Buried somewhere in a thread on an American page is a point which needs addressing to combat the incessant trail of Military bullshit in the American and Western mass-media.
This is a point so obvious that it is often over-looked by the US press, as being in the midst of it, they cannot see the Trees for the Wood...hence my repost.
Another possible motive for not printing this type of a comment is because it would be criticized for its supposedly unpatriotic stance...which is in actuality the very essence of propaganda.
"...but then what do we do to protect those of us on the mainland?" asked a concerned American citizen... Lol... This was a serious remark made by a US citizen about the likelihood of an invasion of the United States by Isis i.e The Terrorists!
This is an all-consuming obsession which entirely pollutes our Western media and hence our collective consciousness...generating FEAR.
Fear is one of the most successful ways of manipulating a citizenry, and this software technology, or technique has been employed successfully throught our history, as for example it was used in an equally effective and cynical manner by Hitler in order to stage WW2.
There is literally no sane country on Earth, which is that suicidal, that they could realistically confront or invade a country like America, which is the largest Imperial Military force in the history of Mankind 25 times over!!!
There is no nation on Earth threatening America with military action. If anyone is suggesting otherwise, I would question their sanity.
Do you realise, can you imagine the level of over-kill, the mindless excess, the amount of unnecessary, redundant weaponry, the amount of superfluous, ingenious technology for killing humans which America has dreamed up, built and then made redundant before it was was even completed in some cases?
This epic, colossal scale of bureaucratic bumbling waste and inefficiency and ultimately corruption from America's absurdly titled; "Defense Department" amounts to shocking criminal negligence....and it ultimately snowballs into structural Violence, as the infrastructure and past institutional supports of society collapse around the American people due to a lack of funding, as at least, 55% of all tax-payer funds are siphoned off and spent on on the War Machine.
Fear and Paranoia
And they always Need MORE! No amount is ever enough it seems as each year produces the inevitable, predictable cries for for an increase in Military expenditure. And the department responsible for this profligate behavior has the absurd title of : The Defense Department...!!! Who are they defending against, again?...I have momentarily forgotten...
We have people here in America, citizenry being tossed out of their homes every single bloody day due to the after-shocks of the global economic collapse and the blatantly fraudulent scams of the Banksters, you remember them don't you? i.ethe ones we gave a Trillion or so in cash to, just in the initial bail-out...to cover their bad gambling debts like spoiled children, or the wayward black-sheep of the family.
Meanwhile, we are sending ISIS: 64 Hiluxe Toyotas which were dropped into the deserts of the Middle-East, and magnanimously extending to one and all, in fact to any psychotic killers who would hold up their hand, and who can basically walk in a straight line for 10 paces or so, Free Weaponry, free training, feeding, and housing in order to kill human beings in places like Syria and everywhere else around the globe.
Hillary has acknowledged that 'We' i.e the US. created the forerunners of ISIS. You and I both know that the story of America’s involvement in supporting ‘Terrorists’ does not end with Hillary’s admission regarding the formation of Al Quaeda. That there are in fact many bloody chapters in the War on Terror yet to be officially acknowledged or recognized by the public at large.
So, we are literally fighting against ourselves in a desert we have no business being in...
Ah but then OIL is just so dammed tasty, and War has always been a racket.
Stop the brainwashing!!!
NO-ONE IS ABOUT TO INVADE YOU AMERICA!!! They are not befuddled by a media onslaught of manipulation and control, hence they are not blind...or suicidal...NO, NO-ONE IS ABOUT TO INVADE YOU AMERICA. BECAUSE AMERICA HAS ALREADY INVADED...
End the Wars


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