The House of SPIN

“Nations who are proud of their guns, tanks, missiles etc. are deprived of humanity!”

― Mehmet Murat ildan

On receiving a Post about a Russian house of misinformation and propaganda... Thanks... I am a big fan of spin and Psy-ops exercises, in fact I am keenly interested in any modern form of propaganda. Wot a lovely piece of Western, one-eyed propaganda. Which is rather ironic, coming as it does from the Guardian. Although looking at the latest headlines in the Western press, this Russian Doll-House of spin has nothing on our Western counterparts. Just Look at ALL the propaganda coming out of the West!!! We have an entire barrage, an avalanche, a veritable tsunami of different forms of Psy-ops, leading all the way up to False Flag events such as bombings and the like. Those evil Russian Athletes OMG...Quick Ban ALL of them!!! ~ LOL Or how they hounded the Old head of FIFA out of Office, all because he was a friend of Putin and was about to assist Russia in hosting the upcoming FIFA World Championship Soccer...Russia hosting a world event involving a spirit of friendly compettition?

We can't allow that!!! Or how they released the Panama Papers in another vainglorious effort to embarrass Putin, in fact there is a blatant and I mean blatant campaign of misinformation being waged in the West as we speak!

This is the triumph of irrationality in our media. This is Black-Ops theatre being waged by the CIA and the entire Intelligence Community in a vast, global effort to hoodwink the citizenry of Planet Earth. When I think of the charts which the heroic Edward Snowden revealed (some of which can be found among my photos) that reveal how the West, using the NSA, have trained employees for enormous campaigns of Trolls which are invading social networks, OUR social networks as we speak...these are enormous military style campaigns of misinformation being run by the NSA and it's host of private contractors, like the group Snowden worked for. Infiltrating and invading for example; Anonymous. Or when I see clips on Youtube showing how 26 different 'News' readers on 26 different Television News Stations, open their News shows on air with the identical, and I mean identical, words 26 times... They say exactly the same thing, even using the same if they were SCRIPTED!?? AGGGHHHHHHH Isn't this article from the Guardian like the Pot calling the Kettle black??? The journalists behind this Guardian piece do not appear to be aware of what they are playing at, and they are a good example of what is wrong with the West with it's 50's McCarthyesque, reptillian mentality... I mean what are the authors of the Guardian editorial staff trying to achieve? A Third World War with Russia?
Why is NATO building up forces and conducting military exercises on Russia's border? What exactly has Putin done to warrant such a huge campaign of spin and lies?

No political commentator can seriously answer this question...try it sometime i.e ask one of these War Groupies that question, and then ask them for as they squirm and writhe trying to substantiate what amounts to a giant hoax which has been occurring in the Western Media for decades... Against America's record of Military invasions and bombings of sovereign Middle-eastern countries, and it's overthrow of foreign regimes in Sth America for example, merely because they didn't concur with America's economic policies, against such Militaristic actions from the US, Russia looks absolutely benign. And Putin appears as a study in composure and cool-headedness.

Imagine how America would feel if there were forces being built up on the Mexican border? And imagine America had world wide economic sanctions placed upon it, all due to made up lies and fabrications. Imagine how America would react... Ask yourself what is the end goal of this villification, this endless demonization of Russia? Build Bridges, not Walls... These Military warhawks, these morons are waving Nuclear weapons around as if they were harmless! Realize the ramifications, the consequences of raising the FEAR level even further in the public's mind, which amount to waging a war against Russia, as this propaganda campaign is always only stage one, the first step and is just preparing the soil.  
Realize the consequences of a Third World War, one which is waged with Nuclear weapons... For at least a few years Now, I have had to sit through this nonsense flooding our Media about that "EEVVIIL PUTIN AND THAT EVIL RUSSIA.

WITHOUT ONE SINGLE GODDAMMED SHRED OF EVIDENCE... What Collective Insanity! What LUNACY! And I mean Real evidence, not for example; a hundred thousand dollars which was spent on Facebook Advertising by innumerable, random Posters who are now deemed Russian Agents due to their Posts...ALL of Them~!
And this, is their EVIDENCE???

A bunch of Facebook Ads? And this, is how they tampered with, and rigged the US election? By Posting on Facebook??? Seriously??? WHAT A JOKE!!! How embarrassing for my American friends... AND my British and OZ friends as well, because our Media here, and in Britain sounds just as venal...and is just as Rabid.


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