America, Your Restraints need tightening PART THREE

Oh we go again...more hypocrisy;
A headline I just saw...: "Barack Obama condemns Bashar Assad for shattering Syria" either Obama has a serious critical analysis deficit, his perception of reality is grossly flawed, or, and this is the more likely alternative, he is lying. So often in the last decade when it has involved the middle-east, there have often been spurious headlines where 2 versions of reality clash. When this occurs, it is often a worthwhile exercise in uncovering the real culprit to ask ourselves : Cui Bono? i.e who profits from the tale or the telling of it? Now the above headline from Barack Obama is just so wickedly misinformed and egregious, in fact it is such a preposterous statement, that I felt I had no other option but to point out the obvious, which is that it is the bombing campaigns from America and its stooges which has caused the real suffering in Syria... Until America decided to just swan in to Syria, like they owned the place..."..and while you're at it, get me a peeled olive would you Omar?" until they just sauntered in and commenced bombing runs on a sovereign country, which by the way is a criminal act, and an act of war, Syria had been, for centuries, a stable and prosperous Country... Apologies if this story is sounding familiar or repetitious. Just like Libya had been a superbly stable and prosperous society, before America decided to economically, and in every other way destroy that country, by breaking International UN Charters, the Geneva Convention and any other laws which stood in the way of its aggressive, criminal bombing campaigns. Have you seen these countries lately? They are a human quagmire of suffering and tragedy. They are like a running sore, a wound on the face of the Earth...the smoke from burning Oil, burning lives, burning towns, burning cities cannot help but inflame us with tears of compassion for the misery we have caused to literally millions of innocent lives. I feel embarrassed and ashamed to be a part of a species which could commit acts like these...:
Tragedy in Aleppo
By our Governments corrupt munitions deals, outright invasions and other covert and overt misdeeds, our Governments in the West which are naturally led by the US, have caused collective human misery for the innocent civilians of the middle-east, of monstrous, criminal proportions. Their misdeeds are so grossly wicked and openly evil, they can be seen burning the skies from Space, and the barbaric crimes committed by these brutal puppet Western Governments will go down in history I believe, as one of the most violent, barbaric and primitive episodes in Man’s long descent back into darkness and oblivion. With America's role as CHIEF of Black Ops, and the world’s Numero uno ‘Regime Changer’, its history of toppling governments that are inconveniently in the way, such as Iran, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Yemen, the Ukraine, most of Sth America etc., it leaves me speechless, and I have to wonder in amazement at the blatant audacity and the sheer level of bald-faced denial that Obama is capable of in the international press. Considering America's past record, it would be rather naive to think that the CIA did not play their part in fomenting the unrest in Syria in the first place, as they have always done in every country which opposes their Imperial hegemony. Why is this such an improbable notion?

If anyone still finds this unlikely, then I would politely suggest that they study their history. After all, we have had the official documents, with declared intentions to do precisely that i.e 1) Be the Policeman to the World, 2) more specifically to overthrow Governments in the Middle-east ever since the Wolfowitz Doctrine, otherwise known as the Cheney doctrine, which was published in Feb. of 1992.
According to General Wesley Clark in a filmed interview with Amy Goodman, America wants regime change not only in Syria, "ASSAD Must Go!" but in fact toppling 7 countries in total in the middle East.
What would stop them from using their usual bag of Black Ops, Psyops and dirty tricks when they have used them so diligently, and to such great effect in toppling governments in the past?
And please don’t repeat the propaganda nonsense coming from the American Media whores. Apologies as I do a disservice to whores, by placing them among such unscrupulous types for company.


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