Clinging On Like A Drowning Man

I have just been watching jubilant Russian soldiers chorusing  together on RT during a Military parade in Stalingrad.

‘Hero City’ they call it…Hang on…what exactly are we celebrating here?
The Russian Military?
Is a Military killing machine Still being viewed as something to admire, to aspire to? to celebrate?

Sabre-rattling looks the same whether it's red, white and blue or draped in any other flag.

War is pure Evil…even a child knows that.
I then pause as news of Mali, Syria, Iran, Palestine, etc.,etc., passes in a sickening parade of destruction and death before my jaded, hollowed-out eyes.

Have we learnt nothing? It is now February, 2013…Where is the Awareness?
Where is the Awakening? Where is the Shift?
Judging by their enthusiastic coverage of the Military parade, it’s certainly true to say that RT livestream hasn’t come across it…despite their advertisements.

From where i sit, current events appear to be approaching the last hurrah…in Slow-Motion.
Like watching the Ice-cliffs of Antarctica collapse, one after another.
The final clash and the final crash of Fascist Corporate Totalitarianism.
But this is occurring in Slow-Motion and could still take years and I’m highly concerned that our Eco-sphere is running out of time…

One could easily be tempted into viewing this growing momentum towards Global Genocide and Ecoside as a necessary transition stage i.e an apocalyptic climax where Petro-Dollar Oil-addicted Governments wipe each other out, and from these ashes, from this tragic planet-wide holocaust-event, there finally emerges, phoenix-like, the beginnings of a New Age…

Where does this place us then? with one foot in the Old Worldview and one foot in the New?

Change, as the only constant, has now stamped it’s absolute authority on our contemporary reality as it quickens the pace of our technological, evolutionary journey… offering us little comfort or solace.

Sometimes I view these events as a Tragedy…and sometimes as a Comedy of errors…
a passing parade of foolish harlequins, buffoons, psychopaths and grinning wolves.
Sometimes i would just like to relinquish my membership to the human race and as George Carlin said :
Just not give a damm anymore…just sit back and welcome that imminent natural disaster,
and watch as the sleep-walkers scramble to save their ‘fake’ money and meaningless consumerist possessions…

However, as a drowning man clings to a flotation ring, i cling onto the certain knowledge that if we can just get enough people to see our position, as members of Zeitgeist, Venus Project, Occupy and Anonymous, and unite them despite our differences, until we achieve a ‘Critical Mass’ …
then there is still an admittedly ‘outside’ possibility, that we can enter a new World, with a new ‘Weltanschaung’, giving us that 'Observer effect' of a new World view.

A new way of looking at the World and each other, without too many more decades of increasingly severe Labor pains, thereby managing to avoid what appears otherwise as an inexorable scramble for the Apocalypse, in the final, titanic Profit Wars of the 21st Century.


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