America, Your Restraints Need Tightening

Murica by MKGRAPHICS from Deviant Art.

Said in reply to someone inside a thread on Facebook, I find this totally apropos to our present situation...:

'How innocently we as children gazed into the mercurial, snowy silver eye of the Cathode tube...sitting hunched up in our pajamas on the threadbare Turkish carpet in front of the Box, with a hot Coco in hand, how fondly, how eagerly we gave ourselves up to the Wizard and his Tales on the Television Screen.
Transported to distant lands, little did we know that incrementally, yet in an insidious steady drip, with every musical chase, with every loud, hilarious splash into the waters of our unconscious, formative minds, we were simultaneously being infused with a toxic message.'

Over these last decades we have witnessed the complete take-over of the American media...and by association, the West's media in general.

Which means we have literally been told what to believe by the CIA and our governments for quite some time now.

For what? And by whom?
For an agenda of War in order to enrich the pockets of the Corporate/Military/Industrial Complex.

For that giant Behemoth, that Hydra-headed Monster, that real live Imperialistic Hegemony which is the US Admin today.

A blood-thirsty rapacious monster which squats over the Earth like a bloated spider...

A Hegemony which rules geopolitically subordinate states through the implied means of power, the threat of force, hence the significance of Nato and the latest skulduggery of Imperialist, totalitarian over-reach from Obama in the Ukraine and his threats with Nato, an organization which has largely been equipped thanks to US Taxpayers...the bleating Sheep in this age old game.

Some here appear to be concerned with Putin and those evil Russkies!

I think your enemy lies much closer than you think...

The Russkies?...Al Qaeda?...

Are THEY truly the Enemy?

Or have they been manufactured...birthed in our own Psyches?

Actually Sir, you reveal the view of those responsible for this Cold-War of the 50's mentality, which those Neo-Mccarthite War-Hawks of your country are trying to resurrect.

Their mentality where Russia is concerned is so indicative of another bad case of indoctrination.

I have not heard of such a simplistic view of the World since the days of The Lone Ranger!

Have you ever asked yourself where this needless, pointless, transparent vilification of Russia as some kind of Bogey-man, where this is all leading?
Are you looking forward, as those at the Pentagon most assuredly do, to the likely outcome of a Nuclear War?
And if you want to criticize Russia for it's lack of Democracy, well, I suggest that you first of all look in your own back yard before pointing the finger at others.
You are certainly in No position to be a crusader for the moral highground!
America has been responsible for smashing i.e breaking up 1 regime after another, either through the Economic Hitman detailed in John Perkins' famous book, or just through blatant invasion as they have done all over the Middle-East, Sth America and Africa...

And if it wasn't America directly, then it was a proxy war usually with their barbaric, blood-thirsty partners in crime namely, Saudi Arabia.

Have you ever asked yourself : How is it that we only ever seem to go to war in countries with large Oil Deposits?

Why is Venezuela for example, such a tiny country relatively speaking, why is it so often in the Headlines?

There has been no evangelizing Democracy yet, which has occurred in a country whose Gross Domestic Product was based on turnips or avocados for example., Discovered Oil have they???

What, in that tiny country?

Hmmm...looks like they could use some Democracy about now....!

How naive of us all to accept that the reason we are bombing in Syria, is because that ASSAD fellow is just such a Monster to his people!!!

In fact, the displeasure of the American regime is not based on Assad's moral arc whatsoever...

The Pentagon could care less about such matters.

After all, their favorite partner in War-Crimes is only Saudi Arabia...

It is in Syria as it has always been i.e that War is a Racket...

in this case involving Russia and Iran in what would have been the largest Gas Pipeline in the Middle-East proposed by ASSAD...a pipeline which would have kept America and Saudi Arabia out of the Petro-Dollar loop!


If I wasn't shedding tears for the innocent children of Aleppo, I would be in tears of laughter over our partnership once again, and the blistering hypocrisy which it represents, with our good buddies, those who have achieved the pinnacle, the apex of Man's Inhumanity to Man i.e who are No #001 with a Bullet in the game of be-headings in the streets;


And so I am forced to ask myself ;

Could it be that there is an even more insidious Evil hiding within the Empire, whose global supremacist ambitions and Machiavellian behavior have been exposed once more, thanks to the heroic work of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange and whistle-blowers like them?

With the increasingly menacing tone of the American administration, and their recent threats against Journalists and other advocates of a Free Press, the Tyranny of the Corporatocracy appears complete.

We can now see the hand which is being played...

A dirty hand involving a scramble for Resources.

Make up your mind i.e HUMAN or CORPORATE.


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