, usually aggressive, primal force of 'Unconscious' energy and it is what makes our lack of separation between the Corporatocracy and the State potentially far more damaging for it's citizens compared with our cousins in the Middle-East, as they in the ME are at least still largely governed by ancient Moral precepts.

In the Middle-East, although Society has been shaped by the tenets of an ancient work of fiction resembling our own Bible in many ways, despite their misguided efforts to control a population via primitive fantasy notions, their Religion does at least acknowledge and address the human condition as it attempts to alleviate society's suffering, however misguided.

Whereas in the Western world there are no such concerns as Money, otherwise known as 'filthy lucre', an inanimate object and a mere abstraction, has become our God and our Religion, Consumerism our obsession as any Spiritual fibre is replaced by Materialism and our success stories like the KOCH Bros, our 'Captains at the helm' are in direct contrast quite often psychopathic, spiritually and morally bankrupt CEOs i.e looters, Pirates on the high-seas of finance...such as the Banksters of Wall Street who ride like headless horsemen unfettered through our Kulture and our World.


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