Facebook has lately been in the habit of showing me some of my own daily rants and suchlike from 12 months ago hence the title, which is from where I managed to resurrect the following with some additions and editing...:

Malcolm Turnbull, our new Prime Minister in the Land of OZ, despite his native charm appears to display little imagination in regard to his vision for our collective future, apart from more of the same old BS of Golden days, pre-Global economic collapse days.

Days of wine and roses where, if you were shrewd and duplicitous enough, you could still make a grand living...or, as it used to be said in those early daze, about the low-hanging fruit of 20th Century Capitalism ; 'A KILLING!'...those days are over, or at least rapidly disappearing for the 99% of us in this modern malaise.

If this in doubt ask yourself who leads the charge economically i.e in terms of 'business'?

America of course, although not for long if the vast majority of our Economic prognosticators are to be believed, such as Gerald Celente, Max Keiser, Prof Richard. D. Wolff and a host of others, incl. former members of the American treasury such as Dr Paul Craig Roberts, and it is OZ which has been predictably and dutifully ambling along with it.

Now that the writing is on the wall for America economically, as a great Dragon of toxic plumes emerges on the horizon in the East, and as it's headlong plunge into one crisis after another becomes clear, simply take a look at America's neighborhoods in cities such as Detroit, or Baltimore and America's infrastructure generally.

We should never forget that this Corporate Jack-frost of deterioration and decline can be applied in the rest of the West equally, as the effects of Neoliberalism kicks in on both sides of the Atlantic, and as these same early 'Breakers' roll in, onto our own shores.

And so we are forced to ask ourselves;

'Do we still want to toddle along, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed???

 Is no-one looking at the direction that we are all traveling in?

Can we not see the ramifications of our flawed thinking by scrutinizing the ‘bigger picture’ beyond our provincial interests, and thus connect ALL the dots?

Does no-one in government office ever consider the heinous immorality and structural violence implicit in Neo-liberal policies?

Have we been indoctrinated by Western television and Mass-Media so significantly that we cannot envisage financial policies for our society beyond encouraging entrepreneurs and investment bankers to invest and continue their rapacious practices of 'Profit-Hunting'?

Beyond the ephemeral distractions which purposely scroll down our eyes?

And then we all just sit back and wait for the trickle-down effect, which naturally never occurs due to the infusion, the drip of blood-money which is being siphoned off relentlessly and remorselessly, ever upwards, towards the rarefied climes of the 1%.

And as for so-called 'Conservatives'...

Conservatives as far as I'm concerned are literally the enemy in terms of our mutual struggle for a better society.


'Politically, we have to come to recognize that in an era of increasing Climate Change, being 'Conservative' is no longer an acceptable ideology, as it promotes a deep, in built need to maintain the status quo and it is highly resistant to Change, something we so desperately require...'

e.g 50% of our ecological bio-diversity has been wiped out already in the last 50 years or so.

The same issue can be applied to all their other agenda; such as keeping women in the kitchen, the Glass ceiling, Gays apart, Religion obligatory, and Money where it is, in the hands of the 1%.


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