Upon Returning to TRUMPLAND

Either we will establish an ecological society or society will go under for everyone, irrespective of his or her status. Yet we can’t stop the process. A capitalist economy, by definition, lives by growth; as Bookchin observes: “For capitalism to desist from its mindless expansion would be for it to commit social suicide.” We have essentially, chosen cancer as the model of our social system."

— Ursula K. Le Guin, The Next Revolution: Popular Assemblies & the Promise of Direct Democracy.

I was away for a few days...a brief hiatus with a crippled computer,and upon returning to Trumpland,I find myself instantly breathless and aghast...!!!

I am once more shocked and again stunned into disbelief as the Trump Machine (quack, quack) continues in it's headlong downhill quest to build the Asylum, while it simultaneously attempts to disassemble, De-contruct, Dissolve and in any other way it can; Destroy everything else, particularly focussing on the previous structural supports of a Civil society which many had come to rely on for essential assistance in surviving an increasingly unequal economy.

These government-maintained entities and quasi-charitable bodies had over decades of struggle for Civil Rights eventually birthed what became ‘institutions’ and ‘safety-nets’ such as 'Meals on Wheels' and an entire skein of networked supports that had kept Western Capitalist nations thriving, and it’s citizenry, at least in a material sense; seemingly comfortable within an illusory bubble of prosperity...

One based on exploitation of the resources and the riches of the Third World and an inherent faith in their own 'exceptionalism', thus providing the ethical justification for their heinous actions, a sanction for the genocide and ecocide that we have witnessed in Africa for example in these last, final decades of global Neo-Liberalism.

However, those days of Wine and Roses are gone forever, as thanks to the increasingly rapid pace of environmental and ecological degradation and change brought on usually by the capitalistic aspirations of the fossil fuel industry, returning to those halcyon, pristine environments is no longer a plausible reality.

And Trump reminds us all with his unfortunate miscarriage of a government,which is, in reality a type of anti-government, by the mutual direction of his policies which could not be more Draconian, more Malthusian or more Satanic of where exactly it is we are collectively heading, as we share this leaking vessel towards our dead-end apocalyptic destiny...

Here is a superb extract from the wisdom of Socrates regarding good Governance and the folly of 'Tyrannical Power' from ~:

Plato's Alcibiades I

For if a man, my dear Alcibiades, has the power to do what he likes, but has no understanding, what is likely to be the result, either to him as an individual or to the state—for example, if he be sick and is able to do what he likes, not having the mind of a physician—having moreover tyrannical power [135a], and no one daring to reprove him, what will happen to him? Will he not be likely to have his constitution ruined?

That is true.

Or again, in a ship, if a man having the power to do what he likes, has no intelligence or skill in navigation [αρετης κυβερνητικης], do you see what will happen to him and to his fellow-sailors?

Yes; I see that they will all perish.

And in like manner, in a state, and where there is any power and authority which is wanting in virtue [135b], will not misfortune, in like manner, ensue?


Not tyrannical power, then, my good Alcibiades, should be the aim either of individuals or states, if they would be happy, but virtue.

Rudderless and with no direction of home, our destination still waiting to be created for us by blind leaders, the momentum builds as we of the 99% are carried forth into the briny, chaotic maelstrom like consumer cargo, or like African slaves on a colonial capitalist ship, sick from the gravity and our captive journey of downhill dizzying spirals as we tilt and slide further into the moral vaccum.

As for Trump? Quack, quack, he is merely hastening the inevitable demise...the process of complete dissolution of any sane, decent, equitable, liveable society...

The common denominator here is Austerity and the complete deprivation and cessation of any type of financial support for Society-at-large...

I really cannot put this any more starkly.

In otherwords, there is to be no more pussy-footing around with those ‘bleeding-heart’ liberal ‘schmucks’ wearing their hearts on their sleeves, this is a serious complete redistribution of wealth i.e ALL for those who have, and NONE for those who have NOT.

His direction and agenda can be clearly seen now as a reflection of the spiritually bankrupt, rapacious machine-heart and soul of the Corporations.

The outrageous bottomless caverns of moral vacuity, the echoing humanist void and the completely scurrilous anarchic nihilism which reside at the core of Wall Street have become readily apparent since the great collapse, as the cocaine parties and bonuses for the ‘less than 1%’ painstakingly get back to full-swing, and since the Trump budget announcements, just as equally exposed are Trump's simplistic naked ambitions, revealing through his actions that our poster-child of Casino Capitalism with it's inhuman, indifferent designs and objectives is really quite transparent, and that like the mad Emporer whom he unwittingly emulates, he isn’t wearing any clothes.


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