America, Your Restraints Need Tightening PART TWO

Hypocrisy and the West it seems, are never far apart from each other in the obsessive lovers they feed off each other.
For example, in its deliberate conscious state it is a debauched perversion which thrives in the flammable environment of the West regarding Syria.
Hypocrisy flourishes in these unnatural airs and on our Media, which is saturated in the pyrotechnics of hyperbole and sensationalism. Meanwhile the West staggers about drunkenly. High on its own 'Exceptionalism' as it violently imposes its cultural vision on the rest of Mankind. Swaggering forwards onto a horizon of endless explosions. Dropping bombs indiscriminately and almost by accident in its wake. Whilst we psychologically join the fray... Soldiering on virtually, and hand-in-hand with our nightly Media puppets, Bristling with the most lethal technology that science can provide. Dressed up in our virtual Kevlar from head to toe, We are ready for any eventuality in our never-ending War, The West’s War, Against the intangible semantics of Fear and Terror...
Note the following conversation with a symbolic head of State meant to represent the West, although I recommend holding the note at some distance as it drips with Hypocrisy on the subject of ASSAD and the West's insistence on his removal.
Saad Hariri...the former Prime Minister to Lebanon.
Remind me to look into how one human being can juggle in his head, so many morally-depraved, ethically torturous, self-contradictory views, be simultaneously a mouthpiece for the most egregious crimes against humanity, and yet still be a pin-up poster-boy for the West?

"Don't these fellows understand that we are only trying to help?"
"Accidents will happen you know...besides, you can't make a good omelette without breaking a few egg-shells, but is that any reason for them to despise us so vehemently?
I mean whats wrong with these people?
Why don't they see that we are only spreading Democracy and our Love of Freedom?"
"Yes...precisely so my good man, how dare they not like our cancerous, spiritually bankrupt Kulture!!!"...
"The sheer audacity of the little blighters!"
"How dare they not like 'us' and our morally righteous violence!!!"
"Never mind the slaughter of innocent lives going on in Yemen".
"Allow the Western press to look the other way, turn a blind eye to the headless corpses dripping blood onto the streets of Saudi Arabia on a monthly basis..."
"Look, umm, Assad was just such a Monster..." “...and it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he was about to royally screw America by building the largest Gas pipeline in the Middle-East, in collaboration with IRAN and RUSSIA, a venture which would have excluded Saudi Arabia and the United States” “You see Assad just had to go...we couldn’t just stand idly by and allow a monster like that to govern Syria...” Yeh? How was that?
" er, well you should have seen how he brutally suppressed protests right in the heart of the city of Damascus!"
"Without exaggeration it was every bit as violent as Occupy Wall Street had been around the World!!!
Although perhaps not as bad as Erdogan treats his lowly subjects."
"Nonetheless we felt we no longer had any choice in the matter, and altho he had been a good friend, we felt that in the interests of Democracy and our love of Freedom, and so forth, that we had better invade Syria and start bombing..."
"We had quite a substantial amount of...umm, spare hardware and munitions just laying around at the time anyway...besides, we had some new innovations in our technology which we wanted to er, roll out as it were"


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