The Theatre of the ABSURD


It is obvious that we have arrived at that point which Jefferson often discussed, where a REVOLUTION is needed in America, and its realization is really the only way out, the only solution as far as I can see, in order to unchain ourselves and escape from our Fascist governments which everyday encroach further on our liberties and our lives.

Bernie Sanders was that Revolution, however as has been proven recently by Election Justice USA, this was stolen from him by the Clinton/Obama army, an alliance of underlings who literally shaped election results with rigged ballots and other under-handed machinations.

And the truly astonishing silence which has accompanied this revelation of electoral fraud speaks volumes for how desensitized people have become to the existence of corruption and Lies...

Corruption appears to be universal is ubiquitous in our everyday is in our Politics, it is in our commerce and business affairs, and above is in our Mass Media.

Our minds are literally under siege everyday from a barrage of propaganda coming in all forms and sizes.

It is an Information War for our minds, and it accompanies America's almighty push for World dominance which is rapidly becoming a danger not only to America, but to the entire World.

Recently we saw another fine example of how the Truth is being shaped and distorted for an agenda of War with the Dutch release of their findings into the Malaysian airliner tragedy MH-117, which fell apart in the air and came crashing down in the UKRAINE.

What sort of a Topsy-Turvy World do we live in today where Lies are officially framed as 'reality' in ALL of our Western newspapers, and where the Truth is universally scorned and dismissed as Conspiracy theorizing?


"We don't turn any sanction screw just for the sake of turning,"

 German Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman, Steffen Seibert, told reporters Monday.

"The sanctions are responses to concrete situations from the Russian side and concrete situations in eastern Ukraine."

Well I would like to know what exactly is the 'concrete situation' in the Ukraine?

What actions did Russia take specifically, to bring about such punitive discrimination?

What did the evil empire do this time to deserve such actions?

Can anyone here give me an answer?

No Western leader can seriously answer this question.

They usually trot out glib answers about annexing Crimea, which is clearly a joke, and the second arrow in their quiver is the now infamous MH-117 Malaysian airline disaster.

The fact that the definitive 'Official' report concerning this incident has only finally surfaced after more than a year and a half, speaks volumes...and loudly at that!

And what kind of Investigating Committee invites the Kiev, Ukraine side onto the Investigating Panel to help with the findings and analysis, and yet excludes, bars the Russians?

When it is the Kiev, Ukraine side that is the very Nation, along with Russia, which is supposedly under investigation for the Malaysian Airlines crash?

LOL...Sounds as if it's a bit like a case of the Foxes guarding the Hen-house, don't you think?

Had the investigative evidence pointed in America's favor I can assure you that an Official report would have been released within the first month, nay the first week or even days!

So what happened to America's own investigation?

Were their own results somehow unsuitable or unsatisfactory with the story that they wanted to spin?

Reports of Osama Bin Laden's complicity in the 9/11 tragedy were released within hours...

What happened? Did OBAMA lose his NASA and military satellite photographs?

How inconvenient for Obama, whose administration continues to repeatedly assure us that Russia is the guilty party!

As it stands presently, America have still not released their own findings over the downing of MH-117 and yet sanctions over this incident are already well entrenched.

As of today, these sanctions have been strengthened and they have now been extended to include further, new sanctions against Crimean companies and others.

Judging by the covert and overt actions of the American Administration in masterminding a Coup d'etat in the Ukraine, with Black Ops from the CIA, and imported mercenary armies to beat up and intimidate any who would oppose the American plan for regime change in Kiev, I would say that the Shoe should really be clearly on the other foot.

Russia appears to be a model of restraint under the circumstances, especially beside the rabid face of US War mongers.

In other words, if you look at the history of the Ukraine, it's culture, language and so forth, and it's geographical position, and then look analytically at what occurred during the Maidan massacre in Kiev, we see that Russia should be the one who is outraged, and it is Russia who should be imposing sanctions on the United States, not the other way round...

And we see that Uncle Sam had no business being there in the first place, despite what Victoria Nuland, the US Assistant Sec.of State for European affairs had to say on a leaked phone call with a local Kiev co-conspirator, where she was heard plainly and recorded planning the make-up of the new Kiev government cabinet BEFORE the Coup D'etat had even happened!

Knowing this is what makes any sanctions against Russia for acts perpetrated in the Ukraine all the more cynical and blatantly exacerbating....


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