Eventually a generation will arrive which cannot survive in the earth’s altered environment, but by then it will be too late for them to do anything to prevent their own extinction.
Each generation makes good capitalist decisions, yet the net effect is collective social suicide. 
~ Lester Thurow

Imagine a world where Automation and the best advances in Science and Technology were driven not by a need for Profit, but were driven by a new Agenda...where Life on this Planet became sacrosanct.

Where Human ingenuity, knowledge and Technology were applied to the pursuit of Human Happiness rather than a statistical increase in the profit margin.

This is a new direction for the People which has never been attempted before, and as all of our other 'systems of Government' up to this moment have failed us, it makes the work of Zeitgeist and The Venus Project absolutely vital, and it makes their mutual Agenda one which is most consummately to be desired.

After all, what is the purpose of Government if not to create and facilitate the building of a better, happier life for Humanity in general?

A better life than that which is lived alone and in the wild.

I think we can all agree that the times have changed remarkably since Reagan first took office, and that the austerity waves, the Quantitative Easing, the Bankster Bail-outs and the ever-increasing signs of corruption in our Judicial and regulatory bodies spells out the writing in large block letters on the Walls of the West, which says that our System is no longer viable and is no longer working in our best interests.

The System no longer works for Us anymore...

It works exclusively for those who have the most money to spend.

Considering the ever increasing pace of change, and the garish, pathological direction into which we are all now visibly plummeting, we are forced to ask ourselves a pertinent question :

Have we reached that point on the Timeline of history where, in order to survive our present predicament, and it's looming hockey stick shifts of exponential growth, we must either bring down our Governments, or escape them, and pursue our lives outside of the Gates, and without the benefits of our established old-world System?

Lets face facts we are Addicts...Addicted to our saccharine glossy world.

We are addicted to the convenience of our fast lives, fueled by Oil and the fast food of Hamburger meat which is cooking us slowly in our own juices...

Once upon a Time...

We are a civilization addicted to Oil...and we Need to get Off!

The only way....the Only Way that we are going to save ourselves and our so-called civilization is a complete break from the present order.

Literally a collapse of modern Industrial Capitalism, or even more pertinently ; It's Fossil-Fueled Engine!

As nothing else short of a complete reversal or collapse will stop this giddy machine from spiraling towards the inevitable complete destruction of our ecology, our environment, our animals, their habitats and ultimately our own habitat.

We have lost 50% of all wild-life on the Planet in the last approx 50 years or so...Mega-droughts is a word now in common parlance.

Surely we can all see the writing on the Wall?

And that we depend on our environment in order to exist?

Despite the illusion of Powerlessness which is delivered to us by the mass media like a poison pill in our daily intake, we are actually incredibly Powerful!

Each of us holds within his or her hands the means by which to overcome this present malaise.

But there is a riddle involved...without your individual participation, there can be no Collective progress, just as without progress in areas such as social justice and civil rights, we will be left with no individual choice i.e

Today, these are our Democratic choices : Which Puppet do you prefer?  The Goat Gods or the Duck Gods?

The Red Team or the Blue Team?

Learn to thiNk outside the box and Join us! ...

~Occupy! Anonymous! Venus Project! The Zeitgeist Movement!


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