The Dillemma with Gun Control

Michael Moore :
"Don’t just stop with arming the teachers! Arm the guidance counselors, arm the Lunch Lady, arm that guy who does the morning announcements over the intercom (have him fire off a round over the microphone just to show he means business). Definitely arm all sex ed instructors. Bring back driver ed, civics and handwriting class and arm them, too. Arm the bus drivers — that’ll keep order on the school bus! Arm the cheerleaders! Replace football with inter-school shoot-em-up matches. We already allow lifetime-damaging concussions on the field — what’s a little bullet graze to the shoulder? Arm the marching band! If they can march, they can‬ shoot!"

 “We look to statistcs for reassurance in these types of situations. Here is one: 100% of mass shootings have been enabled by access to guns. I can guarantee that even if there were a genotype shared by the mass shooters, which there will not be, none of the killings would have happened if they didn't have guns.”
Adam Rutherford,
A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived: The Stories in Our Genes

“Guns make losers feel like winners. That's why people who suck at life don't want to give up their guns.”

Oliver Markus Malloy, Inside The Mind of an Introvert

This is in reply to a propaganda piece titled :

“Why gun control will never work on Earth, least of all the USA”
Truly a well written article and the author is obviously much smarter than I, however perhaps the author could enlighten me and explain why he fails to acknowledge a simple fundamental truth;

if you take a roomful of monkeys and provide them with Guns at every opportunity…disperse them freely with Gun shops everywhere and then applaud that Gun-toting culture, you will end up with a lot of Dead Monkeys, but if you take a roomful of monkeys and provide them with knives, you will end up with a lot of wounded Monkeys instead; as per the example offered in the recent Chinese incident where a deranged man attacked school children and only had a knife.

The outcome was only 2 as opposed to 22 deaths because the children could outrun a singular knife, but not multiple speeding bullets.

As for the stats about Australia, I find them extremely suspect.

So we banned Guns and that increased burglaries in OZ by 64%…?

Pure BS…increased burglaries to the remaining Gun-shops, is probably more like it.
ALL Americans should be made to live in a foreign country for at least a year or two and see the difference a lack of Guns makes to Social cohesion and to Crime.

America has a disproportionately high rate of Homicides thanks to it’s Gun sick Kulture but the citizenry just cannot see it, because they are like Fish immersed in a cultural water and therefore cannot see the medium they swim through.

A foreign perspective therefore becomes a valuable thing.
From memory I have seen a Gun privately perhaps once in my entire life here in OZ..apart from the obvious like Cops and bank security….

Now ask yourselves, my American friends, how many times have you seen a Gun privately in Your Lives?

Less exposure…less chance of Death.
The same would surely apply to carrying concealed vats of Sulfuric Acid in public spaces…surely this is simple logic or am i just going insane?

Would you allow a child to be in easy reach of a pot of boiling water?

Well then why allow Guns to be in easy reach, and readily available?

Even filling in the form for an AR ‘Automatic Assault Rifle’, has less questions to fill out than a Gift Card from your local Shopping Mart!

Remember, society is these days filled with pathological individuals…inwardly crippled…would you leave sharp knives in easy access to children?

What about Guns?
The argument that Guns are good for defense is the argument against Gun Control and it is surely flawed logic as well i.e if you have two protagonists, and even just one with a Gun, there is a strong probability that someone will be killed, even if it is with his own weapon.
Death, is Not a desirable defensive outcome…it is an Offensive outcome.

Death becomes less likely for either of them as the weapon becomes less lethal.
The German philosopher Emmanuel Kant once said about the ethics of a certain action, that in order to determine whether an action is morally good or not, simply apply this action to all of Mankind.

So, in the current debate about Gun Control and the proponents of the second amendment; if a person has a right to defend themselves then surely everyone has this right?
Now imagine everyone owning and carrying a Gun…everywhere!

Is that a civilized way to live?

Crazy American cowboy kulture…

The myth of the honorable Killer Gunslinger...!

The man’s man…the great gun-wielding Western hero riding into the sunset...

Hollywood certainly is a good brain-washing tool and has a lot to answer for, or more specifically, the CIA, which dominates Hollywood, and pumps out the obligatory War Flick with noble soldiers doing courageous things every other month.

The mythology surrounding heroes wielding Guns is as foolish a myth as believing that America is invading a country near you because they are spreading Democracy or are fighting Terrorism.

If Guns were not so prevalent in American kulture, perhaps Malcolm X, John Lennon, Bobbie Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and all the rest might have lived….and those tragic school children, might still be alive.


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